Top 5 Best Meat Grinders Reviews

Grinding meats has a very long history since the pioneer days due to the basic necessity. In the modern world, grinding meats also have numerous benefits, compared with pre-packaged meats. People who chose to use a meat grinder to grind meat is mainly because it offers better flavored meats and a much more better texture, and it is much safer and it can save you much more money in the long run.

All the meat grinders, basically, consists of a hopper, a pusher which can presses meats down into the hopper, a cutting blade, an auger and other basic parts. No matter which you plan to choose, they all work the same. Well, there are two types: electrical meat grinders and manual meat grinders. Before making a decision, you should decide which type is suitable for your lifestyle. However, we only discuss separate meat grinders, not including other meat grinder attachments designed for mixers, or food processors. Therefore, all the models on this list are dedicated meat grinders which can stand alone or are bolted onto the counter.

When we made this list of best meat grinders, we think some key features are essential:

  • A metal cutting blade is essential. Some models may use heavy-duty polycarbonate blades. However, they are not suitable for grinding gristle or hitting an errant piece of bone, because the blades will degrade and their edge will be lost.
  • A 1-year warranty is also included. At least, they all offer a 1-year warranty from their manufacturers.

It is highly recommended to keep its auger and crank ends lubricated for a longer life span. This suggestion can make them more durable. Another suggestion is to use several drops of cooking oil at these joint-points before you use them each time. The above suggestions will extend its lifespan.

Best Meat Grinder

Considering all the factors above, we made this list of top 5 best meat grinders. If you need one, choose one of them and you will not feel disappointed about their performance.

The All New Patented Model STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II “Quad Air Cooled” Black Electric Meat Grinder

best meat grinderThis household grade meat grinder is commercial grade. Although it is inexpensive, its varied accessories and high quality make it cost-effective. And it has a beautiful look and offers beast-grade performance when grinding.
In order to double the life span of its motor, it uses 4 cooling fans. Generally, most electric grinders are required to grind within designed maximum grinding time, because this can prevent the motor from overheating. However, because of its 4 cooling fans, it can be used continuously without stopping it. Generally, it is able to grind up to 225 pounds of meat every hour. Therefore, if you need to grind more meant each time, it is definitely one of the best choices.

It comes with 2 speeds settings, including reverse. And it also offers up to 5 grinding plates with different sizes, 3 sausage stuffing tube sizes, as well as a kubbe making attachment. Finally, it offers a 3-year warranty.

KitAidPro 3-In-1 Meat and Vegetable Grinder

KitAidPro-Grinder-Vegetable-Sausage-StufferWhen it comes to high quality meat grinder, you may think it is most probably made of metal. However, it is not the whole story. This grinder is made from plastic and nylon. It is able to grind meats as other models do. Of course, its cutting blade is made of metal and the auger is made out of nylon. It is also able to grind vegetables, as well as make pasta dough with its 2 types of included pasta screens. It also features a suction cup base which can make it stick to any smooth surface. And it is also very easy to clean. All the parts can be dishwasher safe.

Generally, grinding meat is a time-wasting task. If you plan to make fresh ground burgers for a large party, you may need more time to do the preparing job and your arm may feel tired before all the ground meat is ready. However, if you only need ground meat for a meal for one person or a small get together, this KitAidPro is one of your best choices. It can help you do the grinding job much easier.

Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder

Best-Choice-Meat-Electric-IndustrialIf you need the most cost-effective meat grinder, this Best Choice Products Electric 2000 Watt Meat Grinder is one of the best choices. It is very powerful due to its 2000-watt motor. It features a half-speed button, a reverse button and a stop button. It offers 3 stainless cutting blades, which can offer you fine, medium or coarse meat. A sausage stuffer, as well as a kubble attachment are also included, which can add more versatility.

Both its housing and auger are made from the same grade cast aluminum. It also comes with built-in storages, so all the attachments can be stored easily. The drive gear is made of heavy-weight nylon. Therefore, you’d better not force bone and meat into it, and it can last for a long time.

As the cheapest grinder on this list, it performs more than you think. The amount of power is impressive.

LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

81AA1UGMrNL._SL1500_If you are looking for a metal meat grinder, this one can be your choice, because it is completely made of metal. The body is stainless steel and the blade is made of high carbon steel which is able to hold an edger much sharper and longer. However, you should keep it dry, because moisture can make it easy to rust. Therefore, don’t forget to remove it and dry it after using it. It also offers 3 sausage stuffing tubes, as well as 2 grinding plates, one for fine grinding and one for coarse grinding. If you love manual meat grinding, this one is a good way.

Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder, 1 HP

Weston-08-2201-W-Number-Commercial-GrinderIf you need to grind more meat, this Weston 08-2201-W meat grinder offers you commercial experience. This commercial grade grinder is able to grind up to 725 pounds of meat every hour. Although it is only rated at 750 watts, it is really a big dog daddy. It offers great performance. It even can grind soft bones, so you can use it to prepare food for your dog. It also offers varied accessories, including a stuffing blade, sausage stuffers, different sized plates, as well as built-in breaker which can prevent it from overloading. Highly recommend!

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  1. Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder is a heavy-duty kitchen appliance that makes me a bit difficult to transfer and clean.

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