Whirlpool TU950QPXS Undercounter 15W in. Trash Compactor Review

whirlpool-tu950qpxs-undercounter-trash-compactorThis Whirlpool trash compactor has a lowest compaction ratio – 4:1 and it is made of smooth stainless steel. Although the compaction ratio is a little than other models, it is also one of the best trash compactors on the market. Its control panel is designed to be hidden behind its door and these controls are integrated full in this appliance. Other useful and convenient features are also included, like a tilting side panel, a toe kick and an automatic anti-jam system. However, it doesn’t come with an odor filtering system that other models may offer. And it also doesn’t have leveling legs, so the height is solid. The height of this garbage compactor is 33 7/8 inches, and the width is 15 inches.

Compaction Ratio – 4:1

It has a compactor ratio of 4:1, which means it can help you reduce 4 times fewer trips to take out garbage to the curb. And this also can make your home much more efficient, even if this ratio is a little lower than other industry standard trash compactors.

Easy and convenient to operate

This unit is controlled with a key knob on its interior. When you need to open it, you just need to kick its toe plate, so you can start a new cycle. If you need to start a new cycle, you just need to turn its key-knob and then a new cycle will begin. Of course, you cannot choose a specific sustained compression, so you need to run the compactor more often. If you have children, you can just remove its key-knob. And this can prevent your curious children from start this compactor accidentally.

Safety Consideration

This trash compactor is designed with many safety features. It has an anti-jam system and its side panel makes trash removal much easier. If anything is sensed to obstruct the past of its ram, this home garbage compactor will reverse operation. When the compactor is full, then you need to remove the trash. To make you easy to do the job, it comes with a side latch which will drop its panel toward you. Therefore, you can grab the trash bag much easier and you don’t need to lift the bag straight up completely. Generally, the weight of a full compacted bag can be 30 pounds, so it is a chore to lift. This compactor makes it easy to access.

The Downside

However, it doesn’t come with a deodorizing system or air filter. Trash compactor means reducing fewer trips to the curb. However, this also means trash will be kept in your house or home for a longer time than usual. If the weather is warm or hot, the trash will release bad smell depending on the kind of garbage you are throwing away. Therefore, if you always throw away perishable garbage, you need to deal with the garbage more often. This means this compactor leaves odor neutralization up to you. And it also doesn’t come with an integrated disk or fan. However, this also means it is more affordable than other models.

Product Features:

  • Compaction Ratio: 4:1, reduce trash by 75%
  • An anti-jam function included
  • Easy to operate thanks to its full integrated controls
  • Features a stainless steel finish
  • Dimensions: 15” x 24” x 34.125”

The Bottom Line

This whirlpool trash compactor has a sleek look, so it is compatible with your current appliances in your kitchen. However, it lacks a deodorizing system and its compaction is lower, and it also doesn’t offer a sustained compression cycle. Therefore, when you decide to buy this, you need to pay attention to these lacks. And if you dislike this trash compactor, you also can check our full list of top 5 best trash compactors reviews. And there is a model which can satisfy your requirements.

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