What are Zone Heaters? – Definition and Uses

zone-heatersWhat are zone heaters? Actually, they are certain heaters that are designed to heater certain rooms and spaces which are referred to as “zones”. On the market, they come in different designs and technologies, including small and portable infrared or radiant heaters, and ductless split wall-mounted heaters.

They are different from center heating systems and only concentrate heater to a certain small spaces, usually where the family gathers together. You can buy your family several zone heaters. That is OK. Why? This is because the running center heating system is very high and zone heaters can help reduce your heating expense. Home center heating systems can heat up a whole house or room. However, this is a waste of energy. Sometimes, we only need to heat in a small area. Therefore, a zone heater is enough to make us warm and comfortable.

Dislike ductless split systems that must hire professional to install, the portability of a zone heater is also obvious. You can locate your zone heaters where you like or need.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this depends on the efficiency of the zone heater, the technology the heater uses, how long it runs, how it was installed and climate conditions. However, some energy savings should be realized when one room or area is kept warm and comfortable and the main heating systems should be turned down.

On the market, there are a variety of zone heaters. The prices vary from $20 to $200 or more. For the best performance and energy efficiency, the capacity depends on the main room that needs to be heated. If you are looking for the best zone heater, you can read our heater reviews:

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