SmartPool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm Review

SmartPool-PE20The SmartPool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm can use its subsurface pool wave detector to detect any object weighing 15 pounds or more. This means if a child, an animal or anything else weighing 15 pounds or more enters the pool, it can sound an alarm to alert you something is happening in your pool. The setting up is pretty easy. It can be amounted to the ladder or the pool deck of the pool. A pool siren is used for alerts. Its sensitivity is also adjustable, which can help you filter environmental noise. For example, if there is not an object weighing less than 20 pounds that you want to monitor, you can easily adjust it to a higher level. This can help to make the alarms much more accurate.

Key Features

Only one alarm but loud enough to be heard

It only comes with one alarm for outdoor use. Well, this will not influence its use. It is so loud that you will not miss any alarm. However, if you are listening to loud music in your large house, you may not hear the alarm. This is because its alarm is built in its control panel. This also means, in order to increase the chance to hear it, it is highly recommended to put the control panel near your house.

Comes with all attachments for installing

The installation is also easy, because it comes with anything for installation. If you want to install it on a ladder, the snap-on attachments can do the job. If you plan to install this pool alarm on the side of your pool, mounts for concrete are also included. This type of installing may need more time than installing it on a ladder. However, this type of installing is much more stable.

Easy to disable it when necessary

When you don’t need it to monitor your pool, you can easily disable it. It has an on/off switch to allow you to turn on or off it. For example, if you need to use your pool, after turning off it, it will sound an alarm anymore. However, if your children are old enough, they may be able to disable it.

Compatible with any pool less than 18 X 36 feet in size

This Pooleye pool alarm only works with a pool that is less than 18 x 36 feet in size. This range is common for most pools. For much smaller pools, it also works but altering the sensitivity to a lower level is highly recommended. This can make it works bettering in a small pool.


This best pool alarm can detect any object up to 15 pounds if it enters the pool. It is perfect for outdoor in-ground pools. Everything has 2 sides. If you live in a very large house and you are just listening to loud music, you may miss the alarm outside, because it only comes with 1 alarm. In a word, if the pool is not so far away from your house, the loud alarm can be heard easily.

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