Watts Water Filters – Always the Best in the Market

Watts-Premier-RO-Pure-531411Watts water filter systems are one of the few filtration systems in the market which use carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to purify drinking water in your home or office. The manufacturer uses four different cartridges combined with a three-gallon huge storage tank. The purpose of every cartridge is to eliminate targeted contaminants from the water. Water filtration systems from Watts operate as per the average residential or office water pressure. As a result, you don’t have to spend any extra amount on an ancillary pump.

About the Company

Watts has been a very popular company in this business for a long time. The manufacturer has always focused on producing superior quality and effective water filtration systems at affordable prices. In fact, the company believes in offering the best services to its customers. As a result, it also has an exceptional customer support which is always ready to solve your queries and clear your doubts. In order to keep up with the changing markets, Watts has always used up-to-date, high-end and sophisticated technology. Since the company has been dedicated on producing high quality and effective water filtration systems, there is no doubt that your needs will be satisfied.

How do Watts Water Filters work

Watts water filter systems have been specifically designed to provide customers with a comfortable and easy living. Therefore, the company uses built-in fast connect fittings. These make sure that installation process is quick and pain free. Unlike other companies in the market, Watts does not use sanitary filters in its products. In order to provide a complete and effective home treatment system, Watts has four different stages of filtration.

  • Stage One – This stage includes five different micron sediment filters. These filters trap particulate matter like silt, dirt and rust. These substances affect the taste and appearance of your drinking water. They also cause many health problems.
  • Stage Two – State two also includes five different micron carbon block filters. These filters remove any substances causing bad taste and odor.
  • Stage Three – This stage is the core of every reverse osmosis filtration system. It has a fifty gallon semi-permeable crust that can easily dissolve solids or other kinds of contaminants.
  • Stage Four – This stage is a symbol of the high performance and quality of carbon filter. It is also known as POST-filter.

Just like other water filtration systems, it is extremely important to properly and accurately install a Watts water filter system. Moreover, it is important to make sure that the minimum water pressure to run is 40 psi. The best part is that you can also use a booster pump and permeate pump to enhance the efficiency and productivity of a water filtration system.

Three Popular Water Filters from Watts

1. Watts Counter-Top 500315

Watts-Counter-TopThis Watts Countertop water filter system is effective on removing sand, silt, sediment, and rust from your tap water and can filter out and reduce the taste and odor of chlorine. This can save you from the need and expense of buying bottled water because you can enjoy pure drinking water straight from your kitchen faucets.

2. Watts Premier 531130

Watts-Premier-531130All users of this 3 stage water filtration systems agree that it’s super easy to install.  This system has a patented design that features auto shut off valve and push-button filter changes, so it is very  easy to replace and maintain. Not only that this Advanced 3-Stage Water Filtration System provides your family with clean, safe, great tasting water as it effectively removes chlorine taste and odor, lead, chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and much more.

3. Watts Premier RO-Pure 53141

Watts-Premier-RO-Pure-53141If you’re looking for quality and convenience then this is the right water filtration system for you. This semi permeable membrane can filter 50-Gallon water perday and can effectively reduce Sodium, total dissolved solids (TDS) and other pollutants such as Arsenic, Copper, Perchlorate,Lead,  Chromium and Radium. It will also remove over 99.95% cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Customer Reviews About Their Products

Customers have a lot of decent things to say about their products. Here are some of them.

Good Filter for the price

Have had this for a month now and the water tastes good. Use it for making coffee and Iced tea, and it tastes better than the Britta filter we used to have, and much faster and easier to use. NO WAITING for the water to drip out or cleaning the filter to make it work better. I plan to use this as a pre-filter for a water distiller unit I plan to buy later. I did have a problem with water leaking out of the base where the water line goes into the unit. I took a needle nose pliers and pulled out the compresser ring, cut about an inch of hose off, and reinstalled the line making sure the hose was pushed all the way into the unit. Have had no problems since.

My Watts Counter-Top Water Filter

Jun 26, 2013 by Gilbert Kiefer

Easy to install and It fits well on my window sill above the kitchen sink. The always full canister flows smoothly and fast compared to faucet-mounted filter canisters. But the instruction to disassemble the filter canister was faulty in that the opening direction of counter clockwise was quite ambiguous as to whether the it is the base or the canister that must be turned counter clockwise?

Great RO system

Jun 26, 2013 by Cary K. Wong “Cary W”

I’ve used this system in my previous house when it first became available at Costco. I’ve moved into a new house, so I installed a whole house water softener system and this RO-Pure system for the kitchen. A contractor helped me with both installation, but screwed up the hose arrangement on the RO system so I was getting the waste brine for the faucet. I realized something was wrong from the taste, and knew there was a problem when I tried to drain the tank. I called Watts Premiier directly and they were very helpful and talked me through the identification of the problem to resolving the issue. So 5 stars for a great product and service!

Some Advice for Customers

First of all, you need to make sure that a filter you buy is always universal and fits your refrigerator or faucet. The main reason is that not all water filters fit perfectly into your refrigerator or faucet. It is also important to buy a water filter from a reputed website. This will make sure that you get only high-quality water filters.

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