The Differences Between Ice Cream and Gelato

The difference between ice cream and gelatoWhat Makes Gelato Different From Ice Cream?

Gelato is an Italian word meaning ice cream. But, this may not be the only difference between gelato and ice cream.

Visitors to Italy would be familiar with deliciously creamy gelato. Some people may think the location is the only reason why gelato has a more intense flavor and is richer. They think it is better compared to the ice cream back home since they were eating it on the Spanish Steps in Rome instead of their couch at home.

But, the difference between ice cream and gelato is more than this. We asked Alon Balshan of Atlanta about this. Balshan owns Alon’s Bakery and Market, which offers gelato that is gradually becoming popular among frozen treat-lovers around the country.

Balshan said ice cream has a legal minimum of ten percent fat. On the other hand, gelato has a bigger whole milk proportion to cream. Due to this, it contains around five percent to seven percent of fat.

It may not be possible to make your own gelato by following a gelato recipe using your ice cream maker at home. Balshan said the rate of churning of gelato is slower than ice cream. Due to this, it is denser since it has lesser air in the mixture. Gelato has around 25 percent to 30 percent of air. In comparison, ice cream has up to 50 percent of air. White ice cream is also served frozen. On the other hand, gelato is stored and served at a warmer temperature. This is normally around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it is not completely frozen.

In addition, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ice cream flavors in the market. These flavors include Rye Bread Ice Cream and Ovaltine-flavored Ice Cream. In contrast, gelato only comes in a few classic flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. There are also some unique favors like stracciatella, which is vanilla with some crunchy chocolate.

You may need the De’Longhi’s home gelato maker to make your own gelato at home. It features a built-in compressor to chill the mixture without needing a pre-frozen bowl.

Balshan said the distinctive flavor of gelato may come from the low fat feature of the treat. Due to this, it does not cover your mouth while enjoying it. This essentially intensifies the flavor of gelato.

But, gelato and ice cream do have something in common. Both of them are treats that you may want to have more than a single scoop.

What Makes Gelato More Flavorful Compared to Ice Cream?

The gelato is the ice cream in Italy. There are some differences between gelato and the American ice cream. These differences include the denseness, sugar content, and storage and serving temperature.

The first main difference is the density. Gelato is denser compared to American ice cream. It is denser due to two main reasons.

The first reason is that it contains lesser butterfat compared to typical ice cream. Ice cream normally has around 15 percent of butterfat. In comparison, gelato only has around four to eight percent of butterfat.

The second reason is the churn rate in making gelato. Since gelato is churned slower compared to ice cream it contains less air. This makes it denser compared to ice cream.

The sugar content is another major difference between gelato and ice cream. Gelato has ten percent more sugar compared to ice cream.

Gelato and ice cream may also have similar basic components, including cream and frozen milk, among others. There are also instances when both treats have egg yolks. But, the flavors of gelato are more intense since it is denser compared to ordinary ice cream.

The last main difference between gelato and ice cream is the storage and serving temperature. Gelato normally has a warmer storage and serving temperature. Ice cream is normally stored at under-20 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, gelato is stored at 0 degrees to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also served at between 10 degrees and 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower fat content of gelato and its denser consistency will make it difficult to eat when the temperature is lower.

There is also a special setting for making gelato when using select ice cream makers. It should be mixed properly to ensure suitable consistency.

What Gives Gelato More Flavor Compared To Ice Cream?

There are a number of reasons for the more intense flavor of gelato compared to ice cream. The first reason is the temperature. Lower temperature intensifies flavors since the tongue s less sensitive when it is numb.

On the other hand, there are some tastes bud receptors that increase their sensitivity when food temperature increases.

This situation is typical when it comes to sweet flavors. You may have noted the increased flavor of ice cream after it has melted.

Another reason is the some flavor compounds producing aromas increase their volatility when the temperature is warmer. This also affects how people experience the flavor. When food becomes colder, the intensity of flavors goes down.

For instance, tomatoes have lesser flavor when they are chilled. The main reason behind this is the enzymes producing the aroma and flavor are turned off when food is chilled.

If someone is making tomato-flavor gelato, the treat will be more flavorful when it is stored and served at a warmer temperature.

Ice cream also has cream with a fat content higher than milk. Fat has the tendency to cover the tongue. Due to this, it forms a barrier between the food and your taste buds. Since gelato uses milk, it has a lesser fat content. Due to this, it offers a more intense flavor.

How to make ice cream or gelato?

Well, they are different, so you need to use a special machine to make them seperately. On the market, there are some all-in-one machines can make them. However, I don’t recommend to do that.

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