Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

best-ceiling fanIf you think an expensive ceiling fan is always better than a cheap one, you should be educated. The best ceiling fan is the fan that suits your needs at the most. When it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan, first you need to consider your room size. For example, if you choose a 42-inch ceiling fan that seems attractive, but it may not have the ability to have a large room cooled. Plus, there are several ways that different fans may use to mount into the ceiling. The different ways also determine the cooling effect a fan can give. If your ceiling is 12 feet high and you just plan to install a flush mount ceiling fan, the truth is that it will not work and it doesn’t have ability to move the air in the room. Plus, if the pitch of the blades is greater, the fan can move more air.

Best Ceiling Fan

Here, we’ve selected the top 5 best ceiling fans for you according to their performance, pricing, rating and customer reviews. If you need one, choose one of them and you will have a great fan.

Hunter 21629 52 Inch Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan Hunter-21623-52-Inch-Fan-WirelessThis ceiling fan can be installed indoors and outdoors and it has a wireless speaker, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can connect its 2.4 GHz wireless system to any audio source, and then sound will be transmitted in 360 degrees and to 300 feet always from where it is mounted. This 52-inch ceiling fan has 5 reversible 12-degree pitch fan blades which are made of walnut. Generally, every minute, about 5,000 cubic feet of air can be circulated. It has a New Bronze finish that matches any indoor decor in your room. And its glass light kit is a style of Italian Amber Scavo, making it add a little Old World Elegance. Its powerful motor can deliver a great performance. When it works, it is very quiet. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to turn up or down the speaker, control its light intensity, as well as switch between audio channels. Its fan motor is protected by its lifetime limited warranty and other electronics and items are protected by its 1-year limited warranty.

Minka-Aire F518-BN 44-inch Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire-F518-BN-44-inch-Concept-CeilingThis fan is a flush mount fan, making it perfect for a large home office or bedroom that has a lower ceiling. It has 3 14-degree pitch fan blades. This ceiling fan hugs your ceiling, and there is only 9.5 inches between the blades and the ceiling. Every minute, this fan can move about 4,600 cubic feet of air, so your room can be kept comfortable all the time. It has a brushed nickel finish and its blades have a silver veneer finish, making it have a futurist look. If you have a contemporary décor in your room, the style of this fan fits well. It offers 3-speed settings and a remote control let you easily changes its speed, control its light and even reverse this ceiling fan for winter operation. It also has a 100w light bulb.

Casablanca C27G546H Alessandria 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

Casablanca-C27G546H-Alessandria-54-Inch-ReclaimedThis ceiling fan has a very large blade span, making it perfect for cooling a very large family room and large living area. The pitch of its blade is 14-degree. Every minute, about 6000 cubic feet of air can be moved. Even you are using the lights at the same time, less than 75 watts of electricity will be used. Its blades are antique style and decorated with metal medallions. This fan has a direct-direct motor which runs efficiently and quietly. To make the motor keep cool, it features heavy gauge copper windings. Of course, a multi-functional remote control is also included to help you easy change its speed and other settings. What’s more, it offers a lifetime warranty on the motor, and a 1-year warranty on its electronics and parts.

Kichler Lighting 339210ADC Sterling Manor Select 52IN Ceiling Fan

Kichler-Lighting-339210TZ-Reversible-Umber-EtchedThis ceiling fan is very versatile, perfect for a small living area, a large room or a home office. The blades are 52 inches long and the pitch is 12-degree and the blades can be reversible. One side has a light oak finish, while the other side has a resembling medium oak finish. These two kinds of different finishes make this fan can fit in any décor of your room. About 5,200 cubic feet of air can be moved by its 65-watts motor. It allows w types of installation. If you have lower ceilings, you can choose a flush mount. If the ceiling is high enough, you can install it on a downrod. Plus, it also comes in many styles, including brushed nickel, adobe cream, as well as satin white. The motor is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. And it also comes with 78 inches of extra lead wire for installation, if the ceiling is high. With its pull-chain, you can easily change its 3-speed settings and it comes with another pull-chain to turn on or off the lights. Of course, it also comes with a remote control for convenience.

Hampton Bay Altura 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton-Bay-Altura-Rubbed-CeilingThis model uses a powerful motor and its RPM can be 70, which can produce about 5,100 cubic feet of air. The remote control allows you to easily changes its 3-speed settings, from low to high and turn off it at any place in your room. You also can use it to turn on or off the light and even reverse this ceiling fan direction so that warm air can be driven down to the floor during cold seasons. It allows for 2 types of installation. You can install it as a flush mount if the ceiling is a 8-foot high standard ceiling, while if the ceiling is higher, you just need to add downrod for installation.

Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Why Do You Need a Ceiling Fan?

Air circulation can make a room feel lighter and larger, because air is distributed throughout evenly. Even if you may have air heating or conditioning in your house, they cannot make cool air or warm air distributed evenly, which means you need a ceiling fan to accomplish this.

Ceiling fans can rotate air throughout a room effectively. In hot summers, this can make you enjoy a wind-chill effect, while in cold winters, this can eliminate chill or cold air pockets. And once you have a ceiling fan installed, you can achieve great comfort levels indoor. And this also means you don’t need to try to turn your air conditioner down to get more chilly air during hot summers or turn up your heater during cold winters, which means it helps to reduce your cooling and heating costs in the long run.

Our home is built to facilitate some levels of air flow, which means air can be delivered from one room to another. However, if cold or hot air happens to arrive in one room, these facilities cannot make air distributed evenly in a room. This will result in cool or hot pockets of air throughout your room and you need to adjust the thermostats to extreme temperatures to eliminate these cool or hot pockets. A ceiling fan is effective to solve this problem, because it is able to break up cool or hot air pockets with ease. Therefore, both cold and hot air can be distributed evenly throughout a room.

Ceiling Fans: What Features are Core features?

Once you decide to buy a ceiling fan, the one you choose should have abilities to circulate a great amount of air in the room. Beside this, you also need to consider the design which should suit your home decorating theme.

No matter it is mid-century, transitional, traditional or contemporary, the ceiling fan should match the current theme and décor. Don’t make the ceiling fan stick out but make it augment the look of your room. This is important. For example, if you have a modern home, it is not recommended to choose a mid-century style ceiling fan. Well, how to choose?

Well sleek fans are perfect for modern homes, and a rustic or elegant ceiling fan is ideal for traditionally-styled homes. Choosing models with wooden finishes will make it much better.

Blade Size

Blade size is also another very important factor when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan. This is because blade size influences the ceiling fan’s efficiency for a room. If your room is large, avoid choosing short blade spans, because it only circulates less air. On the contrary, if you choose a large blade size fan for a small room, it is also not necessary. If you are looking for a fan for your breakfast nook bathroom, a low-profile fan with a span of 36 or fewer inches. For large family rooms and bedrooms, the blade size should be more than 50 inches. The type of ceiling fans is determined by the square footage of your room.

Ceiling Height

Another consideration is the ceiling height. Different heights need different mounting sizes. A low ceiling means you need to mount the fan flush directly to the ceiling. Of course, a downrod is not necessary. This can avoid you to bump your head against the fan blades. On the contrary, a higher ceiling (more than 10 feet) requires a downrod to make it lower enough, so that the efficiency can be guaranteed.

Other Important Features

The blade span, mounting kits and design can influence how best a ceiling fan is, which will determine which one to purchase. However, besides these features, other additional features are also needed to be considered.

Additional Features

Other features like a wall control and a handheld remote control are also needed. And if the fan can reverse rotation directions, it will be much better. During the winter, you can set it to rotate clockwise to make hot air on the ceiling break up easily, while it also can rotate counter-clockwise to break up hot air on the floor during the summer. Multiple speed settings are also essential, at least three, because it allows you easily to choose the perfect airflow based on your preferences.

Airflow Efficiency

When we buy any appliance, the energy efficiency also should be considered. Choosing an energy-efficient ceiling can help you save some money on your electricity bill. A low-profile fan which has an energy usage less than 60 watts is better. Of course, the wattage is only the fan’s wattage, not including the lights.

Air circulation is the first consideration and this is related to the airflow a fan can produce. A fan with at least 4,000 cubic feet per minute is much better. The higher airflow means the fan is able to accommodate a larger room.


Buying a ceiling fan is not a temporary investment, because you need to mount it to the ceiling and this means you cannot regret and it is not so easy to replace a new one like a pedestal fan. The lights on the ceiling fans should be designed to be used for a long time. Therefore, those comes with warranties on lights and fans can be considered when you are choosing a ceiling fan. If the motor is also covered with a lifetime warranty, it will be better. Generally, a high quality ceiling fan can work for you for up to 15 years. Sometimes, price doesn’t matters but the quality matters.

The Bottom Line

Ceiling fans are not intended to remove humidity (like dehumidifier) or cool a room like air conditioners, but they can distribute cool and hot air evenly in the room, producing air circulation. And this feature can help to reduce how long and how often your air conditioner or heater needs to run. If you have a ceiling fan installed, your cooling and heating units can be prolonged the life and it also can save money for you on your energy bill.

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