Top 5 Best Pacifiers for Newborns:

If you are looking for a pacifier for your newborn, you really should know something about them. On the market, there are plenty of pacifiers and some of them are especially designed for newborns, similar to formula and diapers. They are designed for smaller mouths, so your newborns can use them much easier and more comfortable. When you have to choose one, it is difficult to determine which one is the best.

Best Pacifiers for Newborns

Fortunately, we’ve made of list of best Pacifier for Newborns to help you narrow the options. When we made this list, we mainly focused on their newborn-friendly design features. And we also checked their customer reviews to make sure they are top rated.

5.Gerber First Essential Comfort Fit Pacifier 0-6 Months, Green And Pink

Gerber-First-Essential-Comfort-Fit-PacifierWe choose this pacifier is because it is very easy to use by newborns. On its shield, there is a unique lining which is smooth enough against newborn’s skin, making them feel more comfortable. And the smooth lining can also prevent skin irritation and rashes. Highly recommend!

4. NUK Advanced Orthodontic 100% Silicone Pacifier

NUK-Orthostar-Soft-Orthodontic-PacifiersThe most impressive features of this pacifier are its small size and shape, making it more competitive with other products on this list. Its natural-shaped nipple also makes it perfect for breasted babies. And it is made of 100% Silicone, which is very safe for our newborns.

3.Playtex Baby Binky Latex Pacifiers

Playtex-Baby-Binky-Latex-PacifiersThis is very popular among moms and it is great for most finicky parents and babies. Many parents spoke highly of its small nipple size which is the best paci for our newborns. Parents also say that this paci can be easily kept in the newborns’ mouths.

2. The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier

The-First-Years-Gumdrop-PacifierThe lightweight and small features make this pacifier perfect for newborns, because they can easily use it and keep it in their mouths. This one is made of 100% soft flexible silicone, so little ones feel comfortable while using.

1.MAM Silicone Start Pacifier

MAM-Silicone-Start-PacifierThis one is specially designed to be the first pacifier that a newborn uses. Therefore, if you are the first time to buy a pacifier for your little one, we highly recommend you to get this. What’s more, it also offers a bonus that it comes with a carry case. When you need to sterilize it, you can use the carry case.

Best Pacifier Buying Guide

What Is A Pacifier And How Is It Used?

Actually, a pacifier is a nipple that your baby can suck on. However, it is different from a baby bottle. This is because it is only used for comfort but not for feeding. Your baby such on the pacifier and he or she will feel satisfied.

If your baby loves crying, a pacifier will be a great trick you can use to comfort your baby. Once your baby sucks on a pacifier, your baby will finally stop crying and you will get some peace for a while.

How to know if your baby wants a pacifier?

Babies cannot talk, so they cannot tell parents what they really want. Therefore, the only way is to guess what they want by decoding their behaviors.

For example, if your baby still sucks on an empty baby bottle and like to suck your breast but doesn’t draw out any milk, a pacifier will be a good alternative. If you give it, your baby will be happy to suck on.

Once you see your baby suck on toys or her fingers, you also can guess she needs a pacifier.

When to Introduce a Pacifier For your baby?

Of course, a pacifier is never a good comfort when your baby was just born. If you introduce a pacifier too soon, it will cause some serious problems. This is because the differences between pacifiers and breastfeeding are obvious. They are different motions. If you introduce it too soon, your baby will love it and finally refuse breastfeeding. Therefore, it will never be a good method if your baby isn’t good at breastfeeding.

A suitable suggestion is that you can try to introduce a pacifier around 1-month mark, if your baby is doing well with breastfeeding and begin to gain weight.

However, if your baby has some breastfeeding problems, it is not recommended to give it a baby pacifier to comfort. If you give it, you will get a lazy sucker and she or he will not like to suck on your breast. This is because sucking on a pacifier is much easier than sucks on the breast.

Of course, if you plan not to breastfeed your baby because of some reasons, you can introduce a pacifier.

What Are The Advantages To Using A Pacifier?

Besides comfort, the biggest advantage is that using pacifiers can prevent from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or decrease the risk of SIDS by up to 90%, saving your baby’s life. Therefore, for security reasons, using pacifiers is necessary.

SIDS is very common among newborns. Why a pacifier can protect from SIDS seems not clear, but it can do that. However, new parents, especially a new mom, it is not necessary to know why. If it works right, that is enough. Therefore it is recommended to use a pacifier to prevent accidents.

