Top 10 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites

Best Celebrity Gossip WebsitesTaking a look at the news gives one a feeling of depression with all the problems and issues affecting different parts of the world. There are times when it is better for us to forget about what is happening in places thousands of miles away from us. It may be easier said than done especially when the leader of another country is issuing threats here and there. The best way we can do this is to distract ourselves by checking out a celebrity gossip website.

There are some things in these sites that actually matter. The internet has a good number of gossip sites hoping to grab your attention. We checked these websites and came up with the top 13. You should take note that some of these sites may not be safe for work so check them with discretion.

*These websites were listed in no particular order.



TMZ or the Thirty Mile Zone is another popular celeb gossip website. This site stalks celebrities at a new level. The name of a celebrity is place in the top of the article to make it easy for reader to skim through and find their favorite celebrities.

In addition, the website offers different gossip categories to meet the different needs of its visitors. TMZ is also very timely when it comes to news about celebrities. They deliver the news as they happen. The website is also able to break the news before any other sites in a number of occasions. They even report the news before it comes out in traditional media outlets.


The Gawker

The Gawker was one of the urban celeb gossip sites offering a mature version of celebrity news. This was before it disappeared in 2016. It used an exceptional combination of snark, satire, and snobbery in delivering news. The news was brutal and humorous at the same time. It offers a New Yorker’s point of view on celebrity culture that no one else has shown.


The name ONTD is actually the abbreviation of “Oh No They Didn’t.” Checking out the site will show you the juiciest gossip about different celebrities. It is an online community with members submitting the latest gossip they got. The gossip comes from different entertainment platforms, including gaming, scandals, celebrities, and music.

ONTD normally offers the latest gossip before it appears on other websites. It is not a secret that the legion of contributors made this website as the best one in cyberspace. You can find breaking news on different celebrities. It is a website any celeb gossip junkie should bookmark.

The Hollywood Life

The Hollywood Life has been offering juicy news about the entertainment industry for over three decades. Bonnie Fuller has been writing and interacting with celebrities during this time. While the approach used by the site is simple, it is effective. The news is fun to read and go through.

In addition, the website also has a regular talk show where the latest news about Hollywood comes out.

The Daily Mail Online

The Daily Mail Online is the second biggest newspaper in the UK. It also offers a good amount of celebrity news. A good number of Hollywood stars either come from Britain or spend some time in the country. Due to this, celeb gossip sites normally report on what they do. The Daily Mail Online is doing a good job at this.

This website covers just about everything celebrities do in England. Due to this, this website is among the most entertaining on the internet.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was started as a blog by someone fascinated by the celebrity world. After some time, the website soon started giving out news about celebrities that were not known to anyone else. It eventually became popular in the tabloid industry.

The site currently offers some good gossip about different celebrities. It is also regularly updated. Hilton is also on a first-name basis with some of the celebrities featured on his website. Due to this, he has also become a star. The controversial character of some posts also made the website enjoyable.


The off-color delivery of news about celebrities on Dlisted will keep you on your toes all the time. The owner and resident writer, Michael K, researches well and find any dirt celebrities may be hiding in their closet. The snarky and to the point style of Michael has made Dlisted one of the best websites offering celeb gossip.


The Superficial

The Superficial has the ability to dissect the worst moments in the life of celebrities. It can also be brutal when presenting news about celebrities. This website will also have no qualms about posting revealing photos of celebrities. The articles posted are also entertaining and snarky.

Pink Is the New Blog

Pink Is the New Blog has been considered as a rip-off of Perez Hilton. But, Trent continues to offer intimate and endearing details of celebrity news. He has the penchant of making readers feel like they are in the scene rather than being a simple bystander.

E! Online

E! Online is among the best websites offering the latest news and gossip about the entertainment industry. The television network may offer updates on the events on the red carpet, but the website gives the latest gossip about these celebs. E! Online is among the most popular celeb gossip sites.




These celebrity gossip websites always make any boring day more enjoyable. Aside from the latest celeb news, these sites also give you an insight on celebrity rumors and gossip.

Other Celebrity Gossip Websites

  • Just Jared Jr. Just Jared Jr. is a website specializing in giving offering news about young stars. It may be what Justin Bieber is up to or where Leonardo di Caprio is staying at the moment, you can find the news on this website.
  • People. Fans of People’s Magazine will likely also like the People website. They offer numerous news and gossip about celebs along with a number of exclusives.
  • Go Fug Yourself. Go Fug Yourself is a website focused on the fashion disasters celebrities find themselves in. It is a website you should visit if you like fashion. In addition, the witticism of the site in delivering the news about the misfortunes of celebs makes visiting the website enjoyable to visit.

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