Top 5 Best Bassinets Reviews

Compared with full-size cribs, bassinets are much more comfortable and compact. Therefore, if you are just needing to choose a sleeping spot for your newborn, a bassinet is one of the best choices, especially for the new infants during the first few months. However, most bassinets have their limitations, because they are only designed for a few months of use. It seems buying them is a waste of money, but our newborns need them. Therefore, when it comes to choose the best bassinet, the one with a dual purpose design or with other added features can be more cost-effective.

Here, we have made a list of top 5 best bassinets owing to their great performance, versatility, pricing, ratings, as well as parent reviews. If you need to buy one, you can choose one of them, which help you quickly find what you really want.

Best Bassinet

Contours Classique Wood Bassinet, Orion

Contours-Classique-Wood-Bassinet-OrionThis baby bassinet is very versatile. It can be as a Moses basket that allows you to lift it out. Plus, it also can be used as a changing table. Therefore, after the first few months, it can also be used in other ways. And it is lightweight and portable. It also has many much more storage space which allows you to store many baby’s essentials. The main frame is made of solid wood, making it very strong and stable. The frame finish is dark cherry, making it look very elegant. Its Moses basket is removable. With its handle, you can carry your baby from one room to another room with ease. And the price is also reasonable. Highly recommend!

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural

Arms-Reach-Concepts-Co-Sleeper-BassinetThis co-sleeper bassinet is very versatile. You can use it as a co-sleeper, or a bassinet, or even a pay-yard. If you live in a small apartment or your living room is not large, its versatility, durability and compact design make it the best choices for your little one. And you don’t have to pay more for it. People who have bought this spoke highly of its cozy environment for easy nighttime comfort and nursing. It is really a safer alternative to parental bed sharing.

Babyletto Bowery Bassinet

babyletto-M0513QP-Bowery-Bassinet-EspressoThis baby bassinet gets high ratings from moms. The design is very beautiful and modern. Plus, the main material is New Zealand pine, which is sustainable. You don’t need to worry about any damage to the environment. And the finish is non-toxic, free of lead and phthalate. It also includes cradle pad. This product is durable and the price is also very reasonable. If your newborn is enough old and doesn’t need this bassinet any more, you also use it as a toy box.

Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

Kolcraft-Bassinet-Incline-Sleeper-EmersonThis 2-in-1 baby bassinet allows your newborn to sleep on an incline. This feature makes it great for those newborns with acid reflux, congestion or colic. Plus, you also can use this one as a rocking bassinet and the sound features and vibrating option also help to comfort your newborn. It is also one of the most affordable ones on the market.

Hauck Dream n Care Crib

Hauck-Dream-n-Care-CribThis baby crib features a lightweight and compact design. Therefore, it is easy to move it from one room to another. When you travel with your newborn, you also can easily carry it with you. The price is also very reasonable and many moms who have purchased this spoke highly of it and loved its storage pockets.

This is our list of top 5 best Bassinets. Choose anyone of them to make your newborn sleep comfortably.

Bassinet Buying Guide

You will face some confusing shopping decisions when a baby becomes a part of the household. One decision to make is where the baby will sleep. It may be all right to let the baby sleep on a cat. But, parents want something more comfortable for their precious one in the first few months.

Are you ready? We checked out different bassinets from Babies R Us, Boori, Cariboo, Fisher-Price, and Love n Care, among others.

Bassinet or Cot

A bassinet is practical since it does not occupy too much space compared to a cot. You can also place them inside the bedroom during the first few months. This allows you to be close to the baby for feeding. It is also advisable to have the baby sleep in your room during the first year.

Some parents prefer bassinets with wheels. It allows them to easily move it around the house. This is especially true when keeping babies close while they sleep. Some bassinets can be attached to the bed of the parents. These are called bedside sleepers. Others have a frame or are placed inside a cot. This allows the bassinet to be gently rocked.

When will the baby outgrow a bassinet?

Babies normally grow fast. They will outgrow the bassinet as early as the first few months. Bassinets have recommendations on when to move the baby into a cot. This is determined by the size of the baby. Generally, bassinets should not be used after the baby can roll over. It should also not be used once they can prop themselves up and go over the side. This normally happens when the baby is between four and six months old.

What are bedside sleepers?

Bedside sleepers are bassinets that can be attached to the side of the bed of the parents. One side folds down to give parents access to the baby. This makes it easy to feed or change them in the middle of the night. Bedside sleepers are intent to provide the convenience and closeness without having the baby to sleep on the same bed as the parents. When babies sleep on the same bed as the parents, SIDS is a risk especially when a parent smokes. There are different variations of bedside sleepers. The sides of some models can fully open. Other models have side that only partially open. These models form a small gate between the bedside sleeper and the bed of the parents.

The bedside sleeper should be suitable to the style and height of the bed of the parents. They may also have other features, like extensions for framed beds or height adjusters.

Safety concerns on bedside sleepers

A baby died in the UK in April 2015 while using a second-hand Bednest bedside sleeper. The baby was left unsupervised while the side was opened halfway. Sleeping in a prone or face down position, the baby suffocated. There were no instructions on how to use the bed. The instructions would have warned the parents not to leave the baby unsupervised. The Bednest did not have any breathable zones as indicated on a review by CHOICE in November 2014. Due to this, it was not recommended for use.

The Bednest was recalled in February 2016 in Australia. A modification kit was made available to owners. It prevented the Bednest to be used while the side was opened halfway.

A statement by Red Nose about sharing sleep surfaces with babies indicated that parents should find out if the product is effective and safe to use in all situations. The statement referenced the tragedy in the UK. The statement was applicable to bedside sleepers and bassinets since there are no New Zealand or Australian standards.

Features of good bedside sleepers or bassinets

Safety standards

While there is no existing Australian standard for bassinets, some products claim to comply with the old rocking cradle standards or AS/NZS 4385:1996. You should also check for the following:

  • US standard ASTM F2194
  • European standard EN 1130

No standards are also available for bedside sleepers. But, the US has a safety standard for bedside sleepers or ASTM F2906-13. The standard covered numerous issues, including disengaging the adult bed and the bedside sleeper. But, the standard did not cover breathable zones. Bedside sleepers used as bassinets should also comply with the ASTM F2194 so they can meet the standard for bedside sleepers.

Breathable zones

All bassinets and bedside sleepers we recommend having breathable zones on all sides. This removes risks of suffocation. It also offers suitable ventilation for the baby. No international standards exist for breathable zones on bedside sleepers and bassinets. Due to this, many models do not have this feature. We consider these zones as important features on bassinets.

Durable construction

All the components of bassinets should be permanent. Or they should not be easy to remove. It should require a tool to remove.


Bassinets should have suitable depth to prevent your baby from falling. The height of the side of the bassinet enclosure should be at least 250 millimeters.

Check the gap

The mattress should have a snug fit on all sides. You should make sure there are no gaps along the edges of the mattress. The sides of the bassinets should also be free of gaps. Gaps increase the risk of suffocation. The mattress should be durable. You should only use the mattress that came with the bassinet.

Check for traps

The bassinet should not have areas that can trap the head, limbs or fingers of the baby. You should also check for anything that sticks out. It can snag the clothing or hit the head of the baby.


The bassinet should have nothing that can be used as a ledge by the baby. These ledges may be used by babies to climb out. This is especially true for babies aged six months and older. It is risky particularly at night when no one is watching.

Wheels and brakes

Bassinets can be moved around using castor wheels. But, at least two wheels should have lockable brakes.


It is important for the bassinet to be easy to clean. You should look for bassinets with removable fabric.

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