Top 5 Best Electric Coolers Reviews

If you feel tired of using an ice pack or ice cubes to keep a confined space cool, you can try a thermoelectric cooler that can pump heat out of the cooler’s chamber and keep your perishable items cool all the time. Electric coolers are different from other rolling coolers, camping coolers and portable coolers. They use electrical energy to keep a cool temperature in the cooler. They come with many applications, adding more convenience to many different kinds of trips, including road trips, camping trips, boat trips, or other types of outdoor social events. Because they are powered by electricity, you don’t need to worry about any ice cube or ice substitute take up the cooler’s chamber space. Therefore, you can store more food and beverage items based on the capacity. Of course, they need electricity. If your trip is out of electricity, they are useless.

Best Electric Cooler

On the market, there are many electric coolers and we have compiled this list of top 5 best electric cooler for you to choose from, based on their efficiency, capacity, durability, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

Koolatron 29 qt. Voyager Cooler

koolatron-p27-grey-voyager-coolerThanks to its perfect functionality and versatility, this Koolatron electric cooler earns top marks. You can place it into your vehicle and it plugs right into the cigarette lighter. It also has a switch that allows you to choose to use a cooler or a heater. This design is cool. You can place it vertically or horizontally. Many users spoke highly of its large capacity, because it can store up to 18 12-ounce cans. It is designed to be durable and sturdy. If you want to use it in a hotel or at home, you can buy an AC adapter. Highly recommend.

Igloo 40375 Iceless 40-Quart with 110-volt Converter Coolers

igloo-40375-40-quart-110-volt-converterIgloo is also a famed cooler brand and always offers high quality coolers. This one is one of the best electric coolers. This one can be used in your vehicle or just at home. In the vehicle, you just need to plug it in the cigarette lighter. For home use, you just need to use it AC converter. This model can keep your goods cool at 40 F. Its chamber is tall enough, so it can fit up 2-liter bottles with ease. It also comes with handy moveable shelves. When you don’t need it, you can remove it to accommodate more space for your contents. It can be used as an upright refrigerator or a horizontal ice chest.

Sunforce Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer

thermoelectric-cooler-warmerWe have to admit this cooler is a great choice, because it can be used as a warmer or cooler. And you can control its temperature. This design is very cool. You can adjust it to the perfect temperature according to your goods. It is able to store up to 30 12-ounce cans. When you use it as a warmer, the temperature can be up to 140 F. It also comes with a 12v AC adapter, so you can use it in your vehicle or at home.

Koolatron P-20 Thermo – Electric 12-Volt 18 Quart Compact Cooler/Warmer

koolatron-p-20-thermo-electric-12-voltThis cooler has a sleek design, so it is extremely friendly to your car. Because it is very narrow, it can fit any tight space around or behind car seats. And you can open or close it with one hand. Due to its compact design, the weight is only 9 pounds, making it more portable than you can imagine. You can use it to store snacks, so you will be not lonely when you have a long drive. If you need to use it at home, you need to buy an AC adapter. It also has a simple switch to allow you to change it into the heater, if you need to keep hot beverages and foods hot.

Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

best electric coolerThis best electric cooler is another cooler from Igloo. It is perfect for those who need to keep cold items cold during hotel stays or long drives. Its cooling mechanism is in its lid, so it has large space to store foods, beverages and other items. Of course, if you plan to use this cooler at home, you need to purchase an AC adapter. After that you can use it if there is a wall outlet. The capacity is very large and it can accommodate up to 32 12-ounce cans. And it is also an affordable option, not breaking your bank.

This is our list of top 5 best electric coolers. They all can be used in your vehicle or at home with aid of an adapter. If you need one, they will not let you down.

Electric Cooler Buying Guide

Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers do not use ice, dry ice or ice packs in keeping temperatures low. They can cool or warm up food items and drinks using the cigarette lighter of the car or a 12-volt battery. You can also use a power outlet on the wall. These equipment keep food cooled. They are heavy duty and dependable devices. You can use these coolers to parties or picnics. The box will include adapters and power cords. It may also come with trays.

A portable electric cooler is ideal for keeping drinks cold. It can be used at home, inside a college dorm, on a trip, at the office, or in RVs, planes, and boats. Some coolers owned by truckers have lasted up to around seventeen years.


A thermoelectric cooler has the same insulation features as an ice chest. But, coolers use electricity to maintain a low temperature. Many units can keep temperatures 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the temperature of its surroundings.

A thermoelectric cooler has suitable insulation. Portable coolers have similar insulation characteristics as ice chests or ice coolers. Even without a source of power, it is capable of maintaining a cold temperature for a number of hours for food and drinks. But, the cooler should be closed to prevent heat from entering.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty and reliable thermoelectric cooler can withstand kicking, or dropping. One component that may wear out is the fan that moves air inside the equipment. A fan dissipates heat using convection cooling. It also circulates cold air to cool the items stored inside.

Avoid exposing a thermoelectric cooler to the rain and prevent water from entering it. You should not put ice inside the cooler since the Peltier plate can be damaged by melted ice. These coolers are practical items to have. Their seals and gaskets function properly while the equipment itself is durable.

Easy to Use

Electricity drives the brushless motor of the device even without a commutator or slip ring. You just have to plug the unit in to allow it to heat food you are bringing to a potluck party or picnic. It can maintain temperatures of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to keep food warm. While it can keep food warm for a period of time, it is not enough for the whole day.

Cool and Warm Settings

The 110V/120V AC converter makes the cooler perfect inside your hotel room. The cooler can stand upright like standup refrigerators or laid down like chest refrigerators.

A typical portable thermoelectric cooler uses around three to five amps at 12 volts to maintain food temperature at a 40-degree Fahrenheit lower than surrounding temperatures. But, it is not as energy efficient as portable refrigerators, which uses three to five times less current. But, these coolers are still great to use.

If you charge a 50-watt thermoelectric cooler using the battery of a car without the engine running, the car battery will lose power after around four hours. You also have the option of using a power pack with a 110-volt battery capacity and power of 12-volts at 130 Ah..

When the surrounding temperature is at 80 degrees, the coldest temperature of the cooler is 40 degrees. If the outside temperature is 70 degrees, the temperature inside is at around 30 degrees. When the surroundings are hot, the cooler will warm up. Thermoelectric coolers do not control temperatures unlike refrigerators.

A simple and easy-to-use remote probe cooking thermometer can show the temperature inside the cooler to monitor possible bacteria; growth. Thermoelectric coolers can be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable cost.

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