Top 5 Best Convection Ovens Reviews

convection-cookingCompared with conventional ovens, convection ovens can help you cook much faster. This is because the heat in conventional ovens mainly is radiant, while convection ovens use a built-in fan to circulate the inner heat air. Due to this mechanism, heat in a convection oven can be distributed more evenly around food, quickening the cooking process and saving more energy.

Due to their effectiveness and efficiency, convection ovens are very common in most high-end modern kitchen. Most people spoke highly of their great overall performance.

Best Convection Oven

When it comes to choosing the best convection oven, many factors should be taken into account. Fortunately, we made this list of top 5 best convection ovens for you to choose from. Their prices vary, but their performance cannot be compromised. More affordable models don’t sacrifice the overall performance but the capacity, styling or some unessential features. However, among many factors, convection technologies they use really matter, which may determine their price tags.

Our picks include singe wall convection ovens and we also choose some double wall ovens. And they all offer consistent heat, so your food can be cooked more evenly and faster. Their performance will not disappoint you. More features also mean higher price tags. However, all the models come with basic functions, like a self-cleaning mode, temperature conversion, etc. And they are all from famous and mainstream brands, so their quality can be guaranteed and this also means a great customer service.

Bosch HBL8451UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven – Convection

best convection ovenIf you are looking for a high-end convection oven, this Bosch HBL8451UC 800 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven should be one of your best choices. It is an European convection oven. This oven is from a famed manufacturer Bosch who also offers many power tools, like drills. This single wall oven measures 30″ in size. It has a nice clean style. Its control panel is so easy to use. This best convection oven offers up to 12 cooking modes, so you can choose the most suitable one according to the food you plan to cook. Other features, like a meat probe and fast preheat are also impressive. Although it is very expensive, if you want to enjoy a high quality life, it is the best one you can rely on.

Electrolux EW27EW65PS 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Double Wall Oven – Convection

electrolux-ew27ew65ps-stainless-electric-doubleThis double electric wall oven seems so pricey. Considering its small ovens, you may think it is not worth. However, this model is designed especially for smaller kitchens. For those who have a smaller kitchen but don’t want to compromise to features, style and performance, this one is your best choice. It is about 27″ in size and each oven has a capacity of 3.9 cubic feet. Both ovens use a fan to offer convection and each of them has 3 heating elements for superb efficiency.

This model also comes with convection temperature conversion, cook times can be selected easily. Each oven has a blue interior, roller racks and high-end lighting, so the overall effect is very high-end. Plus, it also features self-cleaning and a bake element that are hidden. A temperature probe is used to detect whether the food is finished or not. If the food is ready, it will choose a warm mode to keep the food warm. In a word, its versatility and excellent performance make it perfect for smaller kitchens.

Maytag MEW7527DS 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven

maytag-mew7527ds-stainless-electric-singleThis best wall oven has a capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. It measures 27″ in size. And it is designed to be installed easily. This oven is a convection oven. With its convection temperature conversion, the system will smartly switch this oven to keep the done food warm if the food is finished. This means you don’t need to guess when it is ready and how long. This oven also features a power preheat and this means the oven can be preheated much faster. This oven can control the temperature consistently and precisely. And oven racks are also included to prevent spills. Plus, it also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Frigidaire FGEW2765PF Gallery 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven – Convection

frigidaire-fgew2765pf-gallery-stainless-electricThis best single wall convection oven offers many useful features and most people spoke highly of its overall performance. What’s more, the price is also reasonable. This model measures 27″ in size and offers up to 3.8 cubic foot capacity. As a convection oven, it helps cook fast and evenly. Although it is not the largest model, it has enough inner space to accommodate most large cookware. Convection temperature conversion is also included, so you don’t need to guess how long it needs to cook. Of course, other features are also very impressive, such as delay start, a self-cleaning mechanism, auto shut-off, a temperature probe and a warm keeping mode. You also set it on its easy-to-use touch controls.

Maytag MEW7630DH 30″ White Electric Double Wall Oven

maytag-mew7630dh-white-electric-doubleThis model comes with two separate ovens. Each oven has a capacity of 5 cubic feet, so the capacity is very large compared with other models on this list. This model is a little expensive due to its styling, convenience and excellent performance. Its upper oven includes convection, while the bottom oven doesn’t have. With its convection conversion, you can put your food into the upper oven and you don’t have to guess how long it needs to cook. This is different from traditional ovens. Both 2 ovens come with a self-cleaning capabilities, so the cleaning job should be easy. Fast preheating is also included. Racks are used on its ball bearings. This means if you want to solid it, you just need to slide the racks in easily and this can avoid spills. Other features (like a timer, delay bake, a Sabbath mode option, inner lighting) are also very impressive. The control is pretty easy and straightforward.

