Top 5 Best Dewalt Cordless Drill Reviews

When it comes to cordless drills, having a Dewalt cordless drill can help you a lot. Dewalt is a famous manufacturer of Cordless Drills and other power tools. Its cordless drills are very popular for many professionals and high-end DIYers, because of their durability, high quality and power. Also they are ideal for general work.

Dewalt designs different model to satisfy different needs. They are different from weights, voltages and sizes. Which one is the best Dewalt cordless drill to you? Which one do you want to have? To solve this problem, first let’s consider the 4 important features when we decide to buy a drill.

4 Features to consider before buying the best Dewalt cordless drill

1. Voltage

When we choose a drill, the first thing we must consider is the voltage the drill has. Generally, low voltage drills have lower power. The voltage is up to how you use it.

Up 12-volt is enough if you just use it for easy tasks such as putting up a picture. You can choose Dewalt DCD710S2 or Dewalt DCK211S2. If you use it for home maintenance jobs—a little heavy job, 18v is the best. In this situation, you can choose Dewalt DCD775KL, which is ideal for common DIYers. If you need an 18+ voltage to do hard job, Dewalt DCD785C2 is the best. This model is ideal for serious DIYers and professionals.

Generally speaking, 18+ voltage drills can do most of your drilling tasks.

2. Batteries

Normally, 2 batteries are the best. If you don’t have more than one battery, you may feel frustrated if the battery doesn’t have any power and you must finish your job. Therefore, get the good quality and top rated batteries as you can, because they are much more efficient and can last longer. In the long run, they can save your money.

3. Speed and power

We use RPM (rotations per minute) to measure the speed. Handling different jobs need different speeds. Drilling a hole needs 1300-1700 rpm, while drilling screw nails may need 300-400 rpm. So choosing one with widest ranges of speeds can do the job, like the model Dewalt DCD775KL.

4. Chuck Size and type

There are two common Chuck sizes: 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. The size means the maximum size of a hole you can use it to drill. A 3/8 inch chuck is nice for everyday drilling while a 1/2 inch chuck is ideal for heavy duty drilling.

Which Dewalt Cordless Drill is the best?

Here we pick up the top rated and most popular Dewalt cordless drills for you. These drills have high ratings and few complaints.

1 Dewalt DCK211S2


 The Dewalt DCK211S2 is a 12v drill. This one is the most popular and highest rated Dewalt cordless drill on It comprises of an impact driver and a drill. Lightweight, compact and agronomical design makes it perfect for small space and ideal for average DIYers.

The average rating of this model is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Over 97 customer reviews you can check indicates this model is accepted by most of the users, because of its quality and price. Now get more details about the Dewalt DCK211S2.

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#2 Dewalt DCD710S2


This model is another 12v drill which is ideal for people who don’t need an impact driver. The lightweight and compact designs of this Dewalt DCD710S2 allow it to fit into small spaces. Average DIYers can not miss this drill. The average rating of this model is 4.7 out of 5 stars on Click here to get more details about this drill on Amazon.

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3 Dewalt DCD775KL


This Dewalt DCD775KL is special designed for professionals and serious DIYers. It is an 18v drill. It is really a powerful tool which can handle a wide range of rugged tasks. It also features compact and lightweight design.

Unlike 12v drills, the price of this one is a little expensive, because it can provides more power. The average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. There are over 70 customer reviews; some of them are professionals who can give you professional advices. Now read the reviews by professionals on Amazon.

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#4 Dewalt DCD785C2


This model is a 20v drill which can provide much more power. The long life 20v lithium-ion batteries can help you finish your job on time. Despite its hammer function and high power, it also features a lightweight and compact design. This one gets 4.7 out of 5 stars. If you’re a professional or a serious DIYer, you cannot miss this drill/driver kit.

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These drills are all good ones. You can choose one of them as your necessary tool in your tool bag according to the types of task you will finish. Read reviews on Amazon, you can find which one is best for you. Choose the best Dewalt Cordless Drill can help you a lot.

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