TOP 5 Best Shower Filters Reviews

The best shower filter help you get clean water at your fingertips!

best shower filterChlorine widely exists in our drinking water because of water chlorination which is widely used by most water treatment companies to keep our water free of disease and germs. This why the tap water tastes and smells bad. Until now, nothing is found to replace chlorine due to its high efficiency and effectiveness. As a disinfection, water chlorination has some disadvantages. Like I said first, it makes our water smell and taste bad. What’s worse, its byproducts are harmful to our health. However, water companies don’t filtered out these disinfectant byproducts completely. If you drink water which contains contaminants, in the long run, it is really a threat to our health. This is why more and more people buy a water filter to filter out them and get pure water to drink and cook.

If you need to remove the bad odor and other contaminants from the tap water, you can buy a reverse osmosis system and install it under your sink. However, it is not enough and we need to avoid contacting to these disinfectant byproducts, because according to the research, our body can absorb these harmful disinfectant byproducts while we are taking a shower. For example, if we take a 10-minute shower, the amount of disinfectant byproducts our body may absorb is more than drinking 1 litter tap water. Many researches have shown that many diseases like bowel and colon cancer are related to disinfection byproducts. Chlorine also has ability to strip natural protective oils in our hair and skin. Our skin and hair will be dried out and become weaker, and finally lose body and color. In a world, these disinfection byproducts are really a serious threat to our health. If you often suffer from eczema, the reason may be the water we use.

Therefore, we need disease-free water to drink, cook and take a shower. A shower filter is used to remove these harmful chlorination byproducts and protect our hair, skin and health.

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter is a water filter that is used to filter the water while taking a shower. It may attach to the pips that connect to the shower, or to the shower head, depending the design. It cannot only remove these harmful disinfection byproducts but also other contaminants in our water. For example, we can use it to soften our water to reduce calcification caused by hard water. You know hard water is also a threat to our skin and hair.

Why do we need a shower filter?

  • Enjoy a healthier shower. If you have such a filter, there is less chlorine and other harmful disinfection byproducts. This means you absorb less contaminants, ensure you have much healthier shower.
  • Protect your skin and hair. Our skin and hair are a little acidic, while chlorine is a little alkaline. Therefore, the reaction between acid and alkaline will dry out our skin and hair, because the protective old on our skin and hair are removed. If you want to protect your hair and skin, you should use a shower filter to get rid of chlorine.
  • Make water gentler. If the tap water is in a high level of chlorine, it will irritate our skin and eyes. This is so bad for young kids as well as eczema suffers. Therefore, use a filter to make the water gentler to our eyes and skin.
  • Remove bad odors. Such a filter also can remove the odors cause by chlorine and its byproducts. Once you have installed it, you will notice the difference. The water without chlorine smells nice.

How to find the best shower filter?

When you are looking for a shower head filter, you need to pay attention to something important.

  • Which type of filters to choose? There are 2 types: Go KDF and Vitamin C. They all can remove chlorine from your water. You can choose any of them. For me, I prefer a Go KDF one.
  • How long it can last? All the filters cannot last forever without replacing filters. Generally, they can last 6 months, and some may last 1 year or longer. How long it can last depends on the filter itself and how long you showers are. Generally, they can filter a certain amount of gallons of water. If your shower time exceeds this number, you need to change your filter.
  • The cost and availability of replacement filters. Every 6 months or longer, you need to change the filter. If the replacement filters are difficult to get, you cannot replace it as soon as possible. And if the cost of replacement filters is expensive, you will cost more money on them. Therefore, before buying one, you need to understand the availability and cost of these replacement filters.
  • Check Customer Reviews and choose a reputable brand. You can check other’s reviews and decide whether it is the best one. I think nobody wants to choose one with ordinary sand or marbles. You also can choose a famous brand. Generally, their products are more reliable.

