Top 5 Best Food Steamers Reviews

If you want to find a healthy way to cook your meals, you should consider purchasing a food steamer. The best food steamer will allow you to cook healthy options and they’re great for vegetables. It also means you’ll be able to keep the vitamins and nutrients in your food since other cooking methods removes them. If you want to steam many food items, you should look at the tiered type of steamers. They can help you cook a larger portion in a shorter amount of time which makes it even easier to eat healthy! If you’re shopping for the best food steamer your money can buy you should be aware that there are several options including electric models or stove top models.

Best Steamer

The top 5 best food steamers on the following list have been chosen because they are some of the best options available today, they are made to last and they’re easy to use as well as keep clean. These models allow steam to reach all sides and cook food evenly. Usually steamers come with a one year warranty, but be sure to check your model to be certain before you purchase. If you choose the best food steamer for your needs, you’ll be sure to have a product that will last!

Ovente FS53W Triple-Tiered Electric Food Steamer

Ovente-FS53W-Triple-Tiered-Electric-SteamerThis best food steamer is a good choice is you want a basic model that is easy to use. It does a great job when steaming and is a very straightforward unit to operate. This model makes it easy to steam your meals without worry. There are three tiers that allow for either an entire meal or single tray use for just one person. The unit has a food guide with small pictures to guide you on cooking time. It is as simple as loading the unit, setting it and forgetting it. A perfect model for the beginner or the experienced cook. It can even cook entire courses if you want to really up the ante. It is also priced very well and is sure to fit into anyone’s budget. Hands down, the best food steamer on this list!

Sunsella Vegetable Steamer – 5.3″ to 9.3″ – 100% Stainless Steel

best food steamerThe Sunsella Vegetable Steamer is the perfect steamer if you’re looking for something simple to accomplish the task. This is what’s referred to as a “basket steamer” and it is made of stainless steel. That means you get a durable steamer basket guaranteed to last. This steamer works by simply loading your veggies into the basket, then placing the basket into a pot with a little water. When the water boils it will create steam and voila, your veggies will be steamed. The basket is made to hold your food above the water and it can handle larger portions or just a small piece for your meal. It works great if you’re making a veggie portion for two! However, when it comes to cooking your meal, you’ll have to check the tenderness yourself. This can be done with just a fork or you can time your steam. It will make great steamed food, you just have to keep an eye on it. This is an easy to use model, with no-muss, no-fuss.

Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer – 5.5 Quart (37530A)

Hamilton-Beach-Digital-Steamer-37530AThe Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer is considered as the most economical steamer on this list and you get a lot for your money! It really does give you a lot for what you spend, which is a plus! The digital steamer can steam smaller portions or even meals using the stacking tiers. You can also size up to larger meals by getting rid of the center divider. This is a very convenient option of the Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer 5.5 Quart Model 37530Z.

Another thing to like about it is the ability to delay cooking time with an automated warming feature. The unit also lets you know when the water is low and will shut off for safety. The unit features a digital touch control for setting the time. The display is well lit and has information on cooking times and guides. The Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer 5.5 Quart Model 37530Z is a great steamer for those who are passionate about healthy cooking and you can’t beat the price.

Joyce Chen 26-0013 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer Set

Joyce-Chen-26-0013-10-Inch-SteamerThis is truly a traditional way to steam, the Joyce Chen 26-0013 Bamboo food Steamer Set is made by world famous chef, Joyce Chen and she is the queen of Asian cooking. If you want to have a great steamed meal prepared in a traditional way, get the Bamboo Steamer Set. This model features two tiers and sits on a pot, above the boiling water. It can work for steamed protein or vegetables. Due to the materials, it can be a little more difficult to clean when compared to other models on this list but it makes up for it in the ease in which you steam food. It is a great, traditional way to add steaming to the menu!

Viante CUC-30ST Intellisteam Counter Top Food Steamer with 3 Separate Compartments

Viante-CUC-30ST-Intellisteam-Separate-CompartmentsThis high-end food steamer is designed for those who cook large meals or who cook a large number of meals via a steamer. This is a professional steamer with state of the art features and design. It is a digital machine with three sections, they are not tiered which make it easy to get to the food or to place it into the steamer itself.

