Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose WeightWhile many people want to lose weight, only a few have an idea on the best exercise routines to achieve one’s desired results. We came up with a list of the five best exercises to allow you to achieve your goal of losing weight.

There are many exercise routines that allow you to lose weight. But, the ones on this list are among the best ways in getting you in shape. You should also consider having a proper diet with lower carbohydrate and sugar content.

Top 5 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Consider

1. Interval Training

Interval training is a good exercise routine that is beneficial for your body even as you lose weight. This exercise routine received numerous praises from trainers. Interval training involves rapid intervals of heavy exercise routines. These routine may be cardio exercises or simple running. You should allow your body to recover for a few minutes before performing the exercise again.

Since it is among the best weight loss exercise routines, you will see the results in no time. This exercise routine is ideal for people who have little time to exercise. Interval training does not take much time for you to burn calories.


2. Swimming

Since many people think sweating is necessary to lose weight, they do not think that swimming is a good weight loss exercise. Contrary to this belief, swimming is a high-intensity exercise routine that allows you to burn calories. And everybody knows that losing weight requires you to burn a lot of calories.

Swimming is among the best exercises for you to lose weight. In addition, it is perfect for people who have some challenges when it comes to exercising. Swimming does not have any effect on your joints. It is also an enjoyable exercise routine compared to other types of physical activities.

You can swim from thirty minutes to an hour to ensure you will lose weight. If you find this activity enjoyable, you may even find this time too short.

3. Running

This high-intensity exercise routine can be performed anywhere at any time. Due to this, running is both convenient and something you can often perform. In order to lose weight, you should run frequently. In addition, you should also watch what you are eating to allow this exercise routine to be effective.

Running may be challenging to some people. But, others use a pair of headphones to keep them occupied while they are running. This is a good way for you to lose weight through exercise.

A 30-minute run is already good. But, running at least forty minutes each day allows you lose more weight at a faster rate.

4. Weight Training

People aiming to lose weight often overlook weight training. But, this exercise routine is an effective way to lose weight. A short cardio warm-up is needed before you start our weight training. But, if this is done properly with a proper diet, you will soon see your efforts paying off.

There is no specific period of time you need to go through this exercise routine since there are different kinds of weight training. It is advisable to consult a personal trainer on the type of exercises you should perform. You should also ask the number of repetitions for each routine to allow you to achieve your daily goal.

5. Jump Rope Exercises

Jump rope exercises are high-intensity workouts. These allow you to burn calories effectively. Some people like this exercise since it only requires a jump rope and a small space. It is also very easy to perform. This may be a very good exercise routine, but you should not perform it every day. The main reason for this is that it can have a negative effect on your knees if do it every day.

Performing jump rope exercises depends on how much weight a person needs to lose. Twenty minutes already allows you to lose a considerable amount of weight. You can challenge yourself and try to jump faster and higher.


Which Exercise Routine is Best for You?

The best exercise you can perform to lose weight all depends on you. But, you should take into account the different factors involved in each exercise routine. For instance, if you have issues with your knees or back you may want to avoid jump rope exercises, running, or weight training. Swimming may be the perfect choice for you in this situation. It offers the best results for you in your goal of weight reduction.

On the other hand, you may want to consider interval training if you are easily bored during a workout. This exercise routine continues to challenge you and you might find it enjoyable to perform. It also allows you to burn calories faster compared to the other exercise routines.

If you have a limited time for exercising every day, you will recognize the benefits of running at least 30 minutes every day. Jump rope exercises are also good options if your day is loaded and you only have twenty minutes to spare. This allows you to burn calories while getting your heart rate up.


There are no strict rules on the type of exercise routine you should perform to lose weight. But, the five routines on this list should give you an idea of what you can do to allow you to lose weight. You can opt to perform one exercise routine each week to avoid getting bored with doing the same thing the whole time. The important thing is you get to move around and get your heart pumping.

Which exercise routine is appealing to you? Have you already lost weight with any of these exercises? Do you have any other exercises in mind that allowed you to lose weight? Tell us about these routines and why you prefer them.

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