Seven Useful Trash Tips

Whenever we load up the trash can, we normally forget about it until it is collected. But, there may be instances when we have to deal with some issues with the trash can. We ask how we can prevent it from becoming gross. We may also ask how we can clean it after the incident.

Recycle to Reduce Trash

green-recycle-imgThis is quite obvious. We will have lesser issues with the trash can if we reduce trash levels. But, how can you reduce trash? You can use a recycling bin for things that can be recycled in your community. For instance, our town has different places where we can drop off items for recycling. Other towns pick up recyclables from the curb. You can disassemble cardboard boxes. Plastic containers can also be rinsed. The trash you produce will be reduced when you do all of these things.

Minimize Food Waste

food-wasteMajority of the spills, messes, and sloshes that require cleaning in the trash can is caused by rotten food. You can use a compost pile o garbage disposal to lessen the volume of food waste you produce. Using a double bag can also reduce spillage in the trash can when you need to dispose some food waste. We normally wrap meat trimmings and similar items in grocery bags to prevent creating a mess. These are items that we would normally have to dispose of.

Avoid Bad Smells from the Trash Can

trash-can-wasteBad smell coming from the trash can is one of the worst things we need to deal with. You can do a number of things to avoid bad smells from the trash can. Sprinkling baking soda in the trash can absorbs a good amount of the odor. Dryer sheets and kitty litter can also be used for the same purpose. You can be creative and prevent your trash can to give off a bad smell that everyone dislikes.

Drill Some Holes in Outdoor Cans

outdoor-trash-canYou can also drill holes at the bottom of outdoor trash cans. This allows you to easily clean the interior of the trash can without having to turn it upside down to dump dirty water. It also allows rain water to drain out easily from the trash can. You can simply rinse the trash can with an outdoor hose. Mild dish soap can also be used to clean it up. After this, you can simply let it dry out.

Be Aware of Where You Store Trash

When it comes to storing trash cans, it is advisable to store them outside the garage on top of a concrete slab. While you will ultimately decide this, you also have to consider the homeowners association and city codes. You should also consider that outdoor trash cans attract animals and insects. Due to this, you should do something to prevent this situation. This also allows you to keep animals and insects from invading your home.

Always Remember Trash Day

Missing trash day is one of the worst feelings you can have. It is not good to see the garbage truck driving away and you still have a number of trash bags to dispose. To avoid this situation, you should always set a reminder on your computer or phone when trash day is about to come. Some people use sticky notes on their dash board to make sure they know when to take out the trash before they leave the house. You can also bring the trash out in case you miss trash day.

Cleaning Out the Trash Can during Trash Days

It is also advisable to clean your trash can on trash day before you take them back to the house. All you would need to do this is an outdoor water hose. You can rinse the trash can and allow it to dry out. This prevents any potential issues in the future. You can also use mild dish soap for bigger messes inside the trash can.

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