Top 5 Best Solar Power Generators Reviews

As one the cleanest energy in the world, there is no reason that we don’t take good use of solar power. Sola power doesn’t only help us cut down on carbon emissions but also can cut our electricity bills. If you have own a solar power generator, you can use it to power any of your appliance which is powered by electricity power from the grid. First, in order to power these appliances, you need to calculate how many watts these appliances require, then you can choose the right one. But also you need to consider the price of the generator. Choosing the best solar power generator doesn’t only save money but also can give you good experience and a long working life. Here, we choose the best top 5 best solar generaotors to help you choose the right one for your house.

Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

Sunforce-50048Sunforce 50048 can provide 60 watts power for you. The power generated by this solar charging kit is renewable and clean. This solar panel can work for you in many aspects. It is perfect for remote power, backup power, recreational vehicles and cabins. Because of its solid construction, it can withstand even impacts from hailstorms. The waterproof feature makes it durable on the roof. Also the installation is relatively easy. Read the manual and you will know how easy the installation is. All these features make this solar charging kit ideal for those who haven’t used solar panels before. And there are so many positive reviews of this product. I highly recommend having this best solar power generator.

Sunforce 39810 80-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel


This solar panel is an 80 watts solar power generator. It adopts advanced polycrystalline technology which is more efficient to generate power. The power it can provide is up to 80 watts and amps is 4.67 amps, which means the voltage is about 17v. You also can connect more than one together to get more power. It is easy to install. It’s not difficult to install, according to the manual. The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty, so you don’t worry about the quality. The rating of this solar panel is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most people think this one is good quality one and is a worthy purchasing. If you are interested in reducing carbon emissions and cut your electricity bill, Sunforce 39810 80-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panels are your best choice.

Go Power! GP-RV-95 95-Watt Solar Kit with 25 Amp Digital Regulator

Go-Power-GP-RV-95-wattThis is a 95 watts solar panel. It can offer 4.6 amps to charge the battery every hour. It is a really high efficiency solar panel. Also the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty which shows that Go Power is confident for their product. It takes use of sun rays and changes it into electricity power and charges the batteries. This solar kit comes with necessary tools to help you install it easily and quickly. If you have this solar panel, you don’t need to worry about the power.

Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit

Sunforce-50033This solar charging kit can provide 15 watts of renewable and clean power. It can be used anywhere you like, such as homes, cabins, boats, RVs etc. Although the power 15 watts is a little small, using it as a lighting source is enough. And the amorphous solar panel even can work in the shade. The rating of this solar panel is 4.0 out of 5 stars. There are over 80 customer reviews. Most people think this product is a good choice.

12V 13W Briefcase Solar Generator S-1116

Briefcase-Solar-GeneratorThis 12V 13W Briefcase Solar Generator S-1116 can charge a lot of appliances. It can be used to charge a smart phone, an ipad, a notebook computer and other power tool like a cordless drill. The working voltage is up to 14v. The price is modest and reasonable. If you are looking for a solar panel for emergency use, this solar panel is a great choice.

Why do you need a solar generator?

Compared to fuel-powered generators, solar generators are completely green and they are eco-friendly to our environment. Such a solar generator doesn’t use any fuel but can harvest power directly, so it is not only better for our environment but also means there is no ongoing costs, because you don’t need to buy other fuel sources, like propane, gasoline, etc.

In the long run, this can save you some money on your electricity bills. And it able to offer a reliable way to generator power directly from the sun. This is amazing. If you are not convinced that you need such a solar generator, the following top 10 reasons will tell you more about solar energy and you will finally make a decision on whether you need a solar generator or not.

Generates cheaper energy

Compared to fuel-powered generators, solar generators always generate cheaper energy. If you have a habit of calculating the cost of electricity per watt over a relatively long time, you will find the fact.

Decreases electricity bill and grid reliance

Even if your solar panels only can offer 25% of your house’s electricity energy needs, this will be a very large portion of your energy bill every month. You will find an obvious decrease in your electricity bill and this can also decrease grid reliance.

For camping or other outdoor activities, smaller solar generators are ideal.

For camping or other outdoor activities, you can buy a portable solar generator which is easy to carry and set up.

Neutral carbon footprint

Solar generators harvest energy from the sun, and doesn’t produce greenhouse gas or byproducts, so they are eco-friendly and helpful to reduce your carb footprint.

Perfect for summer use

Actually, solar generators are perfect for hot summer use, because they can thrive in the sun. Plus, they cannot emanate heat, resulting in choosing them in hot climates is really perfect. They will not cause any discomfort and you also don’t worry about any heat-related hazards.

More compact and portable

Fuel-powered generators tend to be bulky, while solar generators feature a compact design and are more portable than you can imagine. Solar panels are slender and flexible.

No potentially deadly fumes

Because solar generators run greenly, so they don’t produce any carbon monoxide fumes that fuel generators will produce. If you use a fuel-powered generator, it is a good habit of placing it in well-ventilated areas, which can prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide fumes that are potentially fatal.

A More reliable alternative when fuel is not available

When conventional fuel is not available, a fuel-powered generator is useless. And in this situation, a solar generator is more reliable.

Power can be stored for later usage

A typical solar generator has a battery bank, which means solar energy can be stored. When you need power, the batteries can release electricity you need. However, a fuel-generator only offers power when it is running.

Make some money by selling excess electricity to your utility company

If you have invested in a lot of solar panels, you can sell your excess electricity to your local utility company, resulting in making some money. You even don’t need to pay for them but receive a check from your local utility company. This means installing solar panels is an investment and in the long run, you can get a return.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Solar Generator?

Most solar generators only can generate enough electricity to power some household appliances for several hours at a time. If you need a more powerful system, you need to invest more money. These solar generator systems allow you to add more solar panels, making them more powerful.

Typically, a solar generator can harvest energy from the sun, processing energy through a power inverter to produce an AC output. The generated AC electricity can directly power your home appliances or can be stored in a rechargeable battery for a delayed use.

Main Components of Solar Generators

A solar generator typically consists of the following components that are used to facilitate the whole process:

  • Solar panels
  • Rechargeable batteries, typically deep-cycle batteries.
  • Power inverter
  • Solar controller
  • Pre-wired transfer switch
  • Smart battery charger
  • Invert remote
  • DC inverter fuse and cable installation kit
  • Output cables
  • Mounting hardware

The above components are not included in all systems. However, an advanced system may include them all. Aside from these main components, there are some additional features which can make the generator easy to use. When it comes to choosing the best solar generator, these features deserve to invest.

Extra Features

  • Ability to charge from a wall outlet or car charger
  • Carrying case
  • Continuous duty rating that is approved for ongoing use
  • Easy adjustment of panels
  • Expandability
  • Remote control for power inverter
  • Silent operation
  • Tripods/solar panel stands
  • USB charging outlets

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