Top 5 Best Basement Dehumidifiers Reviews

A basement is prone to be damp and such a basement may cause health issues because of the increasing possibility of mold growth. Therefore, if you have a damp basement, a dehumidifier is really a must-have appliance. When it comes to choose the best dehumidifier for the basement, the appearance becomes less important but the overall performance is much more important. This means performance is prior to appearance. When we choose a basement dehumidifier, forget its aesthetical appearance first.

Best basement dehumidifier

When it comes to the best basement dehumidifiers, at least, it should satisfy 3 conditions: ability to remove a large amount of moisture, keeping a suitable humidity level and inhibit mold growth. We’ve done a lot of researcher and made this list of best basement dehumidifiers. All of them feature a drainage adapter and a stout design that can increase their reliability and durability. Any of them can last for many years to come.

DezAir Dez-110 Dehumidifier

best basement dehumidifierThis DDezAir Dez-110 Dehumidifier is especially designed for crawl space and a basement. To enhance its performance in such a damp condition, it is equipped with a more powerful and stronger fan and it can work in a wide range of temperature, from 40 to 95°F. Generally, it is able to remove about 109 pints of moisture every day. It also has a filtration system which is helpful to create a much cleaner and healthier space, so this feature makes it great for those who are allergy sufferers. And the Drain hose is included.

Aprilaire 1710A Whole Basement Portable Dehumidifier

Aprilaire-1710A-Basement-Portable-DehumidifierIf you need a heavy-duty dehumidifier, this free-standing Aprilaire Model 1710A is one of your best choices. It is especially perfect for low-temperature areas, making it ideal for your basement. This unit is able to dehumidify a very large space and it also comes with a filtration system that can make allergens not reintroduced into the air.

Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier

Danby-DDR30A2GP-30-Pt-DehumidifierAlthough this Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier is not especially designed for using in basements, one obvious advantage is that it is very affordable, making it help to save money for you. If you just want an affordable dehumidifier, this one is one of your best choices. For starters, it is really a good start. Its portable feature allows you to move it to anywhere you like, so it is really good for those who just plan to dehumidify their basement occasionally. In this case, you don’t need to buy a separated model that only can be used in the basement. Even in colder temperatures, it can operate due to its auto-defrost feature.

SPT SD-72PE Energy-Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump, 70-Pint

SPT-SD-72PE-Energy-Star-Dehumidifier-Built-InSimilar to Danby DDR30A2GP, this model is not a dedicated dehumidifier for the basement, because it cannot be operated in colder spaces effectively, compared with other heavy-duty models. However, more and more basements in newer houses are no longer the cold and dark spaces as they used to be. Therefore, if you have such a newer basement, you can choose a dehumidifier that comes with multiple drainage options and a large capacity. In a word, this one is perfect for people who don’t have heavy-duty dehumidifying needs for their dark and cold basements.

Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP

Friedrich-D70BP-Dehumidifier-BUILT-IN-DRAINThis basement dehumidifier is not designed for a basement that requires a heavy-duty dehumidifying. However, its capacity is large enough and it also comes with drainage options, making it perfect for those who have a new house and the basement doesn’t need heavy-duty dehumidifying. Of course, it cannot operate in cold temperatures, but its affordability is also very impressive.

Basement Dehumidifiers Buying Tips

A basement dehumidifier is a must-have appliances, because it is able to remove humidity, avoid mold growth and remove musty smell. When it comes to choose one for your basement, the following features are very important.

  1. Size – The one you choose should have enough capacity that has abilities. The capacity is depended on the size and dampness of your basement. If it is very damp in the basement, a large capacity is better.
  2. Low Temperature Operation – If you live in cooler climates, a low temperature dehumidifier can operate at a lower temperature. Or it would fail to work during cold seasons. If your basement has a stable temperature all year around, this requirement is not so important, because many new houses’ basements are no longer dark and cold.
  3. Auto Defrost – This feature can avoid the coils icing up, which can make your dehumidifier continuously remove moisture.
  4. Automatic Restart – To keep a suitable level of humidity, this feature can allow it to restart automatically if the humidity level increases.
  5. Auto Shut Off – If the dehumidifier doesn’t have drain options, a water collection bucket is used. Therefore, once the bucket is full, an auto shut-off is needed, which can prevent overflowing.
  6. Built-in Hygrometer – This feature allows you to choose a most suitable humidity level according to your preference.
  7. Continuous Drain Option – Or course, we need a dehumidifier that can work continuously and this feature will make the water bucket not empty.

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