Top 5 Best Window Fans Reviews

window-fansWhen it comes to choosing a window fan, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the window opening and make sure the fan you purchase can fit the size. After this, now it is time to do some research and find the best window fan to order. However, if you never bought a fan before, it is really a time-consuming task. On the market, there are main 2 types of window fans. One type is a fan that only pulls cool air into your room, and another type is a unit that can exhaust indoor air out of your room at the same time.

Best Window Fan

All the types are covered on our list of top 5 best window fans. They were chosen due to their ease of use, performance, ratings, prices and customer reviews. And if you need one, this list can help you make a purchasing decision much easier.

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

best window fanThis best window fan also comes with a remote control and it is suitable for any window between 24″ and 37″ wide. It is able to exhaust odors, condensation and other unwanted air from a bathroom or a kitchen. You also can reverse it, so it can draw in outdoor cool fresh air into the room. The remote control is convenient to allow you to adjust it. Plus, a thermostat is included, which can turn on the fans to maintain a desired temperature. This twin window fan has a unique design, making it suitable for both hot summers and cold winters. It also offers a LCD control panel that allows you to easily set it with its simple button.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window fan with One Touch Thermostat

Holmes-Blade-Window-Touch-ThermostatThis window fan can fit slider and double-hung windows. The installation is also simple and you even don’t need to remove the window screens. This unit has 2 windows which can operate independently. This means you can allow one to exhaust unwanted air in the room, while make the other one draw in cool and fresh water. It comes with 2 speeds and its temperature selections allow you to set the temperature to make it when to turn on or off. Therefore, it is able to keep your room comfortable. It also offers an electric control panel to adjust it to fit the conditions in the room or outside. What’s more, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Air King 9155 Storm Guard Window Fan

Air-King-9155-Window-16-InchThis 16-inch window fan is suitable for windows with the width between 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches and the minimum height is at least 22 inches. Its motor is a 16-horse power motor that features 3 speeds. The motor is also lubricated permanently, so it requires the least maintenance. The fan can both draw in fresh air and exhaust air from your home. It allows to reverse it. Its unique design makes you not need to remove the fan even during a rainstorm. And you can close your window freely without any changing. This best fan is mainly constructed of styrene that is high impact. The blades are plastic and it features a metal front grill. Its weight is only 15 pounds. And it also comes with a 7-foot long electric cord with two-pin plug. Therefore, you can move it from one to another freely.

Honeywell Twin Window Fan, HW-305

Honeywell-Twin-Window-Fan-HW-305This model features unique design. It can be used as a window fan in any compatible window and you also can remove it from your window and use it indoors, making it very versatile. It only weighs 8 pounds and it is 11″ long, 7″ wide and 11.5″ high, so it is very portable. 3 adjustable speeds are offered and it allows you to reverse it so that it can exhaust unwanted air from your room. It even comes with a thermostat which is able to automatically turn on or off the fan according to the temperature, so the temperature in a room can be kept at a comfortable level. What’s more, its motor is rain-resistant, so this can prevent any damage because of bad weather. Plus, a 3-year limited warranty is also provided.

Lasko 7 Slim Profile Twin Window Fan

Lasko-Twin-Window-Fan-2137This Lasko runs quiet and allows you to reverse its fan to keep an area comfortable. For example, you can make it exhaust the hot water from your room during the day and reverse it to draw in cool air at night. It is also a versatile fan, because it offers plastic snap-on feet which allow you to change it into a tabletop fan. It weighs only 5 pounds and measures 4.75″ X 21.75″ X 10.5″. And it almost fits all types of windows, like sliding, double-hung and casement windows, as long as the width of your window is between 22 inches and 34 inches. And it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Best Window Fans Buying Guide

Why do you need window fan?

Air conditioning is very popular and also very convenient, but it costs you much and doesn’t provide you with fresh air. Compared with air conditioners, window fans are a more economical way to blow in the cool and fresh air. And window fans become more and more popular, helping you reduce your monthly expenses. People who choose window fans believe that window fans are a good way to cool their homes. However, there are also lots of people who spend hundreds of dollars every year on fresher products, like candles, scented oil plug-ins and sprays. It is very ironic, isn’t it? Actually, they don’t need these air fresher products but window fans to blow in fresh air.

For people who live in areas where the summer is pretty hot, the summer is not easy to be spent. And you will find the summer is so brutally hot. In this situation, a single method doesn’t work. You can use a combination of an air conditioning system and a window fan. In the morning or evening, if it is cool, you can just use a fan, while you can use your air conditioner in the afternoon. The combination can help you save much more money. And you don’t need to make your air conditioning system working all the time. And the stale odors can also be alleviated. Fresh air can be blown in the room.

Window fans are also called window exhaust fans, because they are installed on the window and are used to blow in fresh air. Mostly, they are perfect for the kitchen, because they can be used to remove cooking odors. When you are cooking, such a window exhaust fan in your kitchen helps to remove cooking odors and can prevent cooking air from entering your living space. Odors can be pumped quickly. This method is more effective, comparing with using other conventional ways, like the exhaust system on the stove.

I think nobody will dislike a home infused with fresh air. Once you use a window fan to do that, you will cannot stand a home infused with stale circulating air or heavy perfumed fragrances. And you will feel lucky that you find the right way to keep the air cool and fresh.

Where to Buy

You can buy window fans online or at the local home improvement stores. Before buying one, you need to measure the window you plan to install one on. Most modern models feature a new sleek design. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. It is easy to find the right one for your window. You can choose a fan that includes the dual function of pumping fresh air in and pulling air out. This type of window fan is perfect for kitchens.

If windows are much longer, you can install a twin window fan. Most of twin window fans have a thermostat. And once the set point is reached, the fan will be shut off automatically. Twin window fans are perfect for large rooms and they work quietly. And you also can find other fans which can fit smaller windows perfectly.

How much do you want to pay

The prices are determined by the size and other features. Many units have an adjustable screen, so the fan can be kept in place securely in the window. And they are lightweight, so they can be removed easily. The prices are under $50 for most units. It is amazing. Once you buy one and use it, you will find it will not take a long time to recover its buying cost.

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