Top 5 Best Kneeboards Reviews

If you love the water sport of knee boarding, you really know how important a kneeboard is. Such a kneeboard allows the rider to kneel on, so as a rider, you can ride the surf and be pulled behind a jet ski or boat on a lake or river. And such a kneeboard can give your family much fun on the water.

Best Kneeboard

Generally, kneeboards have a padded deck and a strap. The deck is used to protect rider’s shins, while the strap is used to hold the rider to its board. On the market, there are many different knee boards and we’ve made this list of top 5 best kneeboards because they are lightweight, easy to control, comfortable and fast. Choosing which one depends on how you plan to use a knee board. If you only need one for casual use, you really don’t need to pay much for one. However, if you plan to elevate your surfing skills, you may need a more professional one. On this list, we try to balance and you will quickly find the right one no matter you need one for casual use or for training.

O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard

obrien-2141228-sozo-kneeboardAs a well-designed kneeboard, this kneeboard is one the best kneeboards on the market. And it is famous for its highest quality. Of course, this one is especially designed for advanced riders who need an agile and fast kneeboard. This model offers maximum air and speed. Its deck is very lightweight because it is made from a CNC machined core. Its stringers are wood. As a customizable pad, you can easily adjust it by using its Velcro attachment system. And its pad is also very comfortable to use. The length is 51.8″, but it is narrow due to the shallow swallow-tail design. This kneeboard can help you easily pop off the wake. Highly recommend!

Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard

best kneeboardThis best kneeboard is especially designed for both speed and lift. It features a parabolic design. Its lightweight construction ensures that you can get a fast and tight ride. If you want to execute rolls and spins and cut a hard rail, this one can satisfy your needs. This model can offer you exceptional control, because its 3″ padded shock strap and knees wells can keep your knees stay firmly in place. This board is very comfortable, and it can protect your legs from injuring or taking a beating. This model earns its names with its high quality and excellent performance.

Connelly Skis Mirage Kneeboard

cwb-mirage-knb-deluxe-pdThis one has a relatively new design and it is especially designed for family fun. Therefore, this one is pretty easy to operate and very comfortable. Its tip and tail are very unique, adding more stability. Even if you are an amateur, you can perform as well as a pro. This one features a built-in hook which allows you to attach to the tow line. Its deck has a padded knee strap and contoured pad, which can add more comfort. The length is 53″ and this model can offer any rider a comfort using experience.

Bodyglove CRK Signature Series Kneeboard

body-glove-signature-premium-kneeboardIf you just a starter but you are not satisfied with simple riding, this kneeboard can help you quickly progress to performing rolls, slides and jumps. Its channeled bottom features a multi-stage rocker, so you can use it to easily execute slides and turns. Besides its extreme maneuverability, this model is also pretty easy to control and comfortable to use. This knee board is made from EVA foam and offers both a molded pad and deep knee wells. This design can help to reduce leg fatigue. This kneeboard can pop off the wake easily, because it is also reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber.

Radar Falcon Kneeboard Moto Green

radar-falcon-kneeboard-moto-greenIf you need a stable, fast kneeboard which is also very easy to use, you can choose this Radar Falcon Kneeboard. This one is perfect for offering you more family fun on the water. Thanks to its wide tip and tail, this one is very stable to use. Its molded grooves and fins, as well as the continuous rocker ensure it is very easy to maneuver. Its knee wells are deep, which also add both control and comfort. Thanks to its single locking strap, you will find this board is so easy to control and use. And you will be popped off the water with ease.

Kneeboard Buying Guide

Kneeboarding is a fun and unique activity that keeps the adrenaline running. It’s a good way to test your focus and balancing skills. At the same time, you have a good amount of fun on the water. But, it is important to get equipment suitable to your capabilities and size. The following tips provide you with a guide in selecting the most appropriate kneeboard and similar equipment.

Types of Boards

Recreational Kneeboards

  • Most recreational riders use kneeboards that are made through rotational molding. These kneeboards are readily available in the market and cheaper compared to competitive kneeboards.
  • Kneeboards made through rotational molding offer wide and smooth edges designed fro beginners.
  • Recreational kneeboards make smooth turning easy. Beginners can also control them easily.
  • Recreational kneeboards are also thicker and float easily. They are also used as flotation devices in case of spills.
  • A number of rotational molded boards also feature fins to make turning easier.

