Top 5 Best Coolers Reviews

Coolers are considered as the most versatile and handiest pieces of equipment in your gear collection, if you are a person who loves life. You have enough reasons to have such a portable cooling system. Once you have one, you can use it to store your foods, beverages and other perishable goods in the cooler and take them anywhere you like without worrying about deterioration. Such a cooler can keep your items cool, extending your outdoor lives. On the market, there are so many coolers different from sizes and shapes, so which is the best cooler you can trust? Some models are designed after the classic coolers, while others are designed to satisfy unique needs. Therefore, before deciding to buy one, you need to know what you really want.

Now, let’s say some uses of a cooler. If you plan to have a trip in the woods for a week or you just planning a weekend holiday on the beach, you really need a cooler to store some foods and beverages. Such a cooling system is very portable and allows you to store more goods to make your trip more enjoyable.

Best Cooler Overall

If you are looking for the best cooler, you need to consider some factors, including durability, portability, ice retention, storage options(like straps, pockets, etc.), prices, ratings and customer reviews. We’ve made this list of top 5 best coolers to help you quickly find the right one according to your needs.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

best coolerThis best cooler is designed to be like a tank. Once you have it, you will find it is the last cooler you will have, because it earns its top marks due to its excellent performance. Although it is a little pricey, it cost you less, because you don’t need to regularly buying other inexpensive models which are prone to be broken easily. This cooler is able to keep ice for several days and comes with many useful features, including padlock ports, rubber feet and an interlocking lid. Therefore, this cooler can effectively seal your perishable cool items from the outside environment.

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

coleman-54-quart-steel-belted-cooler-greenThis cooler is a functional cooler from the past. Its look hasn’t changed much since 1950s. It has a large capacity and can store up to 85 12-ounce cans. Plus, it has a drainage channel, so drainage is no problem. A steel latch can secure the items stored in the cooler. This steel-belted cooler weighs over 20 pounds. This cooker can keep your items cool for several hours rather than days. Therefore, it is great for backyard barbeques and short car camping trips.

Igloo 45069 Island Breeze Cooler

igloo-island-breeze-roller-coolerIf you plan to head out for an adventure, this rolling cooler is a great choice, because you will have a portable fridge together with your adventure. It is tall enough to hold upright 2-iter bottles. Compared with other coolers, its tall design means ease of maneuvering and this cooler is also affordable cooler. It also has durable wheels and can handle several forms of terrain. Its telescoping handle enhances its convenience.

Coleman 82-Quart Ultimate Xtreme Cooler

coleman-82-quart-ultimate-xtreme-coolerThe manufacturer boasts that this cooler can keep ice up to 6 days at 90 F. This shows their confidence. Most users said the ice retention time can be 4 or 5 days. This duration is very impressive. You know the ice retention depends on many factors. How you pack ice and how much ice you pack in your cooker and how often you open your cooler can affect the ice retention. Once you have it, you don’t need to replenish the ice supply even if you have a relatively long trip. The large and tough wheels make the movement pretty easy. And it comes with a pull handle which is easy to grip. Capacity can be 82 quarts. If you need a smaller one, you also can find the right one.

Polar Bear Coolers Soft Cooler

polar-bear-coolers-backpack-orangeThis cooler is extremely portable. As a back pack cooler, it is really an ideal choice if you plan to have a weekend camping trip or for any adventure where you need to keep your goods cool. It comes with top handles and backpack straps, so it is very easy to carry. Plus, it also has front mesh pockets and side pockets which allow you to store some small things, like phones, keys, etc. Of course, it has a top-rated insulation system, so the ice retention is perfect.

Buying Guide for Electric Coolers

Why you need a Thermoelectric Cooler

These electric coolers are very cool, because they don’t use dry ice, ice packs, as well as ice cubes. You just need to plug it into your 12-Volt battery port or the vehicle’s cigarette lither and it will work for you to warm or/and cool your drinks and foods. You also can plug it into a wall outlet, if you need to use it in your home. These solid-state cooler are able to keep food chilled. Due to their high reliability and durability, you can take your cooler/warmer to picnics and tailgating events. They normally come with both adapters and power cords. Some units may come with trays which allow you to put some flat things on.

Of course, they are very portable, making them perfect for chilling beverages at home, in the college dorm room, on a road trip or at the office, for boats, RVs, truckers, airplanes, etc. For truckers, having such an electric cooler will make their long journey cool and fresh.


Electric coolers use electricity to keep foods and drinks cool and they have the same insulating qualities as an ice chest. Most of these coolers are able to keep beverages and foods inside to 38 to 40 degrees F. below the outside surrounding temperature.

They intend to be insulated very well. When it comes to the insulation, portable coolers do the same as typical ice coolers/chest. Generally, portable coolers are able to keep cold foods and beverages cold for several hours without the power source, but the frequent opening and closing the cooler will make it not effective.


Thermoelectric coolers tend to be dependable and robust and they can be dropped (occasionally) and kicked without the possibility of damaging it. The air is moved by the fan and this is the part. When the fan is wore out, you can replace a new one. Convection cooling uses a fan to circulate cold air, so the heat is dissipated. The glass or plastic bottles and cans can be chilled very quickly.

However, an electric cooler is not water-proof, which means it is not allowed to get it wet inside or outside. Ice is not allowed to put inside it, because the peltier plate tends to be damaged once the ice melts. The seals and gaskets work well and its hardware is very tough, making it more durable.

Ease of Use

They used brushless motors which have no commutator or slip ring, so the motors can always deliver high performance. You just need to plug it and you can set it to heat food. Generally, it can keep your food warm up to 140 degrees F. However, you can do that for a short time but not a whole day. Therefore, you can take it for a potluck or picnic.

Power to Cool and Warm

Most units comes with a 110/120V A/C converter, which means you can take an electric cooler inside your hotel room. They can lay down like a chest or sit upright like a refrigerator.

Generally, a portable electric cooler is able to keep the inside food and beverages at 40 degrees F. below the surrounding temperature outside. And they will pull about 3 to 5 amps at 12-volts, which means they are not energy-efficient when compared with a portable refrigerator. This is because they use 3 to 5 times the current. However, they are still great.

Well, just remember don’t run a 50-Watt cooler buying the regular battery of your vehicle without the engine running, or the vehicle’s battery can only last for 3 to 4 hours and then it will be killed. An alternative method is to use a portable pack with the battery capacity up to 110-Volts, as well as 12-Volts anywhere at 130Ah.

Generally, the cooler can maintain the inside temperature 30 degrees F. below the surrounding temperature outside. For example, if it is 70 degrees outside, the electric cooler can be about 30 degrees F inside. Of course, they are not temperature controlled when compared with refrigerators.

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