Top 8 Best WiFi Appliances Reviews

If you think only smartphones and computers can use WiFi technology nowadays, you are completely wrong. Actually, there are many home appliances that use WiFi technology. These WiFi-connected gadgets, home appliances, as well as other machinery can make our life much easier, because we can control them through wireless networks and they help to deal with our daily tasks.

Our homes will become much smarter than we can imagine, because every WiFi home appliances and gadgets can get connected. And we call this technological trend as the Internet of Things. Therefore, every your major household item talks to each other in your home and you can control them through your computer or smartphone.

More and more manufacturers grasp this tread and have designed and manufactured many WiFi appliances for us to choose from. We’ve compiled this list of top 8 best common WiFi appliances on the market. These top 8 best WiFi appliances can connect to the internet and can exchange information with our computers and smartphones.

WiFi refrigerators

rf22k9581sg-counter-refrigerator-capacity-stainlessOn the market, there are also many WiFi refrigerators that are WiFi-connected. If you need one, you can buy this Samsung RF22K9581SG Counter Depth French Door Family Hub WiFi Refrigerator that has a convenient touchscreen. And it even allows you to look for recipes or even make shopping lists. And what’s more, it can keep track of your food expiration dates.

WiFi washing machines and dryers

WiFi washing machinesNowadays, more and more high tech dryers and wash machines allow you to control your dryer and washer settings through your smartphone within your home. And you even don’t have to get up to walk closer to set your washer or dryer. Of course, you need to load the laundry yourself. Maybe, someday in the future, a robot can help you load or sort the laundry yourself.

WiFi garage door openers

WiFi garage door openersYou can install a WiFi-enabled garage door opener to replace your old garage door opener gadget. If you need a smart one, you can choose this Lifemaster 828LM so that you can control your door through your app on your computer or smartphone. This app can tell you whether your door is open or closed. And you even know how long ago your door was used. Once you have this one, you can easily control and you don’t need to keep extra door openers in your car or give you every member a door opener.

WiFi vacuum cleaners

WiFi vacuum cleanersA WiFi vacuum cleaner is also a must-have appliance, because it can free you. You don’t need to deal with these messy. On the market, more and more manufacturers have developed many smart vacuums that can do more than the Roomba trend. You can buy this Samsung SR8894 NaviBot, SR8894 and control it through a smartphone app. You can start it and control it through your smartphone app at any place. Now it is time to free you from these mundane household chores. 

WiFi home security systems

WiFi home security systemsHome security system manufacturers have embraced the WiFi bandwagon. And Most people may know the tiny remote or gadget coming with a home security system. And the gadget or remote can be used to activate or deactivate the alarms.

If you are looking for a WiFi home security system, you can rely on this Canary WiFi home security system. Therefore, you can always monitor your house or home at all times through your computers or smartphone. If you forget to close your door when you plan to go out, your smartphone will remind you and you need to respond. 

WiFi light switches

WiFi light switchesWith your smartphone, you also can control your lights. This is cool, because you can turn on or off your lights through an app in your smartphone. If you want this becomes reality, you can buy high-tech light switch systems. If you are looking for the best WiFi light switches, you can buy this Belkin Wemo Light Switch. This switch allows you to program your lighting to turn on or off at specific times through its App. With these WiFi light switches, life will become much easier.

WiFi water purification systems

WiFi water purification systemsZuvo Water has developed a new kind Stratus water purification system which includes WiFi-enabled hardware, so filters and faucets become smart in your home. You can see much information through its smartphone app, like water contaminants that have been removed and reduced, the daily rate of water you consumed, and when you need to change its water filters. You can click here to learn more information about these Zuvo WiFi water purification systems.

WiFi thermostats

WiFi thermostatsIf you live in an area where summers are hot and winters are cold, you are familiar with making those adjustments to your thermostat because of the changing seasons. However, this process may be painful and you will find it is painful to turn on the heat on a chilling day or switch the AC on during a humid day.

With WiFi thermostats, you can easily control your thermostat from your computer and smartphone. And we highly recommend you to buy this Honeywell WiFi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat. 

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