Top 5 Best Solar Post Lights Reviews

best solar post lightIf you are looking for the best solar post lights for your fence, something should be taken into account at the first. On the market, you will find there are so many different types of solar post lights. Well, do you know which the best one is? Actually, it is a little difficult. Some are good, while some are not good. First, you need to consider the following factors:

  • How long you need a post lamp to offer illumination for you? 6 hours, 8 hours, or more much longer? Of course, it seems the longer the better.
  • What is it made of? Some lights feature a metal-like finish, but they actually are made of plastic, while some of them are made of stainless steel. Of course, the latter one is much more durable than the former one.
  • What’s your budget? If you have enough budget, you can buy solar post lamps made of metal, or you need to choose cheap ones that are made of plastic. And if a post light can last longer, it may also cost more than others.
  • Is weatherproof feature good or bad? The one you choose should withstand all types of weather.

Best Solar Post Light

We have made this list of top 5 best solar post lights and our selection is based on their overall performance, prices, ratings, styles, as well as customer reviews.

EZSolar QTP7-R2-BK-4 2X Brighter Premium Solar Plastic Post Cap, Set of 4

best solar post lightThis package includes 4 separate lights and they can last for 8 hours. The main material is plastic and each has a 2-lumen output. Its solar panel is made up with monocrystal solar cells which are more efficient than other types of solar cells. This best solar post cap is not only a post light but also can add accent lighting to your outdoor space.

  • Powered by SunPower solar panels
  • Last 8 hours if it is fully charged
  • Body and lens are made of durable plastic
  • 2 lumen output
  • Versatile for any outdoor lighting
  • Affordability
  • Include 1 AA battery
  • 1-year warranty included

Moonrays 91241 Stained Glass Solar Post Cap Lamp, LED is 6X-Brighter

moonrays-91241-300x300If you are looking for a colorful past light, this Moonrays 91241 is one of the best choices. This solar post cap offers reverent illumination for your home. Its frame is made of plastic and has a brushed-copper finish. The light it emits is warm white and is 6X brighter than conventional LED post caps. Of course, it is weatherproof and you can mount it on your post cap or the wall. It comes with all tools for easy installation.

  • Features a traditional stained glass art style, attractive and colorful.
  • Emit warm white lighting and features a 7-lumen output.
  • 1 AA NiCd battery is included.
  • Include wood screws, so the installation is pretty easy.
  • Made of bronze plastic and the frame is made of metal.
  • Measures 4″ X 5.9″

Pine Top 511-0007 LED Solar-Powered Plastic Fence-Post Cap Light, White

pine-top-511-0007-300x225If you are looking for a solar fence post cap, you can choose this Pine Top 511-0007. It has a white finish and can withstand any bad weather. If its built-in batteries are fully charged, it can last for up to 8 hours. This means you can have light for 8 hours. This one is compatible with 4”X4” wood posts and 4”X5” vinyl posts. And it can be used widely. For example, you can use it on a deck, in the yard or on a driveway column. That is up to you. The installation is not complicated and you can finish it in several minutes. It has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This one is perfect for those who are looking for a solar post lamp with a traditional style.

  • Solar powered
  • White finish
  • Plastic frame
  • 4 white LED bulbs included
  • 2 AA 900mAh NiMH batteries are included.

GreenLighting (6 Pack) Solar Power Square White Outdoor Garden Deck 4 x 4 PVC Fence Post Light

solar-power-square-white-outdoor-garden-deck-300x300This package comes with 6 solar fence post lights for you. They can add some style and light to your posts. They are designed to be versatile and allow you to use at many places, like on the deck, patio, pathway and on the fence. It is compatible with 4”x4” posts. The installation is not complicated. In order to make it work for longer, it is highly recommended to make it receive sunshine for not less than 6 hours.

  • Features durable and smooth weather resistant surface, so they can handle all weathers
  • LED bulbs have a long life expectancy, more than 100,000 hours.
  • Each solar light includes a AA Ni-Cd battery
  • 100% solar powered, so no wiring is needed.
  • Measures 5.75″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″

Moonrays 91253 Solar-Powered Post Cap LED Light for 4 by 4 Posts, Black

moonrays-91253-279x300This best solar post light can offer you up to 6 hours of continuous illumination, if it is fully charged by its solar panel during the day. It is compatible with any 4”X4” fence post. The material of its house is plastic. If you buy this package, you will get 4 lights. Therefore, each one only costs you a little. It is really an affordable choice.

  • Fits 4×4 posts and made of black plastic
  • 2.4-lumen out put and can last 6 hours if it is fully charged
  • Weather resistant design
  • 2 mounting screws are included for wood

The Bottom Line

If you need a post light, choosing a solar post light is a wise decision, because this can reduce your cost. It doesn’t need any wiring and it is self-sufficient. And the installation is also pretty easy. There is no reason not to choose a solar post lamp.

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  1. Definitely worth going the more expensive options. Tried out some of the cheaper ones and the colors just fade far too quickly.

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