Primo 601088 Primo Water Dispenser Reviews

Primo-601088-Primo-Water-DispenserIf you feel tired of a top-loading water dispenser but plan to choose a bottom-loading model, this Primo 601088 Primo Water Dispenser is one of your best choices. With this unit, you will find it is so easy to refill. You just need to load your standard water bottle (3-gallon or 5-gallon) into the bottom of the tank in an upright position. The whole loading process is very easy and quick and almost everyone can easily do the job, making it perfect for any work space or home.

Well Designed

This Primo water dispenser has a sleek design and its finish is stylish black. It is able to dispense both cold and hot water. The cold water is so cold that can make your teeth chatter, and the hot water is enough hot to make a cup of tea or coffee. A dual spout can offer the water flow. A childproof safety latch is also included so that you don’t need to worry about any hot water spilling on your children when they may occasionally trigger a spill. I think nobody would like to say any hot water spilling on their kids.

Energy Efficient

This water dispenser has indicator lights, so you can easily know when it is on, when it is heating and cooling, and when you need to replace the water bottle. To help you reduce your carbon foot print, it even includes an energy-saving switch. This is friendly to both the environment and your energy bill every month. It is also Energy Star and UL rated, because it consumes about 1/4 less power than other electric water cooler dispensers. Plus, it also comes with a 1-year warranty that is similar to other dispensers.

Easy to Load

This one can accommodate both 3-gallon and 5-gallon water bottles. And it is so easy to load your bottle. First, you need to open the door, and then place your bottle in the bottom compartment in an upright position, and then insert a probe into the water bottle, and then lock the collar by sliding down it. That’s all. This can pump the water up to the water tanks.

An Easy access to the hot and cold water

There are 2 switches that allow you to activate the cold and hot water. You can get your desired water temperature. For example, if you need hot water to make a cup of coffee tea, you can turn on the hot water switch. It has 2 tanks that can contain 34 ounces of hot water and 51 ounces of cold water.


This Primo Water dispenser can help you easily access to both the cold and hot water. It simplifies the whole process. The most important change from others is the way it switches its water bottle. It is great for families seeking style, performance and convenience. Its features, like fast-flowing, dual spout, bottom loading, make it become one of the best water dispensers on the market.

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  1. Hey, thanks a lot for this review. I myself own a Primo bottom loading water dispenser and it works like wonder for us. Its bottom-loading feature is so convenient as I do not have to strain my back again by lifting the bottle every time it gets empty. It is surely a worthwhile investment.

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