What is the Healthiest Type of Drinking Water?

safe-waterWith the increasing concerns on pollution and global warming, many issues about drinking water have also emerged. There are also some issues on the purity of drinking water even if you are using filtered water for your home.

There is one very important factor when you are of the topic of drinking water at home.

This is the condition of the water pipes that go into your home. It is important to check them regularly. You should deal with any blockage in the pipe before deciding on a purification system for the home.

What is the Best Drinking Water?

In addition to this question, you may also ask if alkaline water is safe to drink. You should also ask if the filtration unit you are using is good enough for you.

For the moment, the best drinking water is spring water. There are no problems with drinking other types of water. But, if possible get spring water for your water supply at home.

We will look at the other options you may have when it comes to quality drinking water.

Spring Water

Spring water is the purest type of drinking water. The earth filters the water before you drink it. It is not easy to give a detailed explanation of how water is filtered. Spring water also contains small amounts of minerals that are good for the health.

The Mountain Valley Spring Water sourced from Arkansas is among the best spring water offered in the market.

Spring water is the best drinking water option if you live in an area that is isolated. This is considered free of any pollutants.

Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis is normally used in homes. Water goes through a plastic membrane using high pressure. The membrane is the filtration device. It removes any impurities in the water.

Water intake will increase one a reverse osmosis system is installed. But, some studies revealed that water going through a reverse osmosis system is not clean enough.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is another type of drinking water. This method removes impurities in the water. But, it also removes minerals from the water. Industrial distiller units are better compared to using home-use water distillers.

People who want to go through a detoxification process can use a distiller for their water. A distiller is advisable for a limited period of time. It will eventually cause you to lose a good amount of minerals your body needs.

Mineral Water

Mineral water contains a high amount of minerals for your body. If you are looking for minerals in your water, you can use this kind of water.

But, there is an issue with this kind of water. It contains four times the usual amount of magnesium and calcium. But, it is better compared to other types of water treatment methods.

Whole House Filtering System

A single filtering unit can be used to make sure the water coming out of your faucets is clean. The system can make sure your drinking water is filtered. It also keeps your water safe for drinking.
There are a number of whole house filtering systems in the market. These include the Culligan HF-360A and brands under the Pelican brand.

Water from the Well

Water from the well is a good option. But, you may have to deal with some issues using this water in the future. Many wells have water that is not clean. This is true when the well has a factory close to it. Water from these wells has a high level of manganese and iron. This makes it dangerous to drink water from these sources.

Well water can also be softened and used for different purposes.

If you still decide to drink water from the well, you should check it properly before you consume it. Water from the well has many toxic chemicals. These chemicals are not good for human consumption.

Alkaline Water

There are theories about using alkaline water for drinking. But, these theories are not based on any research. Drinking alkaline water is only safe for a short period of time.

Alkaline water is supposed to contain a suitable amount of Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP. Its pH value is also high. But, this is only limited for 24 hours. So, it is not practical to store alkaline water in bottles. It is also not advisable to drink these bottles of alkaline water.

Water from the Dispenser

Water from the dispenser is safe to drink. They are used on a small scale. A water dispenser is good to have if you can to have a cup of hot coffee at night.

There are many types of water dispenser units available in the market.

Water Softeners Used To Purify Water

Water softeners and water filters are different. They have different functions. A softener can change hard water into soft water. Magnesium and calcium in the water are removed during the process.
But, softened water is not ideal for people who are on a low-sodium diet. The sodium content of softened water is high.

Tap Water or Drinking Water

There are many places where tap water is equivalent to drinking water. This is the reason for the heading we have for this section. This water comes from the water supply of the town. It is piped in directly into the tap. This water is used for drinking.

The fluoride content of tap water is higher than bottled water. This allows you to maintain good oral health. But, there are some contaminants in tap water. These contaminants cannot be removed using tap filters. So, drinking tap water regularly is not recommended.

There are many sources of water for drinking. But, some of them are unsafe. If you are using any of the methods that are not recommended, you should get in touch with the family doctor.

We hope you appreciated this article about the different types of drinking. You should try to understand each type and choose the best one you can use. Write any questions you may have on the comments section below. You can also check for more articles on our website.

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