Would You Prefer a Colored or Neutral Finish on Your Appliances?

colored-home-appliancesThirty years ago, there were appliances with the Avocado Green and Harvest Gold colors. Actually, some of these units are still being used up to today. During that time, long term really means it can be used for a very long time. These home appliances are still being used even up to today, which disappointed people who did not like these colors.

It remains uncertain if appliances made these days will have the same life span as those made decades ago.

Even with the high cost of modern home appliances that may have a shorter life span, they are still considered long term investments. In this situation, is it advisable to look for a colored home appliance or would an appliance with a neutral black, white or stainless look be better? This will likely be determined by your preferences on home décor and your buying strategy. The following are some tips to know when deciding on getting a colored or neutral finish for your appliances.

Buying a Replacement Appliance

It is advisable to look for a color or finish that complements the other appliances in the room if you are looking to replace one. But, you may also choose a different color if you are looking to replace all the other appliances in the room. If you are doing this, you should remember that some colors and finishes are only available for a short time. In this situation, you have a limited time to buy the appliances you need.

Comparing Colored and Neutral Finishes

Looking for popular colors and finishes is ideal if you are fashionable and wants to buy new things. It is also important for you to have the budget to buy replacement appliances in your home.

Colored appliances may enhance the look of a kitchen, but not everyone may like it.

  • The following are some points to take into account with colored appliances:
  • Colors are associated with certain periods and may become outdated quickly. On the other hand, it is difficult to put a date on black, while and stainless appliances. While chic kitchens are great, you may appreciate it if your appliances do not show their age.
  • You may face an issue if the color of an appliance you are replacing is already unavailable. In this situation, you will have different colors for the appliances or you’ll have to replace your other appliances.
  • Once you’ve settled on a color, you should ask yourself if it can last at least five to ten years.
  • Does the color complement the other colors of the other things in the kitchen, like the countertop, tiles, and flooring?
  • Fingerprints, scratches, and dents are more pronounced with dark colors.
  • White is timeless and cost-effective.
  • Bold colors get outdated faster than subtle colors.
  • White, cream, or beige appliances are cheaper than colored ones.
  • If it is the last appliance you will purchase, a neutral color is ideal.

Considering Black Appliances:

While black is less neutral than white, it can easily blend with the color of stainless steel. It is also trendy and not easy to date compared to colored appliances. But, it is also not easy to keep it clean. These appliances also need more maintenance. Scratches are also more noticeable on black appliances.

What About Stainless Steel Finishes?

Stainless steel finishes are considered neutral by some people since it easily complements black appliances. It also blends with any room color and is not easy to date.

Stainless steel dishwashers blend well with other appliances with a neutral color. But, these finishes are more expensive. The quality of the finish affects its price.

You will not easily get used to a stainless steel finish on appliances unless it is not easy to clean. These finishes need to be maintained frequently to keep them clean. A stainless steel appliance cleaner can make your work easier. Stainless steel finishes also make scratches and small dents easily noticeable.

Moving Out Soon?

Neutral finishes are ideal if you have plans of renting out or selling your house in the future since these are appealing to more people. Some finishes, such as platinum or stainless steel, provide kitchens a professional look that may work to your advantage.

It is important to consider the features of appliances when you are planning to replace them to make them more appealing in the market.

Custom Look for the Kitchen

You can check with cabinet manufacturers offering customized finished cabinet panels if you are considering a hidden-appliance look for the kitchen. Customized panels are good at hiding refrigerators inside a cabinet. While they are costly, they also enhance your kitchen and increase it resale value. You should look into the availability as well as installation requirements with these manufacturers.

When to Avoid Colored Appliances

It is not advisable to get colored appliances for units for rent since they may not complement the accessories of renters. It is also difficult to replace other appliances to match existing ones. In this situation, white is the best choice.

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