Top 5 Best Pizza Makers Reviews

best pizza makerIn the past, pizza chefs used coal and wood fire for heating cast-iron baking ovens in the preparation of traditional pizzas. Still, many commercial pizzerias use a similar setup that features ovens which are manufactured with components of steel and are either gas or electrical fired. Having an oven such as this is not quite practical but the best home pizza ovens may imitate those conditions of baking in several ways. Because there are electrically and gas powered pizza makers which are readily available in the market, you have to select the type which is best suited to your lifestyle.

A dedicated pizza oven is one which consumes less energy as compared to the regular kitchen oven. This is particularly appealing for those who have large family to feed, throw pizza parties, or have kids who take pizzas several days every week. The more pizza you bake the greater the savings that you make as compared to the cost that you would have incurred if you used kitchen oven to prepare them. Whether preparing frozen pizza, or you prepare one from scratch, or you want the type of take-and-bake, you are highly likely to get pizza that is perfectly baked if you choose any of the following picks that we have selected for you.

The making of pizza should not be stressful in any way and thus we have ensured that each of the following pizza ovens; if it is plate-type has nonstick-surface; if modeled after traditional oven, has a removable tip dry. Each of these pizza makers has the capability of reaching temperature of 400 degrees or even higher so as to ensure that the resulting pizza is baked crust; if a cheese, it is perfectly melted, and that the toppings are fully cooked.

The picks are also lightweight and thus portable. Depending on the type of pizza maker that you choose, they can be set up on the patio or counter top. You can also take them with you for camping or even for tailgating to a ballgame. The portability of these units ensures that when one has finished making pizza, he or she can easily and conveniently store them out-of-the-way.

Best Pizza Maker

The following list of best pizza makers was made, because of their high quality, ease of use, great performance, ratings and customer reviews.

Top 5. North Atlantic Imports 1575 Patio Oven

North-Atlantic-Imports-1575-Patio-OvenThis is the largest pizza maker in our list. It can make a large of up to 16″ diameter. However, it can also make several smaller pizzas at a time. With a capability of 60,000 BTUs, the overall inside temperature can be adjusted to as high as over 1,000 degrees. This means that with this pizza you can, conceivably, make a pizza in less than 1 minute although that’s not practically possible.

Top 4. CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

CuiZen-PIZ-4012-Pizza-Box-OvenThis pizza maker has a very unusual design in that it resembles the popular pizza delivery box. It can make 12″ frozen pizza within 20 minutes. It is a good selection for those who have kids or an upcoming pizza party.

Top 3. Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

Betty-Crocker-BC-2958CR-Pizza-MakerThis pizza maker is very easy to use in our list. It features an indicator light which will go on to signal when it’s ready to use. At a time, it can make 12″ pizza. Its high degree of versatility also makes it capable of making omelets, giant cookies and such other things as roasted party mix.

Top 2. Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

presto-03430-pizzazz-plus-rotating-ovenThis pizza maker features a large rotating oven which can prepare 12″ pizza. Its most notable feature is that it doesn’t need any warm up period. Thus, you just need to throw in it frozen pizza and you are good to go. The unit has two burners which assure perfectly prepared, crisp crust toppings. It also has adjustable controls which make it easy to tailor the temperatures such that the pizza comes out in the perfect condition that you want it to.

Top 1. Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp-Chef-Italia-Artisan-Pizza-OvenThis pizza oven can cook pizza in less than 10 minutes, but this is after you allow it to warm up for about 15 minutes. The pizza maker is gas powered and comes with 13.25″ X 20″ pizza stone. This zone can hold several 10″ pizzas. It can also hold artisan pizza of almost its size.

Pizza Ovens Buying Guide

If you plan to buy a pizza oven, this buying guide will help you. Home pizza oven is ideal for cooking both fresh and frozen pizzas. And you also can use it to heat snacks or warm sandwiches. Most of them are very small and energy-efficient, making it more competitive than using a whole oven which may consume much more energy. A pizza oven is perfect for foods with a crispy crust but a warm gooey middle.

Types of Pizza Ovens

On the market, different pizza ovens come in different sizes. Some are very large and can accommodate a pizza stone, while some are very small and only can hold a sandwich. Of course, they tend to be more sophisticated if they are bigger. However, sometimes you may only need a small pizza oven to deal with the basics. If you pursue more precise cooking, a bigger one is much better.

The main types include:

No lid, rotating

This type of pizza maker equips heating elements on its bottom and top, but it is not enclosed. This design makes the pizza rotate, so you can get even cooking. And you can add ingredients when the pizza bakes and turns. If you choose this type, it is so easy to monitor the doneness and browning.


This type of pizza maker looks like a traditional toaster oven. Some models are designed to offer basic settings and functions, while others are especially designed to bake pizza on a pizza stone.

Dual heating

Similar to No lid, rotating type, this type of machine also has heating elements on its top and bottom. And it features a built-in pizza baking stone, which means you can use it to make brick oven-style pizza in less than 10 minutes. And you can choose its settings, like thick, medium and thin crusts, etc. You also don’t need to pay attention to its cooking time, because the cooking time can adjust automatically. However, this type of pizza maker is enclosed, so you cannot monitor its doneness and browning.

Outdoor Artisan

This type of pizza makers is powered by electricity and it mimics traditional pizza making that may use a wood fire. If you need a pizza oven for your outdoor kitchen, you can choose a high-end artisan-style pizza oven.

Purchase Considerations

If you prefer frozen pizza, crusty sandwiches or other frequently heating up frozen appetizers, dedicating counter space to a pizza oven is a good idea. If price really matters, the following tips can help you narrow your choices. When you decide to buy a pizza maker, the following considerations should be taken into account.


On the market, there are 3 types of countertop pizza bakers and you need to choose the one that satisfy your requirements. If you just need to heat a frozen pizza, you can choose an open, rotating baker or a traditional toaster-oven-style pizza oven.


If the price matters, you can choose open, rotating ovens, because they are much cheaper. However, they are not so flexible. And expensive models can offer extra functions.


The capacity is also very important. Some models allow you to make more than 1 pizza at a time. Therefore, if you are a large family or you need to prepare pizzas for a large party, you can choose them.

Adjustable settings

Different models offer different settings. And different people have different preferences. If you care about how the pizza is baked, you need to look for pizza maker with adjustable timers and crust settings.

Easy to monitor or not

Some pizza ovens encase the pizza, making it difficult to monitor the making process. If you wish to monitor the baking process, a toaster-oven-style pizza oven with a glass window is much better. And you also can choose the open, rotating style.

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