When do you need to change your water filter

change-water-filterIf you have installed a water filtration system, a problem you may face is that when you need to change your water filter. This means every filter has its lifespan and many factor can influence its lifespan.

When you need to change your current filter depends on many factors. Generally, each filter has an estimated life cycle which is measured in gallons of water. However, the estimated life cycle is only based on average water use. Therefore, it is not a good indicator, because every household uses water differently.

Factors affect the life cycle of your current water filter

  • The overall condition: What types of contaminants in your water and how much you require to be filtered?
  • If your water is very hard, it is probably to cause clogging your filter because of building up a scale.
  • If you need to use more water every day, you need to change your filter frequently.
  • The quality of your source water.
  • If a reverse osmosis water filter or an active carbon water filter is clogged, it loses its ability to remove contaminants, so you need to replace it.

When to change your filter

Some signals can tell you when you need to change it.

  • An odor is found in your water.
  • An unpleasant taste is detected in your water.
  • Filters with transparent housing may give you a clear indication that it is very dirty.
  • The gallons of filtered water you get have exceeded the recommended water usage.


In order to make your water filtration system work effectively, it is recommended to change its filters on time. Keeping a back-up replacement filter cannot make you nervously fumbled once you need to change. Different brands need different filters and you can buy them by brand. Just buy the most suitable one according to the model number. IF you don’t know what to purchase, you can check the product manual or visit the manufacturer’s official website.

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