Top 5 Best Gas Furnaces Reviews

Do you know when you need to buy a gas furnace? In cold winters? No, No, NO. The best time is before the cold winter comes, because you can have enough time to make a wise decision. If you live in an area where has a  mild climate, you have enough time to go shopping, even in cold winters, while if you live in the coldest region, you should install your furnace before cold water is coming. Gas furnaces actually are a must-have appliance for people who live in the coldest climates and are also a large investment for a family. Once a gas furnace has been installed, it is not easy to replace another one if you find the one installed is not good for you. Therefore, before making a purchasing decision, both the pros and cons should be taken into account.

Best Gas Furnace

The following top 5 best gas furnaces were selected for localized heating. They are not  used for central  heating in our home. One reason we’ve chosen these best furnaces is because they are pretty easy to install. These best gas furnaces have different price tags from $500 to $1,000 or more. And they cannot only use natural gas but someone also can use propane, offering you more choices. Before buying a furnace, you should know how it will be shipped. This is because they are prone to be heavy and easily damaged by improper transportation.

Rinnai ES38-N Direct Vent Wall Natural Gas Furnace

best gas furnaceThis Rinnai high efficiency gas furnace uses natural gas and it is affordable and effective. It can save you money but offer great performance. It runs clean and energy-efficient. As a wall furnace, it really does a good job, helping to warm all the areas of your house. Even if it is used in a wide-open area, it an offer consistent heat output. More and more people have chosen this model. They all spoke highly of its performance, because they found this unit is powerful enough to warm their homes, without using other additional heating sources. The only disadvantage is its noise, but the noise only happens during the heating up process. Once a constant temperature is reached, it runs quiet. This furnace must be vented and a contractor may help to vent it through an outside wall. This process is a little energy-consuming, so you can hire someone to do this.

Rinnai ES38-P Direct Vent Propane Wall Furnace

Rinnai-ES38-P-Direct-Propane-FurnaceThis model doesn’t use natural gas but it uses propane. It is similar to Rinnai ES38-N. However, compared with Rinnai ES38-N, the BTUs are a little lower, but it has a higher rating of the AFUE. If you have ever installed propane supply lines, you will find the installation is so easy. If you don’t have a similar experience, the installation seems a little complicated and hiring a contractor is a good choice. Experienced handymen are also another option.

When it runs, it keeps quiet and keeps the room warm. This feature is the most important factor for a gas furnace. It also comes with simple controls and a thermostat that are very accurate. Plus, permanent air filters are also equipped with. Regular maintenance of these filters is also easy. And it even comes with a humidifier that can be used in the driest months.

Rinnai EX11-CP Direct Vent Wall Furnace, Propane

Rinnai-EX11-CP-Direct-Furnace-PropaneThis is another best gas furnace from Rinnai. Our top 3 models are all from Rinnai because of excellent performance. In contrast to other models, this one heats up areas more efficient, so it can reach a constant temperature more effective. When it works, it is very quiet. The surface of this unit always keeps cool, so this can prevent any burn. If you are not a professional, you can hire a professional to do the installation job. It is not recommended to do it yourself. Plus, it is more compact. Therefore, it offers you more installation options. What’s important, it is more affordable than others. If you are on a budget, this one is a good choice.

Mr. Heater MHU80NG Natural Gas Unit Heater 80,000 BTU/Hr.

Mr-Heater-Natural-Unit-MHU80NGAlthough a good name doesn’t mean high quality and high efficiency, this Mr. Heater Big Maxx 80,000 BTU furnace is capable of deliver safe, reliable, consistent heat for a garage, barn, basement or any other warehouse-type environment. It is able to heat a range of 1,000 square feet area. The local regulations and codes may influence the set up, it is also easy to install. It features an electric fan that can pull outside cool air into this system, which can make it more efficient. Both horizontal and vertical venting is allowed and its low-profile design makes the installation more flexible. This garage heater initially uses natural gas, but it also offers a liquid propane conversion kit. Therefore, it also can use liquid propane, too. Due to its simple design and affordability, this furnace is worth having.

Williams Monterey Top-Vent Natural Gas Furnace (3509622 )

Williams-3509622-Monterey-Top-Vent-FurnaceThis natural gas furnace is a gas furnace and no electricity is needed at all. Therefore, even if there is no electricity in cold winters, it also can heat up your room and keep it warm all the times. As a top-vent unit, the installation is also very simple. It also includes the matchless pilot light which allows it to be used easily and conveniently. However, this furnace is not the most efficient units on this list, because it only heats one room at a time. Well, this problem also has an answer. You can install an optional blower. We checked many customer reviews and most consumer feel satisfied with its performance. Some people complain that it gets too hot and seems not so safe. On the other hand, it is very affordable, making it the right choice for those who are on a budget or only plan to heat a small area. It only heats one room, which means it uses less energy, making it good for energy-conscious people. Therefore, it doesn’t waste fuel and heat a space you want to keep warm.


If you are not sure which one to buy, reading gas furnace reviews can really help. And this can make you know clear the pros and cons of these units.

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