Top 5 Best Electric Skillets Reviews

In the most sensible explanation, skillets are frying pans that have a shallow depth on its sides and come with a lid. Griddles, on the other hand, have an open top. This mere difference alone makes a skillet able to cook meals more efficiently since it encloses the heat. At the same time, using a skillet is much better as it making sure the food splatter remains inside its cover. Skillets, nowadays, are available in a variety of dimensions; such as a round, rectangle, square, or oblong. The skillet can be used to prepare different meals. Since it is electric, you can avoid depending on a countertop burner so you can heat the pan up.

Best electric skillet

We’ve assessed the different electric skillets available in the market and picked out the top 5 best skillets with changeable temperature settings other than just “Low”, “Medium”, or “High”. Because of this, you can be versatile in your kitchen as you can easily pick the temperature you need for the meal you are preparing. These skillets don’t have a “hot spot” that could lead to your food getting burnt or overcooked. Another factor used to gather the best skillets is that their handles have been designed to withstand heat, making it easy to pick up without the use of a dish towel or an oven mitt.

Other factors that play a vital role in this list include criteria on each skillet having a depth of at least two inches, so you can simmer food in it for soups and stews. While each skillet has a non-stick surface, its composition may be different from one another. And unless mentioned otherwise, each item on this list is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty covering it for at least one year.

Dash 14-inch Family Size Rapid Skillet

dash-family-size-rapid-skilletThe Dash Rapid Skillet is equipped with 14 inches of circular cooking space for you to cook your special dishes. This skillet comes with a depth of 2.5 inches, making it a great tool to use for recipes that call for simmering. Among the items on our list, this skillet is the one that produces heat the fastest, so you can guarantee that you won’t have to spend too much time cooking in your kitchen. It features a ceramic surface with non-stick feature that serves as a healthier option compared to Teflon-coated surfaces. Because the cover is glass, you can easily monitor your food while it is cooking. To help prevent accidents, the appliance itself comes in a blazing red color that helps it stand out in the kitchen.

Presto Presto 11-inch Electric Skillet 06620

presto-06620-11-inch-electric-skilletIf you’re looking for the most affordable electric skillet on our list, this is the one that you should be reading about. This skillet is able to cook just about anything you wish it to do. Thanks to its 11-inch skillet with a square shape, it does not take up too much space; making it ideal for use with small families, college students, and couples. The depth of the skillet is 3 inches, which is wide enough to help cook your favorite dishes. The plastic cover has a height of 7 inches, giving you enough room to roast a small turkey or chicken without it touching the base of the cover. Its non-stick, coated surface paired with a weight-saving cast aluminum bottom proves that it is light enough to be handled by any home cook.

Electric Skillet By Culina 18/10 Stainless Steel, Nonstick Interior, with Glass Lid, 12-inch Round, Ptfe/pfoa-free, Dishwasher-safe

electric-culina-stainless-pfoa-free-dishwasher-safeThe Culina Skillet is, without a doubt, the most modern electric skillet you’ll find on our list. This skillet comes with a round shape with a diameter of 12 inches and a depth of 2 inches. The surface is coated in a PTFE-free non-stick material, making you stop worrying about food sticking to the pan. Since it is a modern skillet, it comes with a precise temperature control and indicator lights that help you know once your desired surface heat is achieved. The bottom is made from stainless steel that not only makes it look elegant but also improves its durability.

Of course, along with its modern features is a high price tag reaching up to four times more than the most affordable option. But if cost is no objection for you, this is something that will help you cook your favorite meals. It does come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that your investment is protected.

Oster DuraCeramic 12 by 16 Electric Skillet

oster-ckstskfm12w-eco-duraceramic-electric-skilletIf you’re looking for an electric skillet with a large rectangular surface enough to cook for a group, this particular skillet is best for you. Apart from its size of 12×16, it has a depth of 3 inches on its sides. Together, you have enough room to cook almost anything you can think of. This skillet comes with a non-stick ceramic cooking surface that has a PTFE-free material. It also has a glass lid cover so you can see your meal as it is cooking. The Oster Electric Skillet is available in two colors– burnt red or black.

West Bend 72215 Electric Extra-Deep Oblong 12-by-14.5-Inch Nonstick Skillet

Everyone hates cooking with excessive grease. Thankfully, the West Bend Electric Skillet is able to drain grease away while you cook your food. In fact, this is not the only feature you can find on this particular skillet. It also has a built-in steam vent on its glass cover handle.

This skillet has an oblong shape and a surface with a PTFE non-stick coating. The material may be susceptible to flaking or peeling along the years you use it. It has sides with a depth of 3 inches and a cover tall enough to cook a small chicken.

Electric Skillets & Woks Buying Guide

If you are looking a cookware that can offer even heating and cooking, you really need an electric skillet or electric wok. Of course, an electric skillet cannot replace your stove top or other energy-efficient replacement, but it is really a good extension. For people who want best stir-frying results, an electric wok will not disappoint you thanks to its round bottom. Such stir-frying results cannot be gotten on an electric stove top.

Types of Electric Skillets & Woks

An electric skillet will be a good helper for those who need to prepare breakfast for a large family or just require a secondary heat source to make frying much easier. Compared with electric stove tops, electric skillets can maintain a stable temperature at 350°F, so you will never get uneven heat and bad hot spots. Electric wok has a round bottom, making them perfect for stir-frying, because they also can offer consistent and even heating.

And we will discuss them one by one in the following.

Electric skillets

Generally, electric skillets feature external heat controls and use a lid to keep the heat in. Therefore, if you want to cook fast meals, an electric skillet allows you to do that only in one pan. And they mostly come with a nonstick cooking interior, making the cleaning job much easier. A glass lid is also included for easy monitoring during the cooking process.

Electric woks

Most electric woks have round bottoms and these pans normally sit on a base or legs, offering you controlled, even heating. With such a cookware, stir-frying becomes so easy. And they don’t need seasoning, which is really a big advantage.

Purchase Considerations

When it comes to buying the best electric skillet or electric skillet wok, there are many factors that should be considered. If you will use a skillet or wok very frequently, you may place it on your countertop, so make sure it can match your kitchen decor. The one you buy should have a long cord, so it can easily reach the outlet. Nonstick cooking interior is also a good option, which means the cleaning job becomes easy after frying or high heat.

We also list other factors in the following to consider:

  • Price – Electric skillets and woks range in prices. If you need to use them frequently, choosing a high quality one is a good choice and this may cost you more. If you just use them occasionally, investing a lot of money is not wise.
  • Size – You need to know how much you will use them to cook and how much countertop space is available for a skillet or wok. Generally, they vary in size from 7” to 16” in diameter.
  • Shape – They come in different shapes, including rectangle, square, oval and round. Choosing which shape is determined by your countertop space and your storage space. Woks are always round.
  • Interior – It is hard to say whether nonstick is good or bad and the choice is up to you. Nonstick pans are much easier to clean but you need to carefully use it while turning or stirring foods. Once the surface is scratched, the nonstick surface will break down gradually. Therefore, heat-resistant plastic and wood are the best utensil options. On the other hand, stick surfaces don’t have similar problems, but you need to add more oil to make it not easy to stick. And the cleaning job is not an easy job.
  • Lid – A glass lid allows you to always keep an eye on the foods you are cooking and you don’t need to open it. No matter you choose a glass lid or not, the handle should always stay cool. This is very important, so you can lift the lid without being burned.
  • Cord – The cord should be long enough and this enables you to easily connect it to the outlet nearby. And the cord should be removable. Sometimes you need to submerge the pan totally in water, and this feature is good.

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