Convection Oven Buying Guide

It is estimated that a convection oven can reduce your cooking time by up to 25% and also reduce the cooking temperature up to 30%, in contrast with standard radiant ovens. Therefore, a convection oven means energy-efficient and time-saving. Plus, such an oven is also very versatile and can be not only used to cook but also to bake, re-thermalize, roast and warm.

What is a Convection Oven?

Also called a fan-assisted oven or fan oven, a convection oven has fans that circulate hot air to cook the food faster. Unlike a traditional oven which relies on radiated heat from the walls and heating elements a convection oven spreads the heat to cook food. When researching these ovens you may find something called a European convection or true convection oven, which is an oven that has an additional third heating element that heats the air as it exits the fan.

Advantages and Uses

Thanks to the built-in fan that can circulate the hot air inside the oven around the food, convection oven are well-known as its efficiency. This special design can offer even heat, so every food surface can contact equal heat. However, standard radiant ovens cannot do that, but only allow air to move around the food randomly, so they can lead to hot and cold spots and you may get burnt and under-cooked parts of the food. Convection ovens can move air to evenly heat the food, and even the bottom of food can be heated evenly, so the bottom will be not burnt to crisp but its top is also raw. Regular ovens always have this problem.

You can use a convection oven to cook everything which you can cook in other regular ovens. And the food cooked in a convection oven tends to be much juicier, crispier and tastier. Due to the less cooking time and lower temperature, the flour and butter in a pie crust. And this also means other delicate bakery goods don’t have time to fuse, so you will get great flaky layers.

If you use it to roast a chicken, the skin of the chicken browns quickly and renders its fat. And if you use to cook meat, the cook time becomes shorter while the meat stays juicer. And you will get meats with higher yield, leaving more product due to the fact that it shrinks less. If you need to sell cooked meat, it is great. This can save your time and money, making your food service establishment profitable.

What Oven to Buy, Things to Consider

What utility do you plan to choose? You may think you can buy a gas convection oven, but an electrical connection is also required to run its fan. Well, which one is to choose? A gas model or an electric model? An obvious fact is that gas convection ovens require more of clearance around all sides of its pans for good airflow in its cooking chamber, due to the placement of the heating elements.

If you choose a gas model, you need to know whether you are required to install a hood and fire suppression system. You can check the local codes to learn more. And the installation requirements of the ovens you buy should be carefully read.

On the market, there are so many different models and comparing them is a good idea before buying one. The one you plan to buy should be suitable for needs.

Countertop Convection Ovens

Countertop models are perfect for quick serve restaurants and convenience stores which only have very limited floor space for an oven. Their off-site catering operation and concession operations are great. And the installation is also very simple. You can use them to hold small cookies trays, and you also use them to hold even half size sheet pans. Of course, if you need them to hold more, the size matters.

Floor Model Convection Ovens

If you have enough floor space, you can choose a floor model convection oven. And they are available in 2 sizes: full size and half-size. Half size convection ovens are perfect for those who only need low level of output or who have limited floor space, while full size models are perfect for high volume kitchens. Because of their solid construction, you can stack one oven on the top of the other, if you want to double the output. Of course, both of them are comparable and this can help reduce the footprint. If you plan to stack them, you can check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Deep Depth or Bakery Depth models are very popular and easy to access, because most manufacturers offer them. An obvious advantage is that the allow you to load sheet pans in every direction, so the staggering pans are perfect for better airflow during cooking or baking.

Some models even allow you to use them as slow cookers or roasters. For example, if you need to roast foods, you can make its thermostat lower than a normal level. If you want to do that, just choose one with cook and hold functionality.

Cooking Tips

  • Convection ovens are helpful to reduce the cooking temperature by at least 25 degrees.
  • Convection ovens are helpful to reduce your cooking time by up to 25% because or even cooking.
  • During cooking, you need to keep an eye on the food. Different foods need different cooking time. Small batch cookies can be served only in several minutes, while large cuts of meat may need up to an hour or less.
  • Don’t use baking pans with high sides, because they are not good for air circulation. You can use half-size sheet pans or full size sheet pans which are perfect for convection needs.
  • If you are cooking souffles, muffins or other delicate items, you’d better choose a pulse fan speed or low fan speed.

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