Top 5 Best Fondue Sets Reviews

best fondue setFondue was very popular in the 1970s and as a great dinner party ideal, it is really a classic. However, it becomes more and more popular again in recent several years. It doesn’t only allow you to indulge in dripping bread into a hot pot that is full of melt cheese, but it also doubles as a social thing. People gather together, talking something interesting or sharing something.

Best Fondue Set

On the market, there are many fondue pots and we’ve made a list of top 5 best fondue sets for you, because they are durable, have visual appeal and are electric. They are the best new age fondue pots.

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

Cuisinart-CFO-3SS-Electric-Fondue-MakerThis Cuisinart CFO-3SS is one of my favorite. Once you have it, you will find the fondue process is so easy and full of fun. The capacity is 3-quart. And it can heat chocolate, cheeses, as well as other liquids evenly. Its thermostat offers up to 8 heating settings which allow you to choose the best temperature according to the food you need to prepare. Therefore, you can always craft the perfect dish. Its exterior is also very beautiful, brushed with stainless steel, making it more attractive on the table. Its interior is nonstick, so the cleaning job is much easier and it can prevent scorching. Plus, it comes with 8 color-coded forks and a stainless steel fork ring. Some recipes are also available for you to quickly start.

Trudeau 0823004 Electric 11-Piece 3-in-1 Fondue Set

Trudeau-0823004-Electric-11-Piece-FondueThis best fondue pot is very versatile and it doesn’t only can be used to melt cheese, but it also can do more. This Trudeau 0823004 offers inserts for chocolate, cheese, as well as meat. A double boiler insert is also available for chocolate and cheese. This pot is very attractive and offers a guide fork and 6 fondue forks. It also allows you to adjust the temperature based on the dish you are preparing. An easy, breakaway magnetic chord is also included. To prevent you from burning yourself, it also comes with an indicator lite. In the end, this model also offers a recipe book to help you quickly get started.

Oster FPSTFN7700-022 Fondue Pot, 3-Quart

Oster-FPSTFN7700-022-Fondue-PoIf you never made fondue before, this one is really a good fondue pot for starters, because it is easy to use and very affordable. Of course, it is also able to delight everyone around it. This model is lightweight and has 8 fondue forks. The interior is nonstick and can heat evenly. Its handles are cool to hold, making it easy to transport. Its power cord is removable, so you can remove the cord and immerse its base under a kitchen faucet for easy and safe cleaning.

Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot

Nostalgia-FPS200-Stainless-Electric-FondueThis fondue pot can give you and your guests a lot of fun. Everyone can use it to make cheesy and chocolate fondue. The price is also very reasonable, so it will not break your bank. The temperature can be adjusted and it has a nonstick base that can heat evenly. This model has 6 fondue forks and a 2-liter sized base. As a fun kitchen appliance, it has as good look and can help you yield perfect fondue. The cleaning job is also pretty easy.

Total Chef CM20G Deluxe Chocolatiere Electric Fondue

CM20G-Deluxe-Chocolatiere-Electric-MeltingThis best fondue set can help you experience the ultimate fun when it comes to making fondue. This one is a due pot set, which means you can make a savory cheese dish and a chocolate dish at the same time. This dual pot design is cool, making it perfect for crafting chocolate gifts. The temperature can be adjustable and it can keep the pot hot. This product comes with many accessories, including a spatula, wooden skewers, a spiral, plastic forks, various shape molds, a flat chocolate making fork, foil and cellophane sheets, and even a recipe book.

Fondue Equipment Buying Guide

If you plan to host a fondue dinner, you should ask yourself whether you have the right fondue equipment. Of course, having fondue is full of fund and it is also an important social event. However, if the fondue pot happens to break under extreme temperature or your meal happens to burn to the bottom of the pot, this can ruin your party. I think nobody would like to see this. Well, how to prevent this?

The answer is to buy the right type of fondue equipment.

Different fondue pot has its unique purpose. If you are just looking for the best fondue pot, you also need to know something about them and this can help you make a wise decision.

Fondue Pots

If you plan to buy fondue pots, the one you buy should be able to last you forever. On the market, there are many companies and you should always stick to the reputable brands or companies which have been designing and producing fondue equipment for many years, like Rival, Trudeau and Swissmar.

On the market, there are four main types of fondue pots:

Cheese Fondue Pot.

Cheese Fondue Pots use an adjustable gel fuel or alcohol burner to prevent melted cheese from solidifying again, so the temperature can be maintained to the contained temperature. Therefore, you can always enjoy the melted cheese.

They are mainly made of earthenware or ceramic and have a very large opening and a flat bottom.

If you need one, you can choose a Swissmar cheese fondue pot, like xxx, xxx.

Hot Oil/Broth Fondue Pot.

The hot oil fondue pot you choose should be able to withstand high temperatures and the cracking is not allowed. And they are mainly made of stainless steel, cast iron or copper. Remember, don’t choose such a pot that is made of ceramic, because it is not suitable. If you want to buy one, you can choose a Trudeau hot oil fondue pot, like xxx Trudeau 24 Piece 3 In 1 Lazy Susan Fondue Set

Dessert/Chocolate Fondue Pot

Dessert or Chocolate Fondue pots are smaller than meat or cheese fondue pots, and they use tea light to keep the melted chocolate from solidifying again. Mostly they are made of ceramic, earthenware, porcelain or tempered glass.

Of course, you can purchase a chocolate fountain that tends to be smaller than a dessert fondue pot. If you need one, consider this model:

Electric Fondue Set.

As technology advances, electric fondue sets become more and more popular. Most of them are very versatile and are compatible with all types of fondue. Therefore, they become popular and a really great investment.

They are pretty easy to use. You just need to plug it in, set the desired temperature, and then dip and enjoy. Well, before making a buying decision, you need to know something to help you choose the right type. The power lord should be long enough or you may need to use an extension cord. And it should be dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Other Fondue Equipment

Besides a fondue pot, you need other fondue equipment to help you make the fondue night much more successful.

  • Fondue Fuel. Of course, you need to choose the right type of fuel based on the fondue pot you use. You need to check its manual to learn more. If you use the wrong fuel, it might be dangerous to use.
  • Fondue Burners. You meat or cheese fondue set will include a fondue burner. If it is broken, you need to replace it.
  • Fondue Forks. Both disposable and reusable 2-prong or 3-prong forks are allowed to use. You can choose what you like the most.
  • Fondue Plates. they are used for meat fondue in hot oil or broth and they come with several compartments.
  • Dipping Trays and Lazy Susans.- Lazy Susans have many small bowls that can hold various fondue dips

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