Top 5 Best Tea Kettles Reviews

If you are not a tea lover, a cup of tea may only mean a tea bag of sub partea with hot water from a microwave or a hot and cold water cooler dispenser. However, if you are a true tea lover, you will strongly agree with that a cup of tea means high-quality tea leaves and water that should be heated in a high-quality and well-made tea kettle. To make a cup of tea, the temperature is also very important. And a tea kettle can offer the perfect temperature, while water cooler dispensers may not do that. And tea kettles are better than using a pot to heat water, because they heat faster.

Best Tea Kettle

We have made this list of top 5 best tea kettles for you to choose from. They were chosen thanks to their sturdy building, stylish design, and usability on electric or a stove top. If you are a true tea lover, having one of them can help you enjoy a proper cup of tea at any time. You will never regret having one.

Calphalon Enamel Tea Kettle

Calphalon-Enamel-Tea-Kettle-BlackIf you are looking for the best electric tea kettle, this one is one of your best choices. It has an elegant design and truly in a class by itself. As a glass kettle, it is designed to be very sturdy and it is also programmable. It includes an automated tea basket which ensures you can get a perfect cup of tea, because it moves around the tea leaves for a perfect infusion. Its programmable feature allows you to program it according to the different types of tea you plan to prepare. Its timer also allows you to set to brew anytime you like and this kettle can keep water for about 1 hour. Detailed instructions are included and it is very easy to use.

Nambe Bulbo Kettle, Stainless Steel and Wood

best tea kettleThis tea kettle has a very unique design, making it become a show stopper. This kettle is designed by a famous designer named Lou Henry who is successful to make a statement in style and performance. The capacity of this best tea kettle is 2.5 quart. It features a rounded body that is made of stainless steel, so this best tea kettle heats very quickly. The capacity is also very perfect and it can serve several cups of tea for you and your friends. If the size is too large, the temperature drops before all the water is poured out. This kettle also has a very comfortable handle and an acacia knob, making it ideal for daily use. It also can be heated on gas cook tops and you can wash it in your dishwasher.

Primula Green Dragonfly 28 Ounce Cast Iron Teapot

Primula-Green-Dragonfly-Cast-Iron-TeapotThis Primula Myst Cast Iron Teapot can help you enjoy a proper cup of tea. This best tea kettle has many colors to choose from, so you can always find the right color to fit your kitchen decor. It heats water very quickly, so you don’t need to wait much time for a cup of tea and it is also great for your instant coffee. It has a smooth enamel exterior that is very sturdy and the interior is made of aluminum. When the inner water is heated to the perfect temperature, the body and handle also stay cool and the pour spout will whistle if water is ready. It will fit in any kitchen decor and you can use it on any cook top as you like.

KRUPS BW600 Silver Art Collection Cordless Electric Kettle

KRUPS-Collection-Cordless-Electric-StainlessThis Krups BW600 has a cordless design and it is very easy to use. It is also portable and durable. Its water filter can make your water taste much fresher and the size is large enough for several cups of tea. This art kettle is designed to be elegant and once you have it, you can always enjoy a high-quality cup of tea and other hot beverages easily and conveniently.

Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

Breville-BTM800XL-One-Touch-Tea-MakerThis best electric kettle has a great look. It is made of classic cast iron. The heat retention of a cast iron tea pot is impressive. If you are a tea enthusiast, it also offers a loose tea infuser that can offer you a high quality cup of tea and a great drinking experience. You can clean it with water and soap easily. It is very sturdy and can keep the water hot. No funny taste will add to the hot water. It also offers a sample of loose tea for you to have a try.

Tea Kettle Buying Guide

Tea Kettle: What to Look For

  • Heats water quickly. Nobody would like to sit around the tea kettle to wait for the water to boil, so the one you choose should heat water quickly. For an electric tea kettle, the higher power matters.
  • Allow you to adjust its temperature. To brew black tea, a rolling boiling is perfect. However, lower temperatures are perfect for more delicate teas. If you plan to buy an electric tea kettle or an automatic tea brewer, the product should allow you to set its temperatures, so you can get the perfect temperature for your tea.
  • Signals when the water is hot. If you choose a stovetop kettle, this feature is important. Most stovetop kettles have a whistle to tell you when the water reaches a boil. However, some don’t have and this means you need to sit around it. If you buy an electric kettle, the one you choose should have a whistle or beep when the water is ready.
  • Shuts off automatically. For an electric tea kettle, this feature is also a must-have feature. This can protect your kettle and reduce the risk of damage to the kettle. These kettles will shut off automatically when the set temperature is reached. However, stove kettles don’t have this feature.
  • Stays cool. Even the double-wall tea kettles touch warm outside, so if you choose a single-wall tea kettle, it is dangerous to touch it. Best kettles comes with heat-resistant handles that allows you to touch cool, even if the liquid is at a rolling point.
  • Easy to Pour. A good kettle has a well-balanced design and can stay stable in your hand. Sturdy handles and a pour spout can allow you to easily pour water.
  • Resists rust. Many people complain that their tea kettles are easy to rust, so they need to empty the kettle and dry the kettle to avoid rusting. This mostly happens on stovetop tea kettles. To be honest, this is not avoidable but some models are good at staving off rust. They are designed to be rust-resistant.
  • Solid construction. The kettles you choose should be sturdy-feeling and you should avoid stout construction around the weld points and the seams. And this can prevent the kettle from bursting or leaking, so that water flows out of the weld points, the seams or other places where multiple pieces join. If you choose a stovetop kettle with C-shaped handles, you need to pay attention to the joint where the handle is attached to the kettle body. You know C-shaped handles are only attached at one end, so if the construction of joint is not sturdy, it may fall apart and cause serious problems.
  • Has a large top opening and lid. Large opening means the cleaning and drying become easier. Ideally, the opening should be large enough to allow your hand to enter inside to clean or dry the inside parts.

Know before you go

  • How much water do you need? If you need to brew tea or coffee for big groups, you need to choose a large kettle. If you only need to brew for 1 or 2 people, a small kettle is enough. The more water you need, the longer the kettle takes to heat. For example, if you need the same amount of water, a smaller kettle tends to boiler water quickly.
  • What kind of tea do you plan to brew? The boiling point of water is at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is great for brewing black tea. However, for green tea, the water temperature should be a little lower. This is because Vitamin C as well as other ingredients will be destroyed at a higher temperature. And too hot water will also make the delicate tea tastes bitter, destroying its flavor. If you need to brew white or green teas frequently, an electric tea kettle with a temperature control is a good investment. And you can use the hot water directly without waiting for hot water to cool.
  • Do you live in the mountains? Water boils at a lower temperature at higher elevation. If you are not careful, the kettle is easy to be dry and this can cause final damage to the kettle. Variable-temperature tea kettles are the best choices, because they can allow you to tweak them to suit the tea type and elevation as well.

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