Top 5 Best Motorcycle Lifts Reviews

If you need to elevate the motorcycle into the air for some tasks (e.g. detailing or mechanical maintenance) , a motorcycle lift is a must. Once you have it, you don’t need to crouch down or lie on the floor to check problems. You may have a floor jack for your car, but unfortunately, normal car jacks cannot work with motorcycles. Therefore, motorcycle lifts are a must-have tool, if you have a motorcycle or you own a motorcycle repair shop.

On the market, generally, there are 2 types of motorcycle lifts. The first type is similar to a floor jack, but it only has 2 elongated platforms where the motorcycle sits. However, most floor jacks only have a single and smallish lifting platform. The second type is a table lift which allows you to lift your whole bike into the air, so you can check your bike with ease and without your stoop.

Which type to choose depends on many factors. Most of us don’t have very large and open garages, so we don’t discuss table motorcycle lifts here. We only focus on those that are smaller, compact models.

Best Motorcycle lift

We’ve made this list of top 5 best motorcycle lifts and they all are able to lift up at least of 1,000 pounds of weight. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the motorcycle list you buy cannot hold your motorcycle. Plus, each of them offers some sort of warranty from their manufacturers.

Pitbull Standard Manual Lift

best motorcycle liftThis model is one of the best motorcycle lifts that you can purchase on the market, because it comes with many useful features. First, it has a tie down capability that uses 4 loops when your motorcycle is on the lift. This design can effectively solve the problem of leaking hydraulic fluid, which is a common problem found on most other motorcycle lifts. Its frame is a welded “H” style and this design is helpful to increase the overall durability. Therefore, this lift can lift up to 1,450 pounds of weight. And another impressive feature of this best motorcycle lift is its solvent-resistant rubber coated platform, reducing the risks of scratching your bike. This design is especially useful when your motorcycle just has been painted recently. Because it is combined with the protective coating, it is very durable and can last a long time for you. What’s more, it offers a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer, so you don’t need to worry about its quality.

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

OTC-1545-Motorcycle-LiftThis OTC 1545 offers a wide lift range, from low to 3.5 inches to high to 16 3/4 inches. This wide lift range means it allows you to lift up your motorcycle to a perfect height, so you can be easy to work on at your desired height. The jacking handle on this motorcycle lift is removable. If you want to have a 360-degree access to your motorcycle, just remove this handle. This feature is very cool and it is a valuable feature, because you can easily move around your motorcycle. And when you are doing multiple jobs simultaneously, this design offers more convenience. This lift also comes with 2 tie down straps which can maximally ensure the operator’s safety. This OTC motorcycle lift also includes locking rear casters and an automatic safety lock, so safety can be maximally ensured.

J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air

motorcycle_air_liftThis J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift Air offers a very high weight capacity, up to 2,000 pounds. Therefore, even if you have a very heavy motorcycle, you also can use it to lift up your motorcycle into the air. The maximum height it can rise is up to 18.5 inches, so you can get enough room under your motorcycle, making the mechanical maintenance much easier. A T-bar handle is also included, which improves its ease of use. This best motorcycle lift is painted black which is helpful to resist corrosion and keeps it not so hot as naked metal in hot weather. Plus, a lifetime warranty is also offered.

Snap-on Jack, Motorcycle, 1.5 ton

ya1715This model has an extra-base lift base, so it is more stable than other models. To effectively avoid scratches, its platform is lined with 2 layers of rubber. This design also helps secure tie-downs for the motorcycle. Its extra safety features (like safety lock, and an overload valve) make it much safer to use. So you don’t need to worry about it will go out when you are working on.

K&L Supply MC450 Center Jack 37-9841

0000-k-l-multi-lift-blue-mcssSimilar to Pitbull Standard Manual Lift, this lift is also powder coated, so it can offer the maximum protection to your bike and offer the maximum corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can last a very long time for you. You can use it to lift up to 1,200 pounds of weight and to rise to 17 inches high at the most. To secure your motorcycle, tie down loops are also included. This lift has pedal-operated locks and valves, making it much easier to operate than other hand-operated models. It also features a very wide padded contact area and this can effectively avoid accidental scratches or other damages to the motorcycle you are working one.

Motorcycle Lift Buying Guide

With the increasing popularity of motorcycles in the country, mechanics are performing more routine maintenance and repairs on bikes. You should ensure your shop is capable of working on different types of bikes through a good motorcycle lift. A motorcycle lift is designed for handling smaller bikes with different builds. It also makes it easy to maintain and repair these bikes. This guide provides all the information you need to select the best motorcycle lift in the market.


The weight of the motorcycle lift is an important factor on the model you intend to buy. Many shops know it is important to immediately work on a motorcycle as soon as it arrives in the shop. But, the number of motorcycles coming in may not be as expected. Due to this, it is good to get a movable lift that can be easily stored. Aluminum-framed lifts are mobile and have a maximum weight of around 100 pounds.

Permanent steel motorcycle lifts are ideal for everyday use. These lifts are strong and durable. They can handle high volumes of bikes each day. They can weigh up to 800 pounds. But, this does not include the accessories or other parts you need for your work. Due to this, they are not quite portable. Even as they are fixed, they offer better stability while you work. They are used regularly for different types of bikes.


The market has numerous types of motorcycle lifts to make motorcycle maintenance and repair easier. Various types of lifts use different kinds of accessories that make them very adaptable. Due to this, you should get a lift with different accessories that can handle different bikes to ensure you can get the work done. Some common accessories include extension panels that increase the length of the lift by 20 to 30 inches. These lifts are ideal for choppers and bikes with an extended frame. Side extensions easily double the width of some lifts. A 24-inch lift can be extended to 48 inches. Similarly, a 30-inch lift can be widened to 55 inches. You can also increase the power of the lift using lifting arms. These attachments make it easy for you to work on any motorcycle that arrives at the shop.


Motorcycle lifts can also be categorized in the way they operate. These lifts can be manual, hydraulic, or air. Manual models lift motorcycles using pumps and foot pedals. You need to exert more effort with these models compared to the automatic models. Hydraulic models are easier to use. These models lift bikes within seconds. On the other hand, air models use air pressure in raising bikes to a suitable height. But, you need an air compressor to use them. Getting a reliable and easy-to-use motorcycle lift makes it easy for you to work on motorcycles you need to maintain in your shop.

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