Top 5 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews

Portable ice makers are very important especially during the hot weather. They are also quite useful in entertaining large crowds. Most icemakers are easy to transport whenever one wants to take them to garden style party or to local pot lucks. Most machines in the market nowadays have the capability of making ice in large quantities within a very short period of time.

Some units on the market have an option in which you can hook them to your water line if the rate of consumption of ice by you or your family is high. Most of the portable icemakers in the market have several options among them crushed ice which is mostly used in specialty drinks, and cubed ice. In this list we have chosen only the best portable ice makers which are durable, are affordable, and have the latest features.

Best Portable Ice Maker

5. Newair AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

newair-ai-215ss-stainless-steel-portable-ice-makerThis is a highly portable ice maker which has two unique features not present in the other ice makers in the market. First, it can make large quantities of ice within an exceptionally short time of under 13 minutes. It has an innovative built train, a feature that makes cleaning it up exceptionally easy. The ice maker also features removable ice bin instead of a little tray or trays as is common with other ice makers. These unique features make it the best choice for family or party gatherings.

4. Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker

Luma-Comfort-IM200SSIf you want an ice maker that will guarantee crystal clear ice, then this is the best choice. This is the unique features that make Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker a better pick over the competition. Despite being one of the best choices on the market, its price is very affordable.



3. NewAir AI-100BK 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker

NewAir-AI-100BKThis unit has a sleek look which will compliment your kitchen décor very well. In addition, the unit boasts innovative side mounted drain and that means you will no longer get ice cold puddles on your home or office counter.

2. Edgestar ICM301SS Ice Cream Maker

Edgestar-ICM301SS-Ice-Cream-MakerThis pocket friendly ice maker features a strong design, is built to last long, and available at an affordable price. Among its best features is that it’s compact. It is so easy to use such that even kids can use it to make ice.


1. Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless

magic-chef-mcim22ts-27lb-ice-maker-stainlessThis ice maker was selected because it offers value for money. It is very durable, and maintaining and using it easy. It is also very affordable.

Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide

The following steps can help you in choosing the best portable ice maker:

  • The first thing you need to consider is the amount and size of the ice you need for use.
  • The next thing to do is to compare the features of the different brands and models on the market.
  • You should also look at the size and weight of the machine you are getting basing on where you will put it.
  • You should look into the water tank size and capacity of the ice bin of the machine.
  • You should also check the control panel along with the switches and display of the ice maker.
  • Check the details on the warranty offered by the portable ice makers.
  • Reminders When Selecting a Portable Ice Maker
  • The biggest advantage of a portable ice maker in the house is it allows you to make ice whenever you need it.

A portable ice maker in your home is useful if you frequently host parties in the house. Since the machine is portable, you can bring it anywhere without any problems, be it on a boat, an RV, or on an outdoor activity, among others.

Many people are buying portable ice makers due to the numerous benefits they offer to their owners. But, it is important to take into account some reminders to make sure you can choose the best machine suitable for your needs.

Storage Capacity

You should look into the storage capacity of the portable ice maker you intend to purchase. The storage capacity determines the amount of ice available for you to use. You should look for a machine with a big storage if you need a lot of ice at any given time. A good number of portable ice makers have a storage capacity of two and three pounds.

Maintenance Requirements

You should also consider the life span of the portable ice maker you intend to purchase. Keep in mind that sophisticated machines have more maintenance requirements, including replacing the filters and draining the water, among others. On the other hand, simple machines have minimal maintenance requirements. If you have doubts on a particular machine, it is better to look for a different model from the one you are have doubts on. Similar to other types of machines, you can extend its life span when it is properly maintained.

Type of Ice Cubes it Produces

Another thing to consider is the type of ice cubes the machine is capable of producing. You can look into the shape and size of the ice cubes it produces. Latest models of ice makers feature settings allowing you to select the size of the ice cube they produce. You can benefit from a machine with this capability since it offers versatility when it comes to the ice you can get.

Rate of Production

You should also consider the speed the machine can produce ice when you are thinking of buying a portable ice maker. Many machines are capable of producing ice every ten minutes. At this rate they can produce a total of thirty pounds of ice in one day. The needs determine the type of machine you should purchase basing on its rate of production. Some machines take a long time before they can produce the ice you may need. But, many are capable of producing ice within twelve minutes.

Display Type of the Machine

Machines featuring a LCD display stand out in the market since they are user-friendly. You may also want to look for a machine with some back light on its controls since it allows you to easily use the machine at night. The LCD display will facilitate reading the different indicators on the machine.

These simple reminders can make it easier for you to choose the best portable ice maker suitable for your needs. You can look into this guide to help you take advantage of all the features of the portable ice maker you will purchase for your ice needs at home.

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