Top 5 Online Stores Offering Samples Before You Buy

Online shopping is a fun way to pass time. But, you may find yourself facing a big issue when the order does not fit o is not what you think it was. You will have to go through a return process that can be frustrating. Many online retailers are constantly updating their respective return procedures to make them easy for customers to understand. But, it is still considered money spent by making customers. And this is not something to smile about.

Fortunately, there are some online retailers that allow customers to try their product before they purchase. This allows you to sample their products before you buy the items themselves or getting them shipped at no cost. You will have a trial period before being charged for the product. The following some online retailers to consider.

1. Prime Wardrobe and Prime Samples from Amazon

Prime Samples is exclusive for Amazon Prime members. It gives them the chance to get samples of food, personal items, beauty products, baby items, and household items. You have a good number of samples to choose from. The service also allows you to get a box of pre-selected samples within a specific product category. When you buy samples at $2 to $4 each, you also get an equivalent credit. The credit can be redeemed when you decide to purchase the full-size product itself.

Prime Wardrobe also provides a similar process with shoes, clothing, and accessories. You can fill a box and use them for seven days. After seven days, you have the option of keeping the items o returning them for free. The box also comes with a return label in case you want to return the items.

2. Warby Parker

The process of selecting the best eyeglasses takes a lot of time. The founders of Warby Parker decided to offer samples to their customers when they started offering products online. Customers can choose five frames they can test for five days. These items are shipped to the customers for free. Customers can ship the ones they do not want and pay for the ones they want.

3. ThirdLove

ThirdLove has a made a name for itself among women. This is mainly due to the bras they offer are rather costly at around $68 per item. They also expanded their customer base by allowing their customers to get samples of their product. Customers can order a bra using their online guide to find the correct size. The items are shipped to them and they can use it for 30 days. If they like it, they can purchase it at $68. They can return the item for free and it will be donated to a charity organization.

4. Casper

Purchasing a mattress is not easy. It becomes more challenging when it is purchased online. Casper made the process easier for customers. Customers can buy a mattress and it will be delivered to them. They can use is for 100 days. If they do not like it, Casper will pick the mattress up without any cost for the customer. The retailer also offers a full refund.

5. Sephora

Sephora offers a good number of free samples to their customers. The free sample program allows customers the chance to try their new products before making a purchase. Customers can also add three free samples when they place online orders through the website of the retailer. Fee samples are also given to customers who visit the brick-and-mortar store of the retailer. The samples are given even if the customer does not buy anything.

Sephora store personnel are always eager to give samples of anything that catch the fancy of their customers. Whenever a customer purchases anything at their store, they also give some samples into the bag as a surprise.

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