Top 5 Best Baby Walkers Reviews

A baby walker is useful when your little one is learning how to move around with his or her own 2 feet. Of course, you cannot expect such a baby walker can teach your baby how to walk, but it at least can offer your baby plenty of giggles, making him or her keep entertaining. On the market, there are plenty of different baby walkers and it is difficult to find the best one if you are the first time to buy one. We’ve done a lot research and made this list of top 5 best baby walkers. If you think a baby walker is a must-have, you can choose any of them according to your preference. There were chosen because they all come with interactive toys which are helpful to stimulate little ones’ minds and keep them entertained. They also have removable padded seats which can be washed by hand or are machine washable. When your little one grows, you also can adjust its height to accommodate your baby.

Best Baby Walker

Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

best baby walkerIf you are a car enthusiast, you will love this baby walker, because it is shaded like a bright red sports car which has wheels. It also comes with plenty of fun interactive elements which will attract your baby’s attention, such as blinking lights, a honking horn which can honk. Its toy tray has so many funny, interactive sounds and lights to make your little one entertained. If your baby wants to eat something, the electronic toy tray can be easily removed, so it will offer a surface to place snacks for your baby’s snack time. It offers up to 3 adjustable height positions, making it accommodate the growing baby. If you want to take it for travel or just don’t need it sometime, you can easily fold this walker down in a few seconds. It is also very safe to use, because it is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari

Bright-Starts-Walk-A-Bout-Walker-RoamingThis walker comes with plenty of sounds and sights which can attract babies and motivate them to practice their walking skills. Its activity bar has many interactive toys, so your baby can be easily engaged and your baby will also love listening to its upbeat melodies. It also has 3 adjustable height positions, which allow you to adjust according to your growing baby. At least, it can accommodate your baby more than 1 year due to these adjustable height settings. It is also relatively easy to fold it down, making it easy to store and travel. Its seat cover is machine washable, making it very easy to clean.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

Chicco-Lil-Piano-Splash-WalkerThis best baby walker comes with a DJ tray that has drums, buttons, rattles, lights, sounds and a keyboard. With these interesting entertainment elements, your baby will love walking together with rhythm and music it offers. The removable padded seat can be taken off easily and you can wash it by hand. Similar to other models on this list, it also has up to 3 height settings, so it can grow with your growing baby. What’s more, it is designed to be folded flat, helping you easily take it to anywhere you like. Its 6 separate brake pads ensure the maximum safety for your little one. Therefore, once you have bought this for your baby, you will don’t need to worry about any safety problem.

Chicco DJ Walker Activity Center

Chicco-Walker-Activity-Center-SilverThis best baby walker also comes with an interactive activity tray that includes a gear shifter, a steering wheel, a horn which can beep and more. It is able to play tunes to provide a multi-sensory experience so that little minds can effectively keep stimulated. This walker allows adjusting its height according to your little one’s growing. It offers up to 3 height settings. If you want to store it or just want to take it for travel, you can fold it flat. What’s more, it also offers added security that its brake pads can prevent from falling down stairs.

Babies R Us Orby 2.0 Activity Walker

Babies-Us-Orby-Activity-WalkerIts bright colors are very impressive. It also comes with an electronic toy tray that will make your baby engaged all the time. This is because this toy tray has many toys which can twinkle lights, make sounds, and offer interesting things that your baby will love to explore. With up to 3 height adjustments, it grows together with your baby. Similar to other models on this list, this one allows you to fold it flat for easy storage and travelling.

Baby Walker Buying Guide

If you have a baby, a baby walker is really a good tool to help your child learn how to walk. And you would like to see the learning process, full of joy. And such a baby walker also can make your baby involved in playing with it, freeing your hands sometimes. If you are just looking for the best baby walker for your infant, there are some factors you need to consider. Once you know all the essential factors, you are able to buy the ideal one that is safe and helps to educate our baby.

Appropriate Wheels

The first thing you need to consider is the baby walker’s wheels which should be appropriate. And you also need to consider the type of floor in your home. For example, smaller wheels are not good for carpets or small holes, because the baby is not easy to move around freely. And If your floor has rough texture, you also need to choose larger wheels. Therefore, larger wheels are best for your baby, enabling free movement and withstanding for a long time before being worn off.


When buying a baby product, of course, safety is very important and can determine whether you should buy it or not. For a baby walker, it is also the first consideration. Don’t choose traditional baby walkers, because they don’t have braking pads and are easy to fall. Modern types are ideal, because they have brakes to prevent your baby from falling. Another safety consideration is that the one you buy should assure your baby cannot be left on it by himself or herself. Safety traps are designed to keep your baby comfortable when they use the baby walker. Therefore, safety traps should allow you to adjust them to make your baby comfortable. And this can protect your baby to some extent.

Sufficient Padding for the Seat

For better comfort, the seat requires more padding. If the padding is not sufficient, your baby may feel uncomfortable and the seat may not last longer. Therefore, just looking for the baby walker that has a seat with sufficient padding.

Easy to clean

When you choose a baby walker, you also need to know if it is easy to clean. Of course, a baby walker that is easy to clean and maintain can really help you. However, buying that one may cost you a bit more.

Certified manufacturer

The baby walker you buy should be produced by a certified manufacturer. This is very important. Therefore, you can get the right type without messing up in your choice.

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