Top 9 Best Gifts for Those Who Need a Nap

Many people may feel someone on their gift list is crackly or stressed out. It is true and we need to face this fact. The following year will be pretty tiring. And we always need a nap when we are tired. This is because napping has many benefits. When we need to recharge, we need a nap. When we need to zap stress, napping is also a good way. When we need to boost our mood, napping is also a good way. During a holiday season, we all could probably need one. Therefore, napping is worth encouraging and let’s enjoy its benefit. The following is a list of top 9 items that can help you have a nice snap. If you don’t have one of them, you can consider having them.

1. Cozy Blanket

Cozy-BlanketA cozy blanket is always helpful. You can buy your husband a super-soft fleece throw. When he needs to have a snap, just toss it over a chair and he will have a nice snap. Of course, you also choose other types of blankets, but make sure the one you buy is soft and comfortable.

2. Eye Mask

Sleep-Master-smblu01-MaskFor someone who is a light sleeper, an eye mask is really a good gift. Even during the day, the darkness they and can create atmosphere that will not ruin your napping mood. Finally, you will have a good snap.

3. Sleepy Tea

sleepy-teaTea is not always irritant. Some tea can make people sleepy. For example, chamomile tea is helpful to make people sleepy. This is because chamomile contains some sedative chemicals that called the flavonoid, apigenin. Of course, they are not toxic. They just make you feel relaxed and make your eyelids heavy. Finally, you will fall asleep.

4. A Little Lavender

lavenderLavender is also helpful to keep you calm, helping you rest. This is because it is able to reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. You can spray a little spritz. If the sleeping-inducing result is true, you can use it daily. Even if it is not sleep-inducing, the fragrance is also perfect and charming.

5. Nap-on-the-Go Accessories

nap-on-the-goIf you are a frequent traveller or you are just a slight neat freak, you may not love using the pillows and blankets offered by the airlines. This is because you don’t know who touched them and whether they are clean or not. In this situation, you can choose a blanket and pillow combo, like this. They are handy and you can get assured that you will have a clean snap.

6. Hot Water Bottle

hot-water-bottleA hot-water bottle is helpful to take the chill off. Although it is an old product patent in 1903, it is also a good choice to have such a comforting water bottle around especially you feel bad. It is easy to use and you just need to add hot water and then snooze.

7. White Noise Machine

white-noise-machineIf you have a baby, you don’t need to stop doing chores while babies are snapping. On the contrary, many pediatrician advise parents to use white noise to help babies sleep well. Actually, white noise is an ambient noise that babies were used to in the womb. However, you don’t need to turn on your vacuum cleaner to create it. You just need a white noise machine.

8. Fan

Lasko-2535-Oscillating-Pedestal-FanA room fan is used to cool the room and this can suggest your body that it is time to go to bed. Of course, it also adds a little white noise. Some people cannot sleep without the fan running. In hot seasons, seasoned napper may love the running fan as the extra snooze-boost.

9. Yoga Tunes

Many people may fall asleep in yoga class, mainly due to the relaxing yoga music. If you have similar experience, you can play yoga music while snapping.

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