Top 5 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews

If you want to create a soft, charm glow on your outdoor deck, solar deck lights are your best choice. And they are perfect for accent ambiance. On the market, there are many solar deck lights from different manufacturers and it is a little difficult to find the best one. Some of them are not considered to be better designed and manufactured. They are not high quality and will only last a short time at night.

Best Solar Deck Light

Fortunately, we have made this list of top 5 best solar deck lights which can make your stairs or floors beautiful or even charming.

We don’t recommend buying low-voltage electric deck lights, because they need wiring and it is a little complicated to install them. What’s worse, they will not save energy on your electric bill. On the contrary, solar deck lights have their advantages:

  • No wiring – Each solar deck light is a self-sufficient system and it can harvest energy from the sun not the grid. Nor wiring needed means easy installation and you also can relocate them if you are not satisfied with their current positions. You cannot do this when it comes to electric lights.
  • Easy to Install – No wiring means easy installation, as I mentioned above.
  • Save money – Because of their self-sufficient feature, they don’t need energy from the grid. They are powered by the sun. Therefore, they can save some money on your energy bill.

Our solar deck reviews are based on their ratings, prices, overall performance, ease of use, easy installation, as well as customer reviews. If you are looking for the best solar deck lights, you can choose one of them according to your preference.

Hoont Pack of 4 – Outdoor Stainless Steel LED Solar Step Light

best solar deck lightIf you choose this package, you will get 4 solar step lights. Each solar light comes with 2 LED bulbs which have a life span of up to 50,000 hours. Of course, they are turned on or off automatically. Because of the solid construction, they are waterproof and durable, so they are ideal for decks, gardens, paths, stairs, walls, etc. They also can be used as an accent light for your lawns and garden. It is so easy to install them and you just need to screw them onto any surface. We highly recommend this pack because of their high rating – up to 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Moonrays 95028 Mini Solar Deck Light Wall Mount Sconce, Rectangle

moonrays-95028-solar-sconce-rectangleAs a mini solar deck lights, you can finish the installation within several minutes. It is made of durable plastic and features a bronze finish. It also comes with plastic lens. During the day, the built-in rechargeable battery will be charged by its solar cells. The price is also very low, lower to less than $10. Therefore, if you need plenty of deck lights, it is a good choice. Even if you buy a lot of them, they will not break your bank, making them perfect for decks, patios, stairs, etc.

Signstek LED Solar Powered Wireless Stainless Steel Deck Lights

signstek-stainless-staircase-stairways-landscapeIts solar panel is made up of monocrystalline silicon cells which will charge its rechargeable batteries during the day. Each light comes with 2 LED bulbs and can last for about 9 hours if it is fully charged for about 4.5 hours. It offers two ways to install. It allows you to mount it flatly on stairs, walls, paths or fence posts or you just mount it vertically. Therefore, it is perfect for any dark space.

Manor House Solar LED Marker Lights

manor-house-solar-marker-lightsThese solar lights are so versatile and you can use them on your stairs, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, gardens, etc. It is so easy to install them. Each light comes with 2 screws and you just need to screws these 2 screws onto the surface.

Kootek® Outdoor Waterproof Solar Powered Deck Lights

outdoor-waterproof-landscape-decoration-packagequantityThis light has a simple design and it is ideal for outdoor space. If you want to add accent lighting or security to your trees and bushes, they are perfect. You also can install them on along your driveways, pathways, or sidewalks. And they are also perfect for your garden, steps and lawns.

Solar Lights Buying Guide

Why Choose Solar Lights?

Solar lights can offer welcome light and you can use them to easily beautify your outdoor space without any electrical wiring. Therefore, if you want to add some lighting outside, they are the best choices. They can offer good lighting for pathways, decks, as well as other objects in your garden. You can use solar lighting as a decorative lighting or for lighting a path, a patio, statures, plant groups, water features, as well as other areas of interest. Solar lighting can also be security lighting for dark areas. And this helps to discourage intruders, protecting your property.

Solar Lights: What to Look For

Choosing which type of solar lights depends on how you plan to use them. If you need to illuminate your pathways or walkways, you can choose solar path lights or solar flood lights. If you need solar lights to decorate your bushes or trees in holidays, solar string lights are perfect. If you need solar lighting for security, you can choose solar security lights or solar motion lights which are normally mounted on the wall and can offer enough bright lighting. And if you need to add some lighting to your outdoor deck, solar deck lights are perfect for you. If you need a beam of lighting, solar spot lights or solar flood lights can really help. If you only need to decorate your garden, you can choose some solar accent lights. No matter which type you plan to buy, the following factors should be considered and you may need to make a compromise among them.


Lumens are used to measure the level of brightness. Different types of solar lights have different lumens ranges. Generally, 1 watt can produce about 20 lumens that is a very low light level. Most solar lights have a much higher lumen rating. And this doesn’t mean the higher lumens are the better. When you buy outdoor solar lights, you need to pay attention to the number of lumens. For solar path lights, lower brightness can effectively prevent glare, while higher brightness can perfect for covering a large range of areas. Therefore, for solar spot lights or flood lights, the higher brightness is better.

Number of Lights

Some types of solar outdoor lights are sold alone and you can place them in some particular areas, while others may connect in strings. For example, you can use solar string lights to illuminate longer areas, like sidewalks, gardens, parking areas etc, because they can offer softer lighting. Which type to choose from depends on the size of area and location you plan to illuminate.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are an essential part of solar lights. They allow the solar panel to charge during the day. And at night, the LEDs are powered by the electricity in batteries. And the batteries should be replaceable. This means you can easily replace a new one once the battery doesn’t work. The capacity of batteries is also very important. And this depends on the solar panel’s power. A large capacity may cost high, while a lower capacity may be dangerous if it is overcharged during the day.

Changeable Settings

Most outdoor solar lights don’t offer any changeable setting, while some models offer an adjustable setting. Therefore, you also can make them work during the day. This feature is useful if you want to add additional motion detection or illumination in your workshops, garages, or other areas. However, this can drain the battery more quickly.


Most solar lights can illuminate from a range of 2 to 38 feet. What you use one for determines the type you need to choose. And different individuals may have different preferences.

The Bottom Line

Soar lights have many types and sizes and can be used for your garden, walkways, patios, decks etc. They can be used for illuminating, decoration, or just to outline an object. Because of their easy installation, ease of movability and self-sufficiency, you have enough reasons to have one.
When it comes to solar deck lights, besides considering the above factors, deck lights you choose should be durable, because they are built-in the deck and you may step on it regularly.

This is our list of the best solar deck lights and if you need them, you can choose one of them.

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