What Is Distilled Water?

Question: What Is Distilled Water?

What Is Distilled Water?Distilled water is very common in labs and grocery stores. You can buy bottled distilled water for drinking. Well, what is distilled water? In this article, we will discuss this question and explain how to make it.

Answer: Distilled water is the purest water in the world. The initial water is treated by a distillation process. This process includes heating the initial water to its boiling point, collecting the steam and condensing the steam to make it become liquid water that is distilled water. The distillation process is able to get rid most contaminants in water, like harmful chemicals, heavy metals, etc. And this process also kills most bacteria and virus in our water. Therefore, it is one effective method to purify water.

Distilled Water for Drinking Water

Water distillation has a very long history, back to the time of Aristotle. Since 200 AD, ancient people use this method to desalinate sea water. Drinkable distilled water, generally has been distilled twice, because this can guarantee high purity. Can you drink distilled water? Well, some health experts feel worried about a long time drinking distilled water, because it lacks many natural minerals which are desirable for our health. Therefore, it is recommended not to drink distilled water directly for a long time, but you can use distilled water to cook tea, coffee, make juice, and cook, which can reduce the risk of influencing our health.

How to make it?

You can make it in a lab by using typical distillation equipment. Or you can DIY some equipment by using your stove, kettle, tube or other materials to make distilled water at home. You also can buy a countertop water distiller and complete the distillation process much easier. It is up to you. It is highly recommended to have a countertop water distiller to make it easily.

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