Top 5 Best SSDs Reviews

SSDs are becoming more and more popular. There are so many reasons to invest in a SSD. Compared to traditional hard drives, solid-state drives don’t have moving parts, which means they can be smaller, quieter, faster, cooler, more stable and more reliable. SSDs also make the boot time and launch time faster. However, the only problem is the smaller capacity with a higher price. The alternative choice is that you can install a SSD as the primary drive and use HDDs only to storage and backup. There are many SSD brands on the market. Here we select some of the best SSDs on the market. If you are looking for one of the best ones, these can satisfy all your requirements.

Corsair Force Series 3 180GB SSD


The Corsair Force Series 3 180GB SSD has a high performance SandForce SF-2200 SSD controller. The sequential read speeds is up to 550 MB/s and the sequential write speeds is up to 515 MB/s. The capacity is larger among other SSDs, so the price is a little expensive. However, considering its speed, capacity, price and reliability, it deserves a try. And on Amazon, this is also one of the most popular ones. The average rating is up to 4.2 out of 5 stars and there are 63 customer reviews by real users available.

Crucial m4 64GB Solid State Drive


If you only need a SSD as a primary drive, this Crucial m4 64GB Solid State Drive is the best choice, because 64GB is enough for demanding of your operating system. It can make the boot time and launch time faster than HDDs do. And the price is also very cheap. It also gets high marks. If you want to try a solid-state drive, this is a good start.

SAMSUNG 830 Series 2.5-Inch 128GB Solid State Drive


The SAMSUNG 830 Series 128 GB SSD is one of the best SSDs from Samsung using the newest technology. 128 GB capacity can allow you to set up many apps as you like, besides the operation system. And you will find the incredible speed benefits. The rating is 4.7 of 5 stars. It can offer you stability and the blazing speeds.

OCZ 120GB Solid State Drive


This one is much cheaper than SAMSUNG 830 Series 128 GB SSD. Both of them have nearly the same capacity. If you are on a budget, you can consider this.

Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120 GB Solid State Drive


This is also a 120 GB solid-state drive. The price is about $148. It can provide unbeatable reads and writes. Considering the price and capacity, this Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120 GB SSDs is worth to invest in.

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