Top 5 best shower filter

If you are looking for the best shower  filter and feel difficult to choose from, the following top 5 best shower filters can help you. There were chosen due to their performance, availability, ease-of-use, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead

Culligan-WSH-C125-Filtered-ShowerheadThis model is very affordable. It has a long filter life and has been certified by NSF. The installation is very easy and this one is one of the most popular ones on the market. The price is under $30. It is difficult to find one with both performance and lower price. Also Culligan is a great company you can trust.

Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head

Sprite-HO2-WH-M-Shower-HeadThis model has an extended filter life because of their reversible nature. This means it allows you to flip the cartridge and reinstall it. When checking customer reviews, most of them think this filter is effective o reduce chlorine.

WaterChef SF-7C-PC Premium Shower Filtration System

WaterChef-SF-7C-PC-Premium-Shower-Filtration-SystemThis WaterChef SF-7C-PC seems a little expensive. However, as a versatile filter, it can provide excellent water filtration. You can use it as a hand shower and you also use it as a fixed showerhead. What’s more, it uses BPA-free and PCV-free materials, which means there is no plastic smells. The filter cartridge can last for 6 months for an average use.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

Aquasana-AQ-4100-Deluxe-Shower-Water-Filter-SystemActually ,this one has a 3-stage filter which 91% of the chlorine in our tap water. Although it seems a little larger, it really can offer great performance. However, if the space between the showerhead and wall is small, you may have trouble with fitment. You need to check the space to avoid this problem.

Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter

Culligan-RDSH-C115-RainDisc-Showerhead-with-FilterThis is another showerhead filter from Culligan. This best shower filter features an affordable price. And it is certified by NSF that it is able to remove up to 97% of chlorine and its byproducts in your tap water. Other features such as ease-of-use, easy installation and good filter longevity make it deserve to try.

Buying Guides and Tips for Shower Water Filters

A shower water filter is a perfect addition to the home. Simply installing the shower filter provides clean water to wash for the family member with sensitivity issues. Alternatives are the whole house water filter systems or water softener systems, but they are rather expensive.

There are a variety of showerhead brands that offer the built-in or inline water filters. Most have the ability to easily remove odors, dirt and chlorine. Plus, the more advanced can alter the pH levels and soften the water, which is similar to using a proper water softener unit. For the family that wants to protect and improve their skin and hair, the shower water filter is a worthwhile investment.

Inline vs. built-in filters

Here is an overview of the two different types of shower water filters:

Inline water filters

The inline water filter is installed just before the shower head. The filter is separate from the actual showerhead. This means there is no reason to replace the existing unit. Most of the inline filters are built to be compact in size.

One issue with this type of filter is the likelihood of lowering the height of the showerhead. This isn’t likely to be practical for the taller person. A workaround for this is to relocate the shower to a higher level. But, if that isn’t feasible, the inline filter may not be the idea option. Also, there is the option of installing a shower arm extension to give a little extra height.

Built-in showerhead filters

The built-in showerhead filters are an all-in-one unit. The showerhead and filter act as the water filtration system. There are a lot less filters of this nature compared to the inline filters. But, they do give very positive results and may be the most effective option for purifying the shower water. Plus, the built-in showerhead filters are often designed with multiple spray patterns, such as massaging, for the more relaxed shower experience. This filter system is already built in, so won’t take up extra space or have a negative impact of the height of the shower arm. It is usually the most practical choice for showers that are already at their lowest height and not suitable for installing the inline water filters.

Where to Buy

While a local home improvement or hardware store is likely to have a few shower water filters in stock, they aren’t always the best choice. A reason for this is the limited filter brands and models which doesn’t give a complete appreciation of what is available in the market. So, for the widest selection of filters it may be worth shopping online. Plus, the online stores make it easy to read and check reviews and to easily identify the most promising choices.

Replacement filters

A major concern with the shower water filters is the cost of the replacement filters. On average, a filter has the ability to last between 6 to 12 months. However, this varies with the frequency of shower use. Also, the low water flow showerhead can further extend the usable life of the filter.

We have been able to find the best shower water filters in the market. Choose one that matches the specific needs and has the shower experience that is kinder to the sensitive skin and hair.