Top 5 Best Lightweight Strollers Reviews

If you don’t like full-sized and bulky strollers, you may need a lightweight stroller. It is a good alternative to a full-sized stroller. Many lightweight strollers can perform the same as full-sized strollers, but they don’t take up too much space. Lightweight strollers are suitable for parents who must carry strollers up and down stairs, because the lightweight can make you feel ease of the movement. You can use your one hand to carry the stroller and the other one hand to carry your baby. Also it is convenient to fold them up. This is very useful for urban parents, because they often need to hop onto public transportation. With a lightweight stroller, the process is easy.

Keekaroo Karoo Lightweight Stroller


The first best lightweight stroller we recommend is this Keekaroo Karoo Lightweight Stroller, due to the fact that it can provide the same comfort and safety features as a full-sized stroller but in a smaller size. The upholstery is removable, which make it easy to clean.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller


This Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is a great stroller for active parents who are always on the go with their babies. It features free stand.This lightweight stroller has much space for storage. You can have a full shopping day with it. All the baby’s toys and snacks can be kept into the compartment. Upright storage makes it not easy to fall over even if it has been put away.

Britax B-Agile Black Stroller


This Britax B-Agile Black Stroller is the only one on our list which can accommodate a newborn. It also can accommodate babies up to 55 pounds. Besides britax infant car seats, this Britax B-Agile Black Stroller is also compatible with other infant car seats.

The First Years Ignite Stroller


This The First Years Ignite Stroller is useful and stylish. The weight is only 15 pounds. The price is under $60. On our list, it is one of the most affordable lightweight strollers. The rating of this model is very hight, 4.5 out 5 stars. It is one of the most popular lightweight strollers on Amazon. Over 600 customer reviews are available. From the reviews, you will see how it is popular.

Aprica Presto Stroller


Although this Aprica Presto Stroller is lightweight stroller, it can hold even heaviest children. It can accommodate children up to 70 pounds. It features super-slim fold and self-standing. These features are useful, making you handle and store it easily.

Guide to Buying the Best Lightweight Stroller

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of lightweight strollers in the market. Due to this, you may not find it easy to find the most suitable stroller for your family. But, we researched and tested different lightweight strollers in the market to help you in your decision. We checked trusted baby blogs as well as Consumer Reports. In addition, we asked experts to create a comprehensive review on the lightweight strollers available in the market.

People may advise you when a baby joins the family. In the end, you would likely buy two strollers. You would get a full-size model for regular use and a lightweight model for traveling.

Looking for the Best Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers are also called umbrella strollers. It is lightweight, mobile, and foldable. These strollers are ideal for travelling by plane or for those living in the city where you would have to go up and down the stairs of a subway. Lightweight strollers also cost less compared to full-sized strollers. But, the lighter weight makes them lose some features of full-sized strollers. Lightweight strollers offer convenience and a smaller size, but with lesser features. These strollers are also ideal for city sidewalks and smooth pathways. Due to this, it is not advisable to use it while jogging or strolling in the beach.

Lightweight Stroller Users

Many parents are likely to switch from using full-sized strollers to lightweight strollers after a period of time. Lightweight strollers can be easily stored in the trunk or checked into a plane. These are also ideal for parents living in the city since they have to go up and down the stairs or a subway or walk around a lot. In addition, busy and active parents use lightweight strollers to make it less difficult to leave the house and make things easier for them.

Things to consider when looking for the best lightweight stroller

There are a number of things you should consider when looking for the best lightweight stroller in the market. You can take a look at the following things to give you an informed decision when you look for the most suitable stroller for your family.

Size and Weight

Two important things to consider when looking for a lightweight stroller are the size and weight. It should be small and convenient to use compared to what you currently have. While these strollers are labeled lightweight, there are still some differences when it comes to size and weight. You have to consider the use of the stroller to have an idea of the size and weight you need. There is a considerable difference between eight-pound strollers and fourteen-pound strollers. While both are lightweight strollers, the weight difference is still significant.

For instance, living in a bustling city requires a small and foldable stroller to allow you to easily traverse sidewalks and carry it on public transport. You may also want a stroller that can be easily stored in the trunk for trips to the mall, park or zoo. While a light stroller is already ideal, you may also want to have storage space on the stroller as well as other added features. You should also consider the trunk space of your car when you look for a stroller. It should easily fit in the trunk.

Added Features

Any added features on the lightweight stroller are dependent on the length of time you will use it. A reclining seat is advisable if you constantly go around for a long period of time. This makes it easy for the baby to take a nap while moving around. Receptacles for snacks and UV-protected sunshades are also good for long journeys. You should also know the purpose of the lightweight stroller. This allows you to know the features you will need in the most suitable stroller for your family.


Setting the budget for the lightweight stroller allows you to narrow down your options. When you also consider the added features you need as well as the size and weight, you will narrow down the options you can choose from. Majority of lightweight strollers in the market are reasonably priced. Due to this, you will likely find the best one without going over your budget.

Additional Things to Take into Account

The seat should be well-built. You should not overlook the comfort it offers your baby even if you have to make do with a lightweight stroller without some of the features you want.

Make sure the wheels swivel easily. The best lightweight strollers should be easy to navigate, which makes the wheels very important components of the stroller.

The lightweight stroller should be made of heavy-duty and comfortable materials. While lightweight strollers are cheaper, you should ensure that you can use them for a very long time.

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  1. I think these strollers are good for low budget. Parents who are worried about stroller budget but wants good quality strollers can surely buy any one from above. Keekaroo Karoo has a good rating and I would recommend that.

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