Competitive Kneeboards

  • Competitive kneeboards are made through compression molding. This enhances performance. They are also more durable than recreational boards.
  • Competitive kneeboards are slimmer than recreational kneeboards. Their light weight and their sharp edges allow faster turns and advanced moves.
  • Boards made through compression molding are not as buoyant as rotational molded kneeboards. Due to this, these boards are suitable for professionals who start on deep waters.

Kneeboard Styles

You should be aware that there are only two major kneeboard styles. The style is determined by the things you want to perform while on water.

Slalom Kneeboard

  • Slalom kneeboards feature sharp edges to make it easy to turn as well as holding on to the board while turning.
  • Slalom kneeboards are meant to be used for slalom kneeboarding.

Trick Kneeboard

  • Trick kneeboards feature rounded bottoms and edges to make it easy to perform tricks.

Kneeboard Composition

Similar to inline skates, computers and cars, kneeboards also have different parts that contribute to better performance while on water.


The materials used on kneeboards are the same materials used on water skis.

  • Kneeboards are made of a foam or polyurethane core covered with fiberglass or a graphite/fiberglass composite.
  • Graphite/fiberglass materials are mainly used on advanced kneeboards.


  • Recreational kneeboards have optional fins. The fins are positioned at the bottom to facilitate steering.
  • The fins are made of hardened plastic or fiberglass composite.


  • Rockers are used to measure kneeboard speed.
  • Kneeboard rockers essentially measure the bottom curve of kneeboards.
  • Kneeboard with high rocker numbers make turning easy.
  • Kneeboards with low rocker numbers are faster. The speed of a kneeboard increases as the rocker number goes down.
  • Most kneeboards have a rocker measurement of five to six centimeters.

Selecting Suitable Ropes

It is important to consider that not all ropes are made for all kneeboarding styles. There are instances when stiffer ropes are used since they make it easy to perform tricks. When you select a rope, it is important to know that tighter and stiffer ropes are best used to get more air. These types of ropes also make it easy for riders to pull through spins and flips.

No-Stretch Ropes

  • No-stretch ropes are made of a material known as Spectra.
  • Spectra ropes are exceptionally tough ropes that are not elastic. This simply means these ropes do not stretch. It is the best type of rope for kneeboarding.
  • Spectra ropes also feature low levels of moisture absorption. This makes it ideal for use while on the water. It makes the rope lightweight and reduces instances of fatigue while holding the rope handle.

Low-Stretch Ropes

  • Low stretch ropes are made of polyethylene or combined polyethylene materials.
  • These ropes are more elastic compared to Spectra ropes.
  • These ropes are suitable for many recreational kneeboarders.

Multi-Purpose Ropes

  • No-stretch Spectra ropes are ideal for kneeboarders working on improving their trick-performing skills.
  • Low-stretch ropes are ideal for people who like waterskiing as well as recreational kneeboarding. Recreational waterskiing can benefit from the elasticity offered by low-stretch ropes. On the other hand, these ropes are still stiff enough for recreational kneeboarders.

Length of the Rope

The normal length of a kneeboard rope is from 60 to 70 feet. But, there may be some differences in the length of the rope.

Kneeboarding Handles

Similar to the differences in the types of ropes for waterskiing and kneeboarding, there are also some differences in the handles.

  • Kneeboard handles have specific features to make it easy for riders to perform aerial maneuvers and tricks.
  • Kneeboard handles are wider compared to waterskiing handles. Their widths are between 13 and 14 inches. On the other hand, waterskiing handles are from 11 to 12 inches wide.
  • Riders need wider grips to perform tricks since they have to move the handle from one hand to another at their back.
  • Kneeboarding handles also have features to make it easy to perform tricks. These are mainly the rope braid or the presence of a secondary handle grip on the rope.
  • Kneeboarding handles also feature neoprene foam floats so they can float easily.
  • Slow speed kneeboards feature foam floats on the handles that are durable enough to prevent them from being torn out of the handle.

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