Top 5 Best Garage Heaters Reviews

Working inside the garage can be a challenge when winter comes. This is true for hobbyists and car enthusiasts who may want to spend some time inside the garage. The situation is worsened if the garage does not have sufficient insulation or remains unfinished. Standard space heaters cannot provide the heat to warm the area inside the garage. The heat will also go out if the garage does not have enough insulation. Due to this, we came up with a list of garage heaters that can produce heat sufficient enough to keep any garage warm during winter. Selecting a garage heater is determined by the garage size, power used for the heater, and if the heater will be fixed or portable.

Best Garage Heater

An unfinished garage with minimal insulation will become cold in no time. You can use a standard heater, but it can only heat up a small part of the garage. This can be solved by setting up a garage heater to heat up the entire garage while use propane tanks or an electrical outlet.

We selected the best garage heaters available on the market. These devices can efficiently warm up the garage. They are also easy to set up as well as use. The heaters on the list are durable tough. Many of them can also be used outdoors and can be used in tough environments. While the price was not a main concern in the list, these garage heaters are reasonably priced. Many of the items on the list have a price tag of under $300.

Mr. Heater MH18B, Portable Propane Heater

Mr-Heater-MH18B-Portable-PropaneThis best garage heater warms space using propane. It can heat up space with areas of up to 400 square feet. Two one-pound propane cylinders or a pair of twenty-pound tanks can be connected to the heater when it uses the propane hose assembly. It features three heat levels that are selected through a control knob. It has an output between 4,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU per hour. Batteries or an AC adapter can be used to power the blower fan. This increases circulation and makes the garage warm up faster.

This garage heater comes with a number of safety features, including an integrated thermal protection probe, safety shutoff in case the unit tips over, and a low oxygen shutoff feature. It can be used indoor and outdoor. But, it is necessary to shut the propane off before the heater is allowed to run to use up all the fuel in the lines before it is moved. It can produce a good amount of heat despite being a portable device.

Dimplex #DCH4831L 4800-Watt Portable Construction Heater

Dimplex-DCH4831L-HeaterThe Dimplex #DCH4831L 4800-Watt Portable Construction Heater is a portable heater that offers the same heat level as a fixed garage heater. It has a power output of 4,800 watts that comes through its six-foot power cord plugged into a 240-volt 30-amp outlet. The durable design of the cabinet of the heater allows it to be used in any part of the garage. It can also be used on a construction site.

This garage heater features six heat settings to allow you to select a suitable temperature for the garage. Its integrated thermostat allows you to maintain the settings until you decide to change it. It also comes with a 160-CFM fan and overheating protection. The heater also features a limited warranty from the manufacturer for one year.

Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater

Fahrenheat-FUH54The Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater is ideal for large size garages that are used as workshops. Its powerful fan allows it to project the heat up to distances 16 feet away. The front louvers of the heater also allow you to blow the air to any of the four directions it features.

Its integrated thermostat can be manually adjusted to allow you to choose any of the ten heat settings. This ceiling mount heater offers a maximum of 17,065 BTU per hour. This allows the temperature in the garage to be maintained at a comfortable level. A permanent electrical connection into a circuit is needed to mount the heater. It also features a thermal cut-off safety feature. The heater comes with a parts and labor warranty for twelve months.

Cadet 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater

Cadet-000-Watt-Portable-Garage-HeaterThe Cadet 5,000-Watt Portable Garage Heater as a rugged design that makes it ideal for commercial use. Due to this, it can be used to provide heat inside a garage or workshop. While this particular heater is expensive, it can heat a large area with little insulation, such as a garage.

The heater features a wall-mounting bracket, but it can also be placed on the floor of the garage. Its high and low switch allows users to select a power setting from 3,333 watts to 5,000 watts. This allows the unit to offer an efficient performance based on the space it is used in. But, you should remember a 240-volt outlet is required for the unit.

It is a portable garage heater offering numerous features. These features include an automatic fan delay to ensure the heating element heats up before the air is distributed. It also comes with a manual reset thermal protection and built-in thermostat. The heater shuts off automatically if it detects that it has reached the set temperature. A manual reset is required to allow it to function again.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

Mr-Heater-F232000The Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It uses radiant heat to distribute heat into an area with a total size of 200 square feet. While it is not ideal for use in a large workshop or garage, it can be used in smaller areas. It is also portable and reasonably priced.

A small propane cylinder powers this portable heater. It also features optional connectors to allow it to use large propane tanks. The heater allows you to choose a low setting offering 4,000 BTU per hour or a high setting offering 9,000 BTU per hour. It is lightweight and features an integrated handle to allow it to be moved from one place to another. The heater is also tough enough to allow it to be used outdoors or inside a workshop.

The heater comes with a number of safety features to shut it off automatically if it is tipped over. This safety feature is also triggered when low oxygen levels are detected or when the pilot light goes out. It is an ideal choice for people looking for a budget-friendly heater for the garage or workshop. It can also be used as a secondary source of heat inside the house.

The Bottom Line

If you decide to work in a garage in cold winters, you really need to buy the best garage heater to keep your garage warm all the time. And our list can help.

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