Viking FCU150 Under Counter Trash Compactor Review

viking-undercounter-trash-compactor-boxThis trash compactor is an under counter trash compactor. Its capacity can be 1.55 cubic feet and the compaction force can be up to 3,000 pounds. It has leveling legs, so the height can be adjusted between 34 3/8 inches and 35 3/8 inches. Its width is 14 7/8 inches. It will take 35 second for each compaction cycle and the bin can hold 30 pounds of compacted waste without replacing its bag. It also comes with a digital display which is designed to be hidden on the front door and it also offers a delayed start feature. This trash compactor also comes with a side storage compartment, an odor disk that is replaceable and a side door latch.


  • This best trash compactor features an appealing look but doesn’t sacrifice its functionality. Its control panel is designed to be hidden it front face. The front face is also especially designed and it is a sleek standard steel front face. The control panel comes with a useful clock that allows you to set a delayed start. This is a useful feature, because you can make it compact when you are asleep or you also can prolong compression. This home trash compactor will offer you a high level of compaction, so you don’t need to wait a long time or throw your garbage to the curb frequently.
  • It also has a 3/4 horsepower motor which works strongly and quietly. The compaction ratio of this compactor is 6:1, which means 6 times more trash per load. It works also quickly and each cycle only needs 35 seconds. This means its ram will go down and be ready for the next cycle within 35 seconds. Replacing the bag is also convenient. This is because it has a storage compartment for extra bags.
  • Its deodorizing system uses an odor-control disk to control odor. This disk can last 6 months without replacing it. Thanks to its electronic control, this odor-control disk will be turned automatically every 30 days. Therefore, you don’t need to turn a fan on manually or check its filter constantly. This disk comes with 5 green sections and one red means the expiration. Therefore, once you see the red section, this means it is time to buy a new one.
  • This garbage compactor allows you to easily remove its trash bag thanks to its tilting face. If the trash bag is full, its side latch will drop its face toward the floor. Therefore, the trash bag becomes easier to grad and this can avoid much vertical lifting. This design is good for your back and your children even can help you deal with the trash bag around your house. Of course, to protect your children, you can remove its key-knob on its controls, so the compactor will not work without the key-knob.

The Bottom Line

This Viking trash compactor is one of the best trash compactors on the market. It comes with many useful features, like a delayed start, a higher compaction ratio (6:1), infrequent odor dish replacement, ease of use, a clean look and so on. It is really a good choice, if you need a trash compactor for your kitchen.

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