Top 5 Best Cheap Mechanics Tool Sets Reviews

In most situations, if you are not a professional, you don’t need a complete set of mechanic tools and a cheap mechanic tool set offers enough tools for you to work on most jobs. Of course, if you are professional and have enough budget, you can buy a complete set of tools. For starters or occasional use, a cheap mechanic tool set is enough, which will not break your bank.

Best Cheap Mechanics Tool Set

We’ve made this list of top 5 best cheap mechanics tool sets for you to choose from. Most of them are less than $150. As a tool set, they are a must in our home. We also checked their ratings, pros and cons, as well as customer reviews.

Craftsman 230 Piece 230 PC SAE Metric Mechanics Tool Set ratchet wrench socket

Craftsman-Metric-Mechanics-ratchet-includedIf you are looking for the best Mechanic Tool Set at a reasonable price, I highly recommend this Craftsman mechanic tool set, because it comes with a very wide range of sets and lots of other quality tools. And Craftsman is really a good brand, so you can trust them. Why? This is because of their warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty like other brands, but Sears offers a strong support for this brand. For example, if your tool set is broken, you only need to take it to the nearest Sears store and they will quickly repair it or just replace it. It is very convenient. And this tool set is very affordable. If you are limited to your budget but want to have a good quality tool set, this is a good choice. And it comes in a very nice tool box. Highly recommend.

Kobalt 227-Piece Standard Metric Mechanics Tool Set

Kobalt-227-Piece-Standard-Mechanics-85183You may never hear of this brand before. Actually, it is an in-house tool brand of Lowe. They are produced to compete with Sears’ brand Craftsman directly. Because they are new, they don’t have the same reputation, even if they offer a more comparable warranty. People who have bought their tools said their customer service is so good that any problem can be solved as soon as possible. And all their tools are designed to be beef, so they are very durable and help you deal with some hard job. If you buy this set, you don’t need to buy other tools when it comes to dealing with a mechanic’s project. Plus, this mechanic set also comes with a durable plastic tool box which has 3 drawers, so all your tools can be organized well.

Craftsman Evolv 101 piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman-Evolv-101-piece-Mechanics-Tool-SetEvolv is another brand from Sears, but it is not Craftsman. It is a budget brand and still a very good tool. They offer the nicest handles, which are rubberized, making your comfortable to grip. Although this mechanics tool set doesn’t comes with as many tools as other mentioned tool sets above, it is very affordable. It offers the most common size of wrenches and sockets, in both Metric and SAe. Therefore, for most of us, these tools are enough. And it offers a limited lifetime warranty, which is not as good as the Craftsman offers. Therefore, it is a good habit of keeping your sales receipt and you’d better not to abuse all the tools. Or Sears will not replace it for you. For example, if you put a 6-foot pipe on a wrench to use it as a breaker bar, you may not be supported by Sears if it happens to break.

Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Stanley-STMT71654-201-Piece-Mechanics-ToolThis Stanley mechanic tool set comes with up to 201 pieces of tools. You may not hear its name and may think it only offers cheap tools. However, this one is also high quality. If you don’t need to use mechanic tools often, this tool is good enough. For example, you can store one in your car and use it for emergency repairs. Even after a few years of abuse, it looks as new as before.

As a standard consumer grade of tools, you can easily find them in the big box stores. They are really pretty good and can work for you for many years. You can buy a Stanley mechanics tool set and store it in the truck of your car for many years, so you can use it as an emergency set. And it performs well and it is designed to be durable. This tool set comes with 3 separate ratchets, so you can always get the right tool on hand. These ratchets heads come in 54 teeth, so every throw is less than 7 degrees. This is pretty cool and good, because you cannot get such throw at this price. Normally, you need to pay more to get a throw that small. All the sockets have 12 point. And it comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

Crescent CTK148MP 148 Piece Professional Tool Set

Crescent-CTK148MP-Piece-Professional-ToolThis tool set offers 148 pieces of mechanic tools and all the tools are packed in a very nice case. And all they tools are organized well, so you can easily find the one you needed. It offers essential tools at a lower price. Therefore, for starters, this tool set is good enough. You can buy one for indoor or outdoor use.

If you have used an original Crescent adjustable wrench, you may feel it is so great. Crescent is a great company. While they also produce tools, which are especially perfect for DIYers. This tool set comes with up to 148 pieces tools and all the tools are packed in a flip open box, so all your tools can be organized better. You can easily find and get the right tool as soon as possible. This tool set is very complete, because its ratchets have 3 standard sizes and it has assorted screwdrivers, as well as a couple of pairs of pliers. Therefore, if you need a complete mechanics tool set, this one is perfect on this list.

How to choose the best cheap mechanic tool set?

If you are a jack-leg, Saturday, or shade-tree mechanic, you may think you really need a complete set to tools to do your business. However, on the market, there are so many mechanic tool sets and most of them are so expensive. Most of us cannot afford these expensive tools, even if they catch our eyes. If the budget is not a big problem for you, of course you can choose the most professional mechanic tool set you can find on the market. You can always find the right tool in your tool box when handle different types of jobs. However, maybe there are some tools in your tool box that you have never used and don’t know how to use.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best mechanics tool set, we should be more practical. We should understand what types of tools we really need to work on our own motorcycle or car. If you have no idea, don’t worry about it. In the following, we will discuss the main factors that can heavily influence our buying decision. And after that, you will understand what you can get on the budget which you can really afford.

Metric vs. SAE

Most professional tool set offers tools in SAE and metric size. However, if you have known something, you can only choose one type. After 1990, the biggest car city Detroit has given up old SAE fasteners and changed to metric fasteners. Therefore, if the vehicles you are working on is not as old as 1990, SAE tools are not essential. So you don’t need to pay for them. In this situation, you may only need to buy a tool set which only offers tools in metric sizes. However, if you need tools to repair washing machines, SAE tools are needed.

Sockets Aren’t Enough

In your tool set, besides sockets, combination wrenches are also essential. Although sockets can handle most jobs, you may also meet some bolts that you cannot use a ratchet to handle. Therefore, combination wrenches are as important as sockets.

6 Point Sockets Vs 12 point sockets

Six point sockets are better than 12 point sockets. Therefore, if at all possible, choosing a tools set that offers 6 point sockets. This is because 6 points sockets are stronger than 12 point sockets. And they seldom round the head of a rusted or stubborn bolt. You know if the head of a bolt is rounded, it will be more difficult to handle.

Manufacturer Reputation

It is a little difficult to see the specific grade of steel which is used in the tool set you plan to buy. In this situation, the manufacturer reputation is more important. The reputation can tell you more about the warranty and quality of a tool set. A company that uses cheap steel to build their tools will never receive a good fame. At some extent, choosing one tool means choosing a good famed company. The reputation really matters.


When it comes to buy some, the warranty is also very important. The warranty shows how much confidence a company has in their products. If these products are poor quality, they will not offer a long time warranty.

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