Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saws Reviews:

Table saws are the most popular show saw you can find on the market. Although any other large power tool is not essential, each home workshop should have a table saw, because table saws are the most versatile saw you cannot work without. You may think they are not good at mitering, but you can use them to make miter cuts. You may think they are not the best tool for re-sawing, but they perform better in a limited way. Well, do you know the real strength of table saws? The answer is for cutting the handyman’s most common material – plywood.

When it comes to cutting sheet goods (like OSB (oriented strand-board) and plywood), on other type of saw can perform better as a table saw does. The fence of a table saw can make long and straight cuts possible, so sheet goods (like plywood) can be cut into long and straight cuts that can be used to make furniture, cabinets, as well as other projects.

On the market, there are 3 types of table saws, including cabinet table saws, contractor table saws, and job-site saws.

Contactor table saws maintain a middle position on the market. They can somehow perform as good as cabinet saws, and somehow be as portable as portable table saws. However, they don’t come with large table extensions as cabinet saws, and they also don’t have lightweight and collapsible stand as job-site saws. Contractor saws imply that they are especially designed for contractors and to use in their shops. Therefore, they don’t need to move frequently.

Since you use a table saw for accurately cutting sheet goods, the relationship between the fence, table and blade becomes much more important. The fence must be absolutely straight and strictly parallel to its blade. If not, you cannot get a precise cut. Adjustment in the spindle and motor is available on most table saws, allowing you to adjust them to the fence. If the fence is not perpendicular to its table, you will not get precise cuts. Therefore, the fence is one of the most important parts on a table saw.

The quality and size of the most also matter, so the spindle bearings do. If the motor is too weak, the saw is not able to cut through some materials and will blog down, finally cause some tooling marks in the cut, and even ruin the material. Tooling marks will be also caused, if its blade spindle is mounted on no good bearings.

Best Contractor Table Saw

We’ve made this list of top 5 best contractor table saws on the market. They all allows you to adjust the blade height and they all come with angle of cut adjustment that can be up to 45 degrees and blade guards are also included. They also offer a miter gauge, so if you want to make metered joints, they can meet your needs. Plus, some saws also come with table extensions, so you can use them to support a full sheet of plywood.

Sawstop CNS175-TGP52 1-3/4 HP Contractor Saw

CNS175-TGP52-Contractor-Professional-including-ExtensionThis best contractor table saw has a unique design. Its safety system is very impressive. If it encounters something that has a different density that common materials have, it will be shut automatically. This design can avoid some accidental injuries maximally.

As a table saw, it is well-designed and manufactured. This one features a large table, so crosscutting becomes much easier. And its T-Glide fence is also very accurate. The belt-driven blade has a well-supported arbor. The table is made of high quality cast iron table, and it also comes with a zero clearance blade insert, so you can use to get perfect narrow strips without nay blade mark.

The blade guard can be removed quickly without any tool needed. It also comes with a good dust collection system and a leg kick switch.

Jet 708495K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw

Jet-708495K-JPS-10TS-10-inch-TablesawJet offers plenty of table saws and this one is selected on our list due to its cast iron table and larger size. Similar to Sawstop, this model features a 52″ fence capacity, so crosscutting full sheets becomes easier. Its riving knife and blade guard are designed to be released quickly, so changeovers can be very fast.

The T-bar is also very wide, making it more stable than you can think. Generally, the wide T-bar makes the fence stay exactly parallel to its blade. A miter gauge is also included, so wrong slipping out can be effectively avoided. An integrated lock is on its blade arbor, making it more accessible for easy and quick blade changes. It also has a leg kick switch that allows you to turn off it by leg kicking.

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw,

Powermatic-1791230K-Table-50-inch-RivingPowermatic is also a famed manufacturer who always produces high quality saws on the market and this Powermatic 1791230K is one of the best contractor saws they produce. This one features the largest table and fence. The longer the table is, the easer the job is. Therefore, although this saw is a little smaller than the Sawstop, its 50-inch width makes crosscut a piece of plywood in half much easier.

This best contractor table saw also comes with a miter gauge, which is a very impressive feature on a contractor table saw. This design is very useful. With the rack-and-pinion angle adjustment, you can do micro-fine adjustment. What’s more, positive stops are also available at its common angles, and it also offers extension plates for extra expanded support for work pieces.

The T-bar is as wide as most of other saws, which is good and parallel to its blade. The riving knife and blade guard can be quick to change out. On board storage is designed for all accessories. A dust extraction port is also included. Highly recommend!

Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw

Delta-36-5000-10-Inch-Contractor-30-InchDelta has a long history of producing shop saws and this Delta Saw 10″ Left Tilt Contractor Saw is a high quality contractor saw you can rely on. When it comes to choosing the best contractor saw, the table, blade and fence are very important. This saw offers high quality fence and bearings. These 2 things are very impressive and many users spoke highly of them. The table is not as big as some of other saws’ tables, but it is up to 20-inch wide and 27-inch deep, or 50-inch wide if the swings are open. So, it can offer you up to a 30″ rip capacity. It is also not too heavy, only weighing 230 pounds, so you can load it on your truck and take it on your job site without too much effort. The power source can be a 120 VAC or 240 VAC outlet.

Grizzly G0732 Contractor Style Saw

Grizzly-G0732-Contractor-Style-SawSimilar to Delata, this contractor saw only comes with a 30″ capacity. However, it performs better than other most contractor table saws. Generally, cabinetmaking saws have larger capacity, but a contractor saw doesn’t have a very large capacity. This saw has an excellent blade height adjustment system, allowing the blade run up and down on its twin vertical steel posts. So the dust collection and the riving blade can be adjusted right with its blade height. Finally, this can ensure its performance. The blade is encapsulated, so dust collection is more efficient than other saws. Similar to other models on our list, the table is made of cast iron and offers a precision ground. And this product also comes with a special release mechanism that allows you to quickly change out the blade guard and riving knife. This one also features a shut-off switch that you can shut off the machine by leg kicking. Grizzly always offers high quality industrial tools, but they are not often mentioned for DIYers and contractors. Well, this doesn’t mean their products are poor quality. This Grizzly G0732 Contractor Style Saw will make you get excellent value for your money. Highly recommend!

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