The digital feature allows you complete control over the steamer too, you can set the time for each compartment which gives you a lot of flexibility. This also means you can time separate food items to finish at the same time, how convenient is that! It will shut itself off when the water is low and it is even safe for the dishwasher. Clean up is easy when you use the Viante CUC-30ST. This particular model is the most expensive listed but if you’re passionate about steaming, you won’t regret the purchase.

Steamers Buying Guide

Steaming is really a good way to cook delicious vegetables, because both the color and nutrients can be retained better and it is also an easy and fast way to cook. On the market, there are many steamers that are different from styles and types. Some models come with a timer to allow you to control the cooking duration. Such a timer is essential, because vegetables tend to become soggy and overcooked during the steaming process. If you want to have crisp-cooked vegetables, a timer is an essential feature.

Types of Pots & Steamers

A steamer can help us cook vegetables very fast. First, you need to place food in a steamer basket, and then set the basket over boiling water, and then cover the lid. Steam form the boiling water is very hot and can cook the foods (vegetables). Both nutrients and color can be retained well. If you choose a microwave or electric steamers, the operation is much easier. And there are many cooking guides which can tell you the steam time you need to set, and then the steamer does the rest job. The cooking time is very important, so as a cook, you need to pay attention to the cooking time, especially when you use a steam basket to steam foods.

Steamers come in 4 main types, including:

Steamer Baskets

Steamer baskets are mainly made of stainless steel. They can fit into a bigger vessel. Moisture can be kept in with a lid which can fit the pot. You only need to add a little water to steam foods. Some models even allow you to adjust its sides, making them fit various pot sizes. However, because there is not a timer, you need to pay attention to the steam time to get perfect doneness.

Bamboo Steamers

As a cooking fundamental, bamboo steamers are widely used in Asian cuisine. And they can accommodate steaming more than one type of food at a time. Similar to steamer baskets, they need to be placed in a cooking vessel and a little water is needed. Because a lid is included , it can be placed in any kind of cooking vessel which is large enough.

Electric Steamers

Electric steamers have many useful features and can replace traditional steamers completely. They can manage the steam time accurately for you. Electric steamers look like crop pots and have a removable bowl or pot to hold the vegetables. Generally, they have more than 1 tier. Some 3-tier steamers have warmers, so freshly steamed vegetables can be kept warm when you are preparing other foods or dishes.

Microwave Steamers

Most microwave steamers are made of plastic, shaped like a pan and a lid is also included.

Purchase Considerations

If you are looking for the best steamer, the first thing you need to consider is that how often you will use it. If you use it to prepare cooked fresh vegetables every day, you need to choose a good quality steamer that can last for many years. Even if it may be a bit costly, it deserves. However, if steaming is not a common method you use to cook, you don’t need to choose a costly one and a less expensive steamer is enough. For example, you can choose a steamer basket or a bamboo steamer. A microwave or electric steamer has an advantage of freeing up your cooktop space.

The following factors are very important when buying a steamer.


Some steamer baskets are only designed to fit a specific pot, while others can expand and collapse to fit a variety of pots that have different sizes. If you choose a bamboo steamer, you can choose a couple of sized and their multiple tiers allow you to steam more than one kind of food at a time. Microwave and electric steamer are fixed in size.


You may not use it every day. Therefore, if your storage space is limited, you can choose a simple basket that is collapsible. Other steamers that are fixed in size need more storage space.

Material Type

Most basket steamers are made of bamboo or stainless steel. Of course, a stainless steel basket steamer will not darken, but a bamboo steam basket can darken with age. Electric steamers are made of a variety of materials, but they mostly have plastic inserts for steaming. Microwave steamers are made of plastic.

Steaming Process

Different steamers used to cook different foods need a different quantity of water. For more details, you can check its cooking guide.


It is hard to say which type of steamers is better. Considering the convenience and ease of use, an electric steamer can help you steam foods much easier. If you need to buy a food steaming, reading some food steamer reviews can help you quickly find whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

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