For a mom, breastfeeding is not t an easy job but many moms are willing to screw up the breastfeeding process, because many of us are willing to lose protection from SIDS.

I think, nobody would like to lose their babies because of SIDS. It will be a nightmare and the nightmare will last a lifetime. Anybody would not like to see this. Moms tend to be nervous and cannot avoid watching their babies many times throughout the night. They just want to make sure their babies are still breathing. At least, my wife did that many times. She slept right next to my son’s crib and waked many times to check. She insisted on doing that even if it was so uncomfortable. Every mom has a soft heart and she only concerns the baby’s safety and health.

And there are other advantages including:

  • You can use a pacifier to distract or soothe your baby during Vaccinations. Babies are afraid of vaccinations because of the instantaneous pain. During vaccinations, you can use a pacifier to distract your baby. And after vaccinations, your baby will feel uncomfortable and cannot stop crying. In this situation, a pacifier will be a great comfort.
  • A pacifier may help your baby fall asleep. Many babies tend to fight sleep and a pacifier is good enough to soothe them and help them fall asleep easily.
  • Great for flight. If you have to fly with your baby, you really need a pacifier, because this can make her feel comfortable during the flight, especially during the taking off and landing phase. Your baby starts sucking on and this can help the ears pop, which can lead to comfort.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Pacifier?

It is not recommended to use the pacifier when your baby is over 2 years old, and this may lead to dental implications. The most common dental implication is pacifier teeth.

Therefore, in order to avoid pacifier teeth, it is highly recommended to break your baby of using a pacifier when she is 2-year old.

These disadvantages include:

  • They can be insanitary. Babies tend to drop their pacifiers often. Their pacifiers may drop on the floor (indoors) or on the ground (outdoors). And mostly, there is not a good way to clean them. And sometimes, you may not see your baby put a pacifier into her mouth even if the pacifier dropped on the dirty floor just now. And this may cause some problems, like a bacterial infection.
  • Not easy to quit using pacifiers. Once your baby has developed a habit of sucking on pacifiers, it is not easy to quit. You may need to spend several months to break the habit. For both parents and babies, this process will be rough. Therefore, it is also not recommended to rely on using the pacifiers as the top way to comfort your baby. You may need other things to soothe and distract them when they are crying or just need something to be comfortable.
  • May cause serious ear infections in case of heavy use. Some related studies have shown that ear infections have relationship to ear infections that are a very common disease in babies. And this doesn’t mean you don’t need to use them anymore. Actually, you can reduce using time which can reduce the chance of infections. For example, you can use it when your baby needs to fall asleep and remove it once your baby is fully asleep.

When to Replace a New One?

Pacifiers are mainly made of Silicone and they will wear out soon or later. Once a pacifier is worn out, it is time to replace a new one and this can avoid some safety risk. For example, if your baby begins to chew on a pacifier, a broken pacifier may cause serious issues. Your baby may swallow some pieces of silicone and this may cause choking.

The following are some signs that can tell you when you need to replace a new one:

  • A sticky nipple
  • A discolored pacifier
  • The pacifier tends to break off.
  • The nipple seems to tear.

How To Find the Best Pacifier

On the market, there are so many baby pacifiers that vary in style, nipple materials and size. Before choosing one for your baby, these factors should be taken into account.

Size: Of course, we need to choose the right size according to your baby’s age. When you choose one, pay attention to the sizes. Most common sizes are for 6 months and under, 6-18 months and 18+ months.

The materials: Most nipples are made of latex or silicone. Latex tends to be softer but may cause latex allergies for some babies. Silicone is the most common material used to produce pacifiers. And you even can throw it into your dishwasher for cleaning. Choosing which materials depends on your need.

The Shield. Pacifiers come with shields. It is a very important and essential part of a pacifier. Babies tend to suck the pacifier fully into her mouth without removing the shield, and if the shield is not big enough, a choking hazard will happen. Therefore, the shield should be 1.5 inches or bigger.

How Many Pacifiers Do I Need?

Pacifiers are very small, so it is difficult to keep track of. This increases the chances of losing them. Therefore, having more than 1 pacifier is essential. If you only have one and you or your baby just lose it, you will not have a pacifier to soothe your baby when she needs one.

My advice is that having 3 or 4 pacifiers is good enough. This can help you easily deal with your baby once the old one is missing. And you also can choose several styles. This means your baby always uses a new style pacifier.

The Bottom Line

This is our top 5 best Pacifiers for newborns and if you need one you can choose one of them. More top 5 best baby products, click here to learn more.

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