Top 5 Best Cheap Baby Monitors You Can Choose

If you have a baby in the baby’s room and want to know what the baby is doing when you cannot accompany him or her, you need a baby monitor to do the job. Here are top 5 best cheap baby monitors spoken highly by many parents for you to choose from.

Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology

Philips-AVENT-Basic-Baby-Monitor-150x150Philips Avent is the first company to design and produce digital baby monitors using DECT technology in the US. This Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor also uses DECT technology to communicate well between parent and baby, not worrying about being interfered. You can adjust it to find the best channel without a disruption. There are 120 channels it can search, so don’t worry about you don’t find the best one. You can hear the voice in the baby’s room and your baby also can receive your voice. This talk-back feature allows you to chat with your baby even if you’re not in the same room. This best baby monitor can cover a range of 1000 ft. Also the battery life is very long, no need to change the battery frequently. Many parents love this baby monitor due to the long battery life.

Safety 1st Glow And Grow Baby Monitor

Safety-1st-high-deaf-digital-baby-monitor-150x150This Safety 1st Glow And Grow Baby Monitor is also one of the best digital baby monitors. It also offers interference-free feature. Compared with Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor, the battery life is not as long as Philips Avent SCD510’s. If you don’t use a baby monitor frequently, you can choose this cheap baby monitor for occasional use.

NTM-910YIC – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor

NTM-910YIC-Sony-Baby-Call-Nursery-Monitor-145x150If you are looking for a cheap baby monitor but with high quality, this NTM-910YIC – Sony Baby Call Nursery Monitor is your best choice. It is one of the best baby monitors on the market for no more than $50. Unlike other cheap monitor, it features a Voice Activation Mode to avoid the constant noise, which can keep the speakers quiet until the baby makes a sound. Its batteries rechargeable and the parent’s unit is water-proof. You can use water to clean it.

Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor

Graco-UltraClear-Analog-Baby-Monitor-150x150This Graco UltraClear Analog Baby Monitor is also a very cheap baby monitor. It has only 2 channels to select. However, it has the nightlight feature. The nightlight automatically turns off itself after15 minutes. Many parents are satisfied with its reasonable price and convenient performance.

VTech Communications Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor

VTech-Communications-Safe-Sound-Digital-Audio-Monitor-150x150This baby monitor’s price is no more than $60, offering many great features, such as 120 channels to find the best signal, 2 parents’ units, DECT 6.0 digital technology, covering a range of 1000 ft etc. From the parents’ reviews, this is one of the best cheap baby monitor. Parents especially love its music function. With the parent’s unit, you remotely play music to soothe the baby. It comes with 20 different style songs for you to choose.


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