Top 10 Best Cordless Drills Reviews

best cordless drillIf you need to do some home projects, you may need the right tool to do the job. A cordless drill is necessary for you. If you have such a tool in your tool bag, you will find it helps a lot in many aspects. If you don’t have one, now, it’s time to buy one. However, how do you know which model are the top rated cordless drills on the market and which one is your best choice?

Best Cordless Drill

Don’t worry about it. Although there are so many cordless drills available on the market, we have do some searches and list top 10 best cordless drills. We choose these drills based on quality, features and performance. You can choose one of them as one of your necessory tools in your tool bag and you will don’t regret having it.

1. DeWalt DCD760KL

This cordless drill is one of the highest rated cordless drills in the world. Compared to its original release, this DeWalt DCD760KL features long-haul longevity, power and heavy duty design, which makes it stand out from other ones. Its heavy power and duty design are ideal for those people who want to have a both strong and reliable cordless drill. The 18 volts batteries are durable lithium-ion batteries. Full charging of it only needs around 30 minutes. The compact design and the only 4 pounds weight make it comfortalbe to grip. Clutch control and dual speeds are also its features.


2. Milwaukee 2602-22 M18

This Milwaukee 2602-22 M18 is another top rated cordless drill. This product is one of the best Milwaukee’s drills. Its design, durablity and function make it a good choice for you. It also features a 1/2″ all-metal chuck, clutch, variable speeds and a standard hammer function. If you need a cordless drill for brick or concrete, you can try it.


3. Bosch 26618-01

This best cordless drill has an impact design with high-power. It is easily capable of 1500 pounds of torque, which make any job easy. It is really the most powerful and mulit-functional cordless drill on the market. 1/4-Inch Hex Drive, 3 modes of Operation: drilling, driving, and fastening, power, comfort make it ideal for you.


4. Makita BDF451 LXT

Makita’s BDF451 LXT can do any job for you. It features a 3-speed all-metal transmission and 18-volt power with the capability of a 1/2″ chuck. This model also includes bright- LED work-lights, a quick-shift drive system, high durability, 30 minute-to-charge lithium-ion batteries and a rugged belt-clip. This model also provides 3 year warranty on tool and 1-year warranty on battery and charger.


5. Ridgid ZRR86008K

As on of the best cordless drills, this Ridgid ZRR86008K is known for its industry contributions, which makes it ideal for contractors and homeowners. Dual speeds, 18-volt motor, LED work-light, clutch control and other features make this model is a good choice for you.


6. Craftsman 17310 C3

This Craftsman 17310 C3 is a 19.2-volt cordless drill. It is powerful and confortble. Both drill and drive are very easy and accurate to control and use. It also features a 24-setting torgque control system. The ultra-bright LED light make you work in the dark with ease. Lithium-ion batteries and variable speeds are also great features.


7. DeWalt DCD710S2

The DeWALT-DCD710S2 is another best cordless drill from DeWalt in our list. This drill is a good cordless drill for home improvement projects. The 12-volt of power via a 2-speed transmission makes it to be controled.


8. Hitachi DS18DSAL

It is a 18-volt cordless drill with lithium-ion batteries. This model is great for any joby around your house. The weight of it is only 3.3 pounds which make it easy grisp. Durablility is also its feature. It also has a belt hook, fine-tuned cluth control and varialbe speeds.


9. Hitachi DS12DVF3

This model is a great driving and drilling drill. It features 230 230 in./lbs of torque from a 22-step clutch system. This Hitachi DS12DVF3 is powered by a 12-vlot rechareable Ni-Cad battery. This model is capable of any rugged job. It features a blet hook, a non-slip grip and a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


10. Craftsman 91430 Nextec

This model was especially designed for the new generation of do-it-yourselfers. The lightweight and ergonomic design is comfortable.


These are our top 10 best cordless drills reviews. Pick one of them and make it a good helper for you job.

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Things to consider when buying a cordless drill

Cordless drills are essential tools for any DIY enthusiasts or craftsman. Casual handymen can also benefit from a cordless drill. It makes it easy to put up pictures in the house, create craft projects, and assemble IKEA products at home. The cordless drill should have suitable power and torque to drill or screw into different types of materials. The battery pack should also have suitable power. The device should also have a number of features, including speed and gear settings.

A budding chef would not want to have a set of cheap-looking knives. In the same way, you should look for the best cordless drill in the market for your home improvement projects.

Types of drills

The two main kinds of drills in the market are the drill or driver and the hammer drill.

  • A drill or driver is used mainly for drilling holes or driving in screws into wood, plastic or metal. This is the most preferred kind of drill based on our review.
  • A hammer drill has the same function as a drill or driver. But, it also features a hammer setting that basically drives the drill bit into stone, concrete, brick, and other masonry. They also weigh more than drills or drivers.

There are also other kinds of drills in the market, including:

  • Rotary hammers: These are more durable compared to hammer drills. Tradies are the ones who use them.
  • Impact drivers: These are mainly designed to drive in screws and loosen bolts.
  • Two drills are normally kept inside the tool shed of some DIY enthusiasts. One is for driving while the other is for drilling. The kits of many brands have both a drill or driver and the impact driver. Some kits may have a drill or driver combined with a hammer drill.

Battery choices

Most cordless tools use a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, while older models have a nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries are ideal for tools that are regularly used. But, these batteries are more toxic and are not as eco-friendly as lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries may be better when it comes to the power they offer and can last longer.

There may be instances when you want to complete a project fast, but the battery has no power. Due to this, it is practical to have a backup battery. It is more costly to buy an extra battery than buying a kit that already has two batteries included.

The capacity of a battery to store energy is measured in ampere-hours or Ah. Large-capacity batteries with a 5Ah rating normally last longer compared to batteries with smaller capacities. But, this does not always happen based on our tests.

Battery voltage shows you the power offered by the drill. It is measured in volts (V). A drill with higher voltage offers better torque. But, our tests show voltage is not the only thing that determines the performance of a drill. Some 18V drills have different levels of performance and torque.


The chuck of a drill is the hole you can find on the end. It is where drill bits are placed. A 13mm chuck is ideal for large-sized drill bits. Drills with 10mm chucks are normally cheaper and smaller. Keyless chucks allow you to manually tighten or loosen it without using a chuck key. Most drills these days feature keyless chucks.

Reverse switch

A reverse switch on the drill allows you to remove screws from wood and other materials. It should be easy for you to reach the switch using your forefinger or thumb.

Speed Control Switch

The speed control switch should be user-friendly and offers different speeds, from low to high speed. Controlling the drill at low speeds is important when you start drilling or putting in a screw on surfaces that offer less friction, like metal and tiles.

Drills with a good selection of gears offer the best results for various projects. A low gear is mainly for slow-speed, power drilling. These tasks include driving in screws, using a drill bit with a wide diameter, or drilling through steel. A high gear is mainly for fast drilling tasks, like using bits with small diameters.

Torque selector or clutch

This feature prevents driving in a screw too much or snapping it. It should allow you to stop drilling or stop rotating to prevent the screw from going in too deep. A drive with a good clutch selection is convenient.

Built-in light

A built-in light is very useful in a number of drilling projects. It is also useful when you have to work in small, confined spaces that do not offer much lighting.


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