Top 5 Best Electronics Wipes Reviews

Nowadays, having a device has become a necessity. You either have a smart phone, tablet, or any other electronic that has a touch screen on it. And because you use these regularly, they can easily get dirty. Thankfully, you can effectively get rid of these smudges, grime, dirt, grease, dust, makeup, and fingerprints from your screen with the help of an electronic wipe.

What are Electronics Wipes?

Made specifically for cleaning electronic surfaces, electric wipes are soft wet wipes made of non-abrasive material. They are designed to be used on smart phones, laptops, computer screens, TVs, and any other surface. But before using the electronic wipes, you need to remove abrasives so you don’t end up scratching your screen. Once you’ve wiped your screen, you can dispose of the wet wipes you used.

When you have an electronic wipe with you, you’ll be able to clean your device much quickly and safely. And if you see to it that you regularly clean your device, it will easily look brand new. At the same time, it will allow you to view your photos more clearly. If you use a stylus on your device, having a smooth surface can increase stylus response time too. Another reason why you should always clean your touch screen is so you can minimize eye strain, which typically happens with smudges on the screen. Thanks to an electronic wipe, you can clean your device’s screen without worrying about any damage that could occur.

Best Electronics Wipes

If you are looking for the best electronics wipes for your electronic devices, our list of top 5 best electronics wipes will help you quickly find the right one.

Windex Screen Cleaner Wipe

Windex-Screen-Cleaner-WipeWhen it comes to electronics wipes, Windex Screen Cleaner Wipes has obtained a credible title as Amazon’s Choice. It works well across electronic screen surfaces, such as a smart phone, TV, computer, LCD screens, and even glasses. Apart from using the wipes on electronic screen surfaces, they can also be used on remote controls, metal, and game stations; making it a valuable option. The material is made from antistatic cloth, which quickly dries and removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints. It is made from an advanced cleaning formula that safely cleans your device without leaving behind any streaks, lint, or residue. Its packaging is also good since it has a resealable pouch, making sure that the wipes stay moist for a longer time.

Windex Screen Cleaner Wipes has been recommended by Influenster. It also has a number of positive reviews online.

iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes for easy and fast shine on smartphones, tablets and computers

iCloth-Screen-Cleaning-WipesOne good thing about the iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes is that they come in individual packaging. This means that each wipe stays moist at all times. They are premium pre-moistened wipes that are able to clean your electronic screen surfaces without any film, streaks or drips. The wipes are designed with non-woven aerospace-grade quality that make them low-linting and soft to touch. The wipes are able to safely trap and lift away dirt, grease, makeup and fingerprints; leaving your screen clear. Each wipe has been pre-moistened with a purified water-based formula that has some isopropyl alcohol (but none of the dangerous ethyl alcohol kind). iCloth says that the formula they use is safe to use on just about any screen, specialty coating, or sensitive optics.

Each pack comes with a hundred individually sealed wipes that you can conveniently carry in your bag, car, or purse. The company has already obtained over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon. Not to mention, they have a money-back guarantee.

MMMCL610 – 3m Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes

MMMCL610-3m-Electronic-Equipment-Cleaning-WipesAnother electronic wipes brand you should consider is the 3M Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes. These have been developed to help keep your electronic screen surfaces clean and dust-free. As a result, you get better value for your device. Each wipe has been pre-moistened and kept in an easy-dispense canister, ensuring they stay moist longer. The wipes are unscented, anti-static, and non-abrasive.

The 3M Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes have received a number of positive reviews. They also have the 3M High Performance Cloth that you can use repeatedly, as an option.

Weiman E-tronic Wipes

B004ZAVUJQOne of the best things about the Weiman E-tronic Wipes is that they can be used not only on electronic surfaces, but also on keyboards and monitors. These are anti-static wipes that dry quickly, leaving behind a screen free of dust, dirt, and fingerprints. You can enjoy a clearer picture on your screen since they don’t leave behind any streaks. The wipes are stored in a convenient dispenser.

This brand has several positive online reviews and is backed by the Good Housekeeping seal.

Endust Pop-Up Anti-Static, Non-Streak Wipes

B00005T3Z8If you are looking for an anti-static and non-streak electronic wipes that can clean your electronic surfaces safely and quickly, the Endust Wipes are a good brand to go for. These wipes, however, are not suitable for use on plasma or LCD screens so you have to be careful with what you use it on. The wipes come in a pop-up container that helps preserve the ammonia-free, non-abrasive wipes moist and soft. Since the moisture takes just a few seconds to evaporate, you can quickly use your clean device.

This brand frequently gets good recommendations and reviews online.

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