Top 6 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Reviews

Best Outdoor Motion Sensor LightMotion sensor lighting is necessary when you want to have peace of mind when night falls. This applies to lighting your driving or even your swimming pool. It allows you to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Lights like these are triggered by movement. Due to this, they are ideal for areas where constant lighting is not required. It is important to select the top model and brand in the market that is suitable for your property.

Models that light up areas outside the doorway and garage are the more popular ones in the market. You may also think of getting some models that can brighten up possible danger areas like stairways and walkways.

Best Outdoor Sensor Light

We reviewed six best outdoor motion sensor lights in the market to make it easier for you to choose one for your home. Selection was based on the features, performance, and online reviews of these devices.

Best Overall: Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor

Mr-Beams-Wireless-Spotlight-PhotocellThe Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor is the best model in the market today.

Installation is easy since it is battery powered. You can also position it just about anywhere, including complicated areas such as trees and fences. All you need to install the device is a screwdriver.

It is capable of emitting 140 lumens when the sensor is triggered y motion up to thirty feet away. Inclement weather will not affect its performance since it has a weatherproof seal to ensure the device remains protected.

There are also some drawbacks to the device. A brand new set of batteries can power it up for a year when it is activated ten times a day. But, the battery will drain faster if it is used heavily. In addition, the light may illuminate an area of around 400 square feet, but it is not as bright as a wired device installed by a professional. On the other hand, a wired device is quite expensive and this option is priced under $20.

#2 LEONLITE 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light

Dual-Head-Activated-DLC-listed-Floodlight-EntrywaysLarge outdoor areas may require a dual-headed sensor light since they feature 180-degree lighting. They also have a 180-degree sensing angle. The Dual-Head LED Outdoor Security Light from LEONLITE is ideal since it offers 1600 lumens of light. This is similar to the light emitted by a 120-watt bulb. The maximum range for detecting motion of this device can reach 70 feet. In addition, you can predetermine the illumination timing of the device.

The rugged housing of this device also allows it to resist corrosion and weather. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a device that is built to last. It also comes with a 50,000-hour or five-year warranty. Since the light is DLC Qualified, you can get an energy saving rebate for it in qualified states.

But, it is necessary to hard wire the device. This means you have to hire a professional to install the device in your home for around $130.

#3 Lextreme Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Waterproof-Powered-Security-Outdoor-DrivewayWhen it comes to energy efficiency solar-powered lights are the ideal options. They recharge when the sun is up, which allow them to light up the place when it is triggered at night. The Lextreme Solar Motion Sensor Lights comes in two units per pack. Satisfied users say it is the best in the market since it can still fully charge even in places that are not too sunny, which include Seattle. In addition, it does not use electricity. You can also install it easily on many vertical surfaces by using the mounting hardware in the pack.

The light also has an on-off switch. It also features sensors with a sensing angle of 120 degrees. The device can sense movement at a distance of up to 26 feet.

It can also complement lighting close to the hot tub or pool. The device is ideal since it has two plastic layers covering it. It is heat and moisture resistant. But, do not submerge it in water.

The device does not feature a dim mode. It also requires direct sunlight for eight hours before you can use it.

#4 Mr. Beams MB572 Wireless Battery-Powered Motion Sensing LED Path Lights

Mr-Beams-MB572-Wireless-Battery-PoweredThe Mr. Beams MB572 Wireless Battery-Powered Motion Sensing LED Path Lights can be installed without using any special tools. This weather-resistant device is intended for use along staircases and walkways. The design of its housing allows it to reflect 35 lumens in a downward direction.

All you need to do is inset C batteries into the device before sticking its pointed end into the ground. You can also take the light from its stake and hang it to mount it on vertical surfaces.

The set is available in two units per pack. They can light up at night when it detects movement at distances of up to fifteen feet. You also have the option of getting the GlowMode setting. This emits a continuous soft light before it becomes fully bright when it detects movement.

The LED bulb may not be replaced for a long time, but the batteries are a different story. You may have to replace them after every fifty hours of illumination.

#5 Heath/Zenith HZ-4133-OR Shaker Cove Mission-Style 150-Degree Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light

Heath-Zenith-Mission-Style-150-Degree-Motion-SensingThe Heath/Zenith HZ-4133-OR Shaker Cove Mission-Style 150-Degree Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light enhances the curb in your property. It can maintain its elegant look for a long time due to its metal and glass design. The device is also water resistant. The pulse-count technology allows it to avoid false triggers due to windy weather. This allows it to reach heat and movement thirty feet away at a 150-degree sensing angle. You can opt to get the bronze finish or silver finish of the device.

It is easy to install. The photocell also allows you to save energy since it remains off when the sun is up. The motion detector only activates at night. You also have three auto mode options. These options include one, five, or ten minutes of illumination. Its override mode also allows you to let is light up continuously throughout the night.

Hard wired installation is necessary for this device. It also needs an incandescent bulb with a 60-watt rating. The wall switch is also an option for you since you only need the switch if you want it to remain lighted from sundown to sunup.

#6 Sengled Smartsense LED Security Floodlight with Built-In Motion Detector

Sengled-Smartsense-Security-Floodlight-DetectorThe Sengled Smartsense LED Security Floodlight with Built-In Motion Detector is ideal for wet areas since it features a weatherproof bulb. It can transform outdoor fixtures with an E27 rating into security devices.

All you need to do is to screw in the bulb into a socket without using any wires, apps, or other equipment. It can light up for a minute and a half when movement is detected by the infrared sensor. It has a sensing angle of 100 degrees and a sensing distance of thirty feet.

The floodlight has a low energy consumption of around 0.2 watts. It is an eco-friendly bulb that can continue to work for 25,000 